Dec 2, 2019

5 Gift Ideas For Him That You Can Buy Under PHP 1000

Check out these 5 best gift ideas you can give to that special guy in your life.

December has officially begun, which means you must start thinking and buying gifts for all the people that have a special part in your heart, including your dad, your brother, your husband, or your boyfriend. No doubt, you start to feel the pressure of choosing no-fail gifts for those special dudes as they are among the hardest people to buy presents for. If you have no idea where to begin in your search for the best gift for him, this article will be a big help for you. We have listed down 5 best gift ideas for males that you can buy for under PHP 1000.

Slip-on Sandals

Most dudes, especially our dads, don't seem to care much about fashion. They tend to wear anything that looks and feels comfortable for them. This pair of slippers from World Balance will surely pique their interest as it comes with a lightly-padded textile lining and super-soft footbed for added comfort with every step. Get your father these comfy slippers, and most likely, you'll get whatever you ask for!

Embroidered Necktie

If your man wears a suit for work or other occasions, he must have a slew of ties in his arsenal. You might notice that his ties are usually plain or only have a minimal design. Transform your husband into a fashion-oriented guy by buying him an embroidered necktie with unique prints on it. Make him wear it for your special date nights!


Men generally want to smell good because it reflects their hygiene and of course, because it attracts women. It is the perfect gift for your single male friend who's been alone for long. Who knows that maybe a well-chosen perfume could land him into a relationship? This fragrance from adidas offers a refreshing, vibrant citrus scent, fit for the modern man.

Hair Clay

One of men's assets is their well-groomed hair. Just like women, most of them are vain when it comes to their crowning glory and spend some time styling every single day. Give your male friend a hair pomade that will make it easy for him to shape his hair while restoring the lost nourishment of his tresses due to harsh chemicals.

Water Bottle

Is your boyfriend good at sports? He might be an athlete who loses lots of water through sweat. Remind him to stay hydrated and gift him a water bottle. Be the caring and thoughtful girlfriend you aim to be!

Even if you have a limited budget, don't be afraid nor ashamed to gift the special dudes in your life. Remember, it's the thought that counts!