Oct 7, 2019

Here's How to Create These 5 Simple Hairstyles like Alex Gonzaga

If you are looking for simple but fashionable hairstyles, you would surely enjoy browsing through Alex Gonzaga's Instagram feed... and reading this entire article.

We have seen Alex Gonzaga on TV getting all funny and doing all this seemingly-crazy stuff. If you are an avid follower of her vlogs on YouTube, you most likely admire her humor and her content creativity. Also, we must say that she is gorgeous and equally-talented like her famous sister Toni Gonzaga. She is also a well-known fashionista and makeup and hair enthusiast. She always manages to style her tresses into simple but fashionable hairdos that you can wear to parties, night-outs, vacation, or just a usual day relaxing at home. To solve your hairstyle woes, let Alex teach you the basics.

Put your hair into a high bun and leave some hair on the sides

This hairstyle technique is easy to follow, especially for beginners. You just have to wrap your hair into a loose bun while leaving some side hairs to frame your face. It will create the illusion of a smaller and slimmer face, plus, it looks really fashionable. This hairdo is perfect for those lazy days where you just want to randomly tie your hair.

Curl the bottom part of your straight hair

To prevent your straight hair from looking dull and flat, add some volume to the look by curling only the bottom part of your tresses. The bottom curl can be done by a manual hair curler or an electric-powered one. Don't make the curl look too intense so that you can achieve just the right volume.

Leave your hair messy with short fringes

If you don't always comb your hair, it is very easy to achieve that messy hair look. Just kidding! When we talk about messy hair, it is the intentional messy look that is made by stylists. Ironic, right? Moving on, make sure to cut straight yet short bangs to complement the hairdo.

Style your hair into a half ponytail

The half ponytail style is easy to do. You just have to part your hair and tie the upper part into a ponytail while leaving the bottom part alone. This hairstyle is perfect for days when you want to keep hair away from your face but don't want to tie it all up in a bun or full ponytail.

Tie your hair into a low ponytail and make it messy

Alex's quirky attitude is clearly seen in her choice of hairstyles. We applaud her creativity in the way she makes the classic and boring low ponytail interesting by wearing them messy. This hairstyle will give you that "I just woke up!" look but is actually incredibly cute and bubbly.

Alex Gonzaga is indeed a hairstyle icon we all adore!