May 20, 2019

10 Wedding Gown Trends In 2019

Make it a night to remember with a dress that will stick to everyone's memories.

Every girl has probably dreamed of her wedding, from the color schemes to the most exciting thing: the wedding dress. Just because wedding gowns are white doesn't mean it has to stay simple, right?

Being aware of the wedding date and looking forward to that big event would make the wedding preparation ruddy good fun. The bride will start to look around and imagine in her mind what designs and details she wants in her dress to make it the best fit for her. Why not try a style or two from this year's trends to make your big day not just classic and elegant, but modern and trendy too?

1. Puffy Sleeves

Puffs are both pretty and fun to look at. Technically, it's more of a bishop sleeve than a puffy one, but the puff seems more suited as a name. You can try a bishop sleeve and pair it with a plunging neckline, or opt for an off-shoulder style. Keep a carefree personality with this dress that came from kings and queens that go way back - minus the heavy fabric though.

Apartment 8 Clothing Lavinia Dress PHP 3980.00

2. Spaghetti Straps

Bring a silhouette to your figure with skinny straps that show off your shoulder bones. Bridal Fashion Week featured a lot of skinny straps this time, maybe thanks to how hot summer would be and thin straps might just be the way to cool you off. Comfortable, yet still figure-flattering - what more can a girl ask for?

The Row 22BC Spaghetti Strap Empire Long Dress BC18033 PHP 5499.75

3. Deep-V Necklines

This dress style is a classic. It should look good on any type of body and any figure. Although the plunging V-neck line seems a little daring to wear, if you feel comfortable in it, then buy it and drop everyone's jaws! You'll definitely look beautiful.

Elegant Mermaid V-neck Sleeveless Slim Wedding Dress PHP 3999.00

4. Ruffle Skirts

Another style - but this time in the skirt - that can show a unique quality to the dress, and also to the bride who wears it. Ruffles are usually seen on cute kids, but hey, we're still cute when we grow up, so ruffles aren't really that childish at all. Instead, the ruffles actually add a certain regalness to its wearer, so why not?

Ruffled Lace Wedding Dress PHP 5495.51

5. Ball-gown Skirts

Let's be serious. You're the only one walking in that aisle, so it's all your stage - make the most of it. Get a ball-gown, add a petticoat underneath, no excuses! Normal people don't really get to wear ball-gowns every single day, right? Since it's your day, get a "wow" from the audience and make it the most gossiped day your relatives will discuss for months.

High-waisted Trailing Wedding Dress PHP 1659.00

6. Capes

Make way, Elsa's here! No, we weren't talking about Doctor Strange capes (who would wear that to a wedding?), we're talking about that most talked-about dress when the movie Frozen came out. A beautiful, royal cape - one that only queens wear - and since it's your wedding day, who else is the queen if not you? Flaunt that style and add a gorgeous train that could last for miles.

Angel Bridal - Cape-Shoulder Lace A-Line Wedding Dress PHP 6543.27

7. Stars and sparkles

Leash out your inner elegance with sparkles - wait what? Don't worry, these aren't rainbow sparkles seen on cakes but the sparkles in the dress that seem like you're looking at a night sky - except that the dress is white. This definitely works when you hold your wedding in the afternoon, or to be exact, right at sunset. Shine brighter than everybody in the room and stay beautiful.

Hepburn Wind Tube Luxury Wedding Dress PHP 6273.00

8. Flowers

Nope. Bouquets aren't enough. Flowers have been a symbol for women for many centuries now, whether they're etched in lace or are sewn in your wardrobe - add flowers to your dress. Keep that femininity in you with flowers in your hands, flowers on your dress, and a trail of flowers you're walking upon, scattered by your cute little flower girls.

Strapless Beach Chiffon Wedding Dress PHP 6222.00

9. Gold Accents

Gold, or any color really. While wedding dresses are made to be as pure as white, girls have added sweet colors to their gowns, just a hint of pink or violet somewhere. Rebellious ones have opted for non-white dresses, from pink to even black! But, if you're just looking for some uniqueness, pop a color or two into your wedding day!

French Elegant Gold Lace Bride Wedding Dress PHP 3530.00

10. Short Wedding Gowns

Now this one might really earn a plain harsh "NO!" from your mother, but really, the Philippines is a pretty hot country, and wearing a long dress and standing inside a very humid church - can we say yes to the dress? Of course, if you don't feel comfortable wearing one, it's fine, but consider short dresses for a change. Shock everyone on your wedding day.

Short Half-sleeve Shirt Wedding Dress PHP 1656.00

Although weddings only come once in a blue moon, you'd also have to think of a budget for the dress, so unless you're bathing in a tub of money, you don't have to buy a revealing, must-please-everyone type of dress that you don't feel comfortable in. Jake Peralta has groom guts, so it's your turn to listen to your bride guts, ladies.