Aug 21, 2019

Need Some Color in Your Outfit? Here are Some Fun Ways to Add the Perfect Pop of Color

Have you ever felt that your outfits are always plain and boring? Well, the trick to enhancing your style is to add just one item with color.

Never wear a boring outfit ever again! With these 8 tips on how to add just one pop of color to your "dull and boring" outfit, you'll always have fun dressing up in the morning, and you won't go out disappointed with your outfit ever again.


The first "pop of color" trick is to add a scarf. Add a pink scarf to an all-white outfit or a red scarf to an all-black outfit - this trick will instantaneously make you stylish and chic. Just make sure not to take the scarf off because you'll go right back to your dull, plain ol' outfit.

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A belt is also a useful accessory to add when you're lacking color. Not only is it fashionable, it'll also make you look slimmer as it accentuates your waist-line.

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Add some colorful shoes to an otherwise plain and colorless outfit! Whether it's a white t-shirt and jeans look, or a plain black dress, adding shoes, sandals, or heels with a bright color will spark your outfit.

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Hats/Hair Accessories

Hats and big hair accessories can also give just the right amount of color to a monotonous outfit. Try a beanie or a colorful fun baseball cap, maybe even a headband or head scarf. Accessorizing your head can be the most difficult thing to do, but when you do it perfectly, it makes you so much more stylish.

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If you've gotten dressed and ready but you just feel like there's one thing missing, maybe you should try picking up a colorful bag. It can be a shoulder bag, hand bag, clutch bag - anything colorful will liven up your otherwise monotonous outfit.

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Colorful Pants

A pair of fun-colored pants can also be your pop of color for the day! A white top, pink pants, and white shoes can look very feminine and cute, but you can also match your pants and your shoes just like the picture above and turn into a cute French, coquettish girl!

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If your outfit seems boring but you don't have any colorful shoes, bags, or hats, then you can try wearing statement sunglasses! The bigger, bulkier, and more colorful, the better.

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The last trick, and this one may be a little hard, is to add the right color socks to your #ootd. If you're into street style, you can wear all black and just add a pair of green or blue socks to accentuate, and if you're more feminine, you can wear a white dress, white shoes, and pair it with colorful socks as your pop of color that day.

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So which one of the 8 tips above will you most likely try first? Try all of them, because the next thing you know, you'll be the fashionista in town that everyone goes to for fashion advice!