Jul 18, 2019

10 Popular Japanese Clothing Brands You Need To Know

Japan has a ton of brands... here are a few you should know!

Whether it's Harajuku style, anime, cosplay, kimono, or whatever else there may be, Japan is known for its wide range of style and its unique fashion sense. Although there are a lot of weird and extravagant brands, there are also a fair amount of regular but stylish, reasonably-priced brands too. Here are 10 popular clothing brands in the country and outside as well, that you might want to check out.


Of course UNIQLO is on the list. Founded in 1949, this Japanese brand, with a 70 year legacy, has become one of the most well-known clothing brands around the world. With their simple yet elegant designs, range of colors, and comfortable fabrics, UNIQLO has conquered the world with more than 1,900 stores worldwide! You might even own a few pieces from this brand, as most people do.


GU is the sister brand of UNIQLO. It's owned by the same company, Fast Retailing. GU is more known for their cheaper prices, but this brand remains to keep the same good quality. You can buy a cute and trendy dress or a pair of comfy jeans for as much as 990 yen, which is about PHP 466! If you're ever on vacation and you're in Japan, make sure you go to one of their stores and buy a ton of clothes - which won't cost you a lot.


This brand started out as a small, used clothing shop in Osaka, Japan, about 25 years ago. Since then, it has acquired a lot of attention, and now you can find WEGO shops in any mall or shopping center. This brand is aimed at younger consumers, mostly middle school and high schoolers. They sell cute, colorful clothes, accessories, shoes, anything you can imagine, and what's amazing is that it's all very cheap.


You've probably heard of this one. Established in 1993 in Harajuku, this Japanese streetwear brand has gradually gained popularity around the world. I'm sure everyone's seen the famous logo, Ape Head! Besides the monkey, another signature aspect to the brand is its use of camouflage. They sell both men and women's clothes, and actually they've even collaborated with the smartphone maker HONOR for a special edition, trendy smartphone!


Issey Miyake is a fashion designer who was born in 1938 in Hiroshima, Japan. After his studies in Tokyo, Paris, and New York City, he returned to Tokyo where he established the Miyake Design Studio in 1970. He reinvented the Fortuny pleat style in the 80s, which soon became a trend and has become one of the brand's most well-known designs even now. Issey even designed the black turtleneck signature style for Steve Jobs of Apple! This brand is popular not only in Japan but around the world too. Another famous product from the brand is the BAO BAO bag.

Comme des Garcons

Founded by designer Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garcons is one of the most famous brands to come out of Japan. Although originally and mainly based in Tokyo, this brand has its headquarters at Place Vendome in Paris, France, where a lot of their collections are shown during Paris Fashion Week and Paris Men's Fashion Week. The brand's extravagant and unique style of clothes has gained popularity in many countries, and has inspired both women and men to dress freely and wear whatever they want to now for many decades.


EDWIN is a Japanese brand mainly focused on jeans and denim apparel, and was founded in 1969. This brand is most famous for its 503 jeans model, which many jeans enthusiasts have adored for many years. The American actor Brad Pitt has starred in numerous commercials and advertisements for the brand, leading the brand to gain popularity outside of Japan as well.

Lily Brown

One of the fairly new brands on the list, Lily Brown is a Japanese clothing brand established in 2011. Their sister brand "snidel" is also very popular among young women in Japan. The concept of this brand is "Vintage Future Dress" - they incorporate modern trends into vintage and retro-styled clothing, so a lot of their pieces are truly one of a kind and incredibly fashionable!

niko and ...

Unlike the more unique and extravagant brands that usually come out of Japan, niko and ... focuses on natural beauty and natural style. Aimed at men and women around the age of 25-35, this brand has captured many hearts, and has become a brand that is known to be always stylish, trendy, and reasonable.


Created by the famous comedian Naomi Watanabe, punyus products are colorful, cute, and creative. The use of pop art, cartoons, neon colors, and more has attracted the attention of many fashion enthusiasts. Also, sizes go up to 6L, which is another great characteristic of this fun brand.

So now you know some of the most trendy Japanese clothing brands! Tell your friends about them, follow them on Instagram, or book a trip to Japan to check out their stores in person! You won't be disappointed.