May 14, 2019

24 Insta-Likes Only? Learn these 10 Model-Worthy Poses to Get More Likes!

Wondering why you're not getting any Instagram likes? Well, all you need to do is pose properly.

Just standing there and smiling won't do any good (for the most part). If you really want to give your followers a reason to like your photos, then follow these 10 tips and examples that models give to help those non-models who want to show off on Instagram!

1. Laugh.

Suddenly caught by surprise? Laugh. That's the easiest thing you can do that can change your "huh?" picture to "Ha!" Laugh while you shake your head, laugh so hard at a joke that you're having difficulty breathing, laugh with your head thrown back and your hand slapping your lap.

2. Be playful.

Poses are actually an experiment, so it really is up to you. Try winking at the photographer or stretching your tongue out, or even puffing up your cheeks so that you look like a chipmunk. You can even scrunch your nose in dislike or raise an eyebrow. Make sure to play with your face.

3. Get distracted.

This is what we call candid shots, where girls purposely act as if they're distracted while taking the photo. I'm pretty sure this is what the phrase 'accidentally on purpose' means. Look somewhere far away from the camera, as if your mind is wandering and you didn't notice someone taking a picture of you.

4. Tilt your head.

The worst thing you could possibly see in pictures is a dull head in a dull position. Proportions are for math - break it by tilting your head a little bit. It's cute in a way that you'd probably be compared to a dog with the famous head-tilt, as if they're wondering, "huh?" You're technically not wondering though, you're just acting cute. Bonus points, of course, if you're cute.

5. Free your hair.

Wind slightly blowing and framing your face? That's the perfect shot. Let your hair do its course, after all, a lady's hair is a lady's crown. Just make sure it doesn't photobomb its way in the picture as it joins your ramen bowl.

6. Sit on the stairs.

Short people, gather here! Also those with cute pants. Emphasize the lower part of your body by leaning back on the railing and getting photographed from below. This creates the illusion that you're actually tall and also focuses more on your pants than your shirt. You might want to drape your arms over a leg, or get comfortable. Make sure your legs are on different levels, where one is a level lower than the other - to avoid symmetry memes.

7. Rest your face in your hand.

Prop an arm and lean on it. Those days in school where you were probably doing this on a daily basis was a good enough Instagram pose, so go back to your high school days with those boring lessons and put your head on your hand. Just don't press too much, you'll end up disfiguring your face instead. Just place it lightly and hold the position.

8. Look back on the camera.

Imagine you're walking forward but someone calls you from behind. This is a scenario that you often see on Instagram posts. To those who feel like their front oranges aren't big enough, you can turn to your back and let everyone view that figure. Don't fully twist your head, just make sure you turn enough to show half of your face.

9. Mid-step.

Walk towards the camera, or walk on the sidewalks. Here is a pose that most celebrities end up getting pictured with. The paparazzi are pretty dedicated pursuers, so famous people are always on the run - yet still manage to look good. Try this pose, although you might have to hold that position for a few minutes 'til you get a good pic.

10. Use whatever's around you as a prop.

Got a bag? Swing it. Got some pockets? Stuff a hand or both in it. Got sunglasses? Try to slide it lower as if you're peering at the camera (note: this might take hundreds of shots to perfect). Flowers in the field you're walking in? Pluck a bunch or hold it near your nose - even if you have pollen allergies.

Oh, the things we do to please people. Social media is a nice way to connect to people, but remember that photos are there to record memories - not please people. The purpose of Instagram may differ from person to person, but as long as you're having fun, then go do what you want!