Sep 30, 2019

4 BLACKPINK-Approved Ways To Wear Casual Mini Dresses

Here's how each of the BLACKPINK members is wearing a casual mini dress.

BLACKPINK is a Korean all-girl group composed of 4 gorgeous and talented gals, namely Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. They emerged to popularity due to their catchy songs, choreographies, and pretty faces. We can't also help but notice their overall group fashion which has a youthful and playful aesthetic. However, each of them have their own fashion identity according to their different personalities. We can clearly see the difference in their way of dressing up using a casual mini dress. Let us see what more we can learn about their fashion statements.


The eldest one and the visual of the group, Kim Jisoo's fashion is considered the calmest when we talk about the style extravagance of BLACKPINK. She prefers wearing simpler and minimalistic pieces of clothing with a feminine touch. In this image, Jisoo is sporting a flowy, tiered mini dress with floral accents. Her style is perfect with the calm and natural background behind her. This look is best when you are on vacation in the mountains or at the beach.

How To Sport The Look:

Pomelo Ruffled Off Shoulder Floral Dress - White PHP 2149.00


Jennie Kim, known mononymously as Jennie, is the main rapper and the face of the group. She has successfully debuted her first solo album last year and was recognized not only in the K-POP industry but also in the fashion world. She designed most of her outfits in music videos which reflects her feminine and elegant style. Look how she slays with that animal-printed mini dress that screams sexy!

How To Sport The Look:

Vero Moda Adrianne Singlet Short Dress PHP 1439.00


Rosé, also known as Roseanne Park or Park Chae Young, is BLACKPINK's main vocalist. We surely love her high notes in songs like Boombayah and Playing With Fire. Also, we appreciate her fashion style, which differs depending on her mood. Sometimes, we see her looking feminine, while on other days, she looks edgy and chic. In this photo taken at Coachella, she seems to be in the mood for a more femme style, wearing a tube mini dress.

How To Sport The Look:

Something Borrowed Sweetheart Neck Bodycon Dress PHP 629.00


BLACKPINK's dance machine and maknae Lalisa Manoban with the mononym Lisa might be one of the hippest gals in K-POP history. She is often seen experimenting with colors, and we can see that in her daring outfits and styles. Lisa has an edgier and bolder fashion sense compared to her unnies in BLACKPINK. With her slim physique, she can wear anything like this printed mini dress and look adorable.

How To Sport The Look:

Mango Printed Dress PHP 1295.00

BLACKPINK is still on its way to conquer the music world and introduce their songs to other parts of the world. For all Blinks out there, continue supporting your favorite group as they try to achieve their dream!

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