Aug 20, 2019

How to Rock "Royal Blue" - 7 Outfit Ideas For the Noble Girl In You

Royal blue is a difficult color to wear, so here are 7 ways to style the most sophisticated shade of blue!

Do you even have a piece of royal blue clothing in your closet? I doubt a lot of us do. It's just one of those colors that's hard to wear and match. If you're one of these people, then it's your lucky day, because here are 7 cute ideas on how to match and style royal blue pants, dresses, and even jumpsuits, that you should definitely copy the next chance you get.

Glamour it up in a jumpsuit + heels

What's more fabulous than a royal blue jumpsuit? Not much! This look will make you look elegant, feminine, but strong and classy all at the same time. Pair the sporty jumpsuit with Cinderella heels and voila, you've got yourself a pretty awesome outfit. Wear it to a party, to the club, to a nice dinner - you'll stand out anywhere you go.

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Wear it with a white top

White goes very well with the royal blue color. Well, what color does white not match anyway? Be safe with your choice and pair some royal blue pants or skirt with a white top and nothing will go wrong. A white lace frilled top with royal blue wide pants is a look to try.

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Pair it with something yellow

Yes, pair royal blue with something yellow. The colors match perfectly because they're complementary shades on the color wheel. This choice of colors will make you look very stylish and you'll be the fashionista of your group. A royal blue dress with yellow shoes is a perfectly stylish outfit that you can try the next time you go out.

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Pair it with sneakers

Do you want an elegant but sporty and modern look? Then try pairing a satin or silk royal blue dress with sneakers! It may seem weird at first, but it's really not. It's fancy, classy, and vogue. People might think you're a celebrity if you can pull off this look.

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A tight knee-length skirt never gets old

A tight knee-length royal blue skirt is also a sophisticated look. Pair it with a simple gray t-shirt, white shoes, big hoop earrings and sunglasses for a modern, sporty, yet chic and trendy look. Copy this outfit and you'll be turning heads everywhere you go.

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Add some pink

Pink is also a great color to match with royal blue. Really, how cute is this? Wear a royal blue dress with pink heels and hold a pink clutch bag, or even vice versa. Wear a pink dress and add some royal blue accessories - next thing you know, people will be coming to you for fashion advice left and right!

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A pop of royal blue

A pop of color is a cute outfit idea. You just need a monotone outfit, but add just one item with a bright color. Here, you can add royal blue as the pop of color! Wear a black dress, or any monotone outfit (black shirt, black pants, etc) and then hold a blue bag and wear blue shoes! This outfit will make you look very fashionable and inspired.

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And there you go! 7 royal blue outfit ideas to try out as soon as possible, so you can impress your friends, family, and almost anyone, anywhere you go!

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