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Jul 1, 2019

10 Pinoy Fashion Brands That Filipinos Must Visit At Least Once

Make sure to check out these Filipino-tailored brands the next time you go shopping!

There are actually a lot of Pinoy brands out there that can change a lot of things and contribute a lot more to the fashion community. You'd actually be surprised by how many. Not only do they produce durable and good quality products, they're pretty practical and affordable. Here are 10 Pinoy brands that have shined throughout the years.

1. Penshoppe

When you say Penshoppe, almost everyone who has been to a mall knows the brand already. It takes a huge effort, great product quality, and a positive reputation to build such a prestigious brand that people can recognize in just a glance. Really, Penshoppe can be considered as one of the top trendsetters in the Philippines, catering to both men and women, as you can see from one of their recent product posts. While it may look simple, the classic and chic style is something you know that everyone will either wear or save enough money to wear it.

2. Bench

Bench is another Pinoy brand that is known throughout the country and was established in 1987, way before the international Bench UK. They sell clothes, accessories, perfumes, and even shoes for both men and women - thus leading to one of the main brands that Filipinos often go to. Their Instagram promotes famous actresses and actors to dress up in partnership with Bench, and coupled with their stylish and up-to-date fashionistas, are probably the reasons why a lot of people immediately rush over.

3. CLN

CLN might not be as famous as Penshoppe or Bench, or even other brands, but ever since they started gaining more and more customers because of their own unique style, CLN has become known by more and more people. CLN started in 1978, but seeing as they are now flocking towards success, it's really one of a kind.

4. Alberto Shoes

With a huge range of products to sell and at such high quality, the Alberto clothing line really does live up to its motto. It caters to both men and women, with accessories, clothes, bags, and even shoes. Surely, just one visit to Alberto and you might find yourself buying a whole new outfit!

5. Kamiseta

Inspired by the intricate patterns and ingenious ideas of Filipino culture, Kamiseta is a clothing line that unleashes such uniqueness and incorporates Filipino patterns with modern skirts and tops, and can actually be considered fashion statements. Their eye-catching designs are what most people seek out, but their clothes are made of high-quality cloth and have gone through proper measures.

6. Rusty Lopez

A Filipino-based brand, Rusty Lopez specializes in footwear - shoes, rubber shoes, stilettos - but it also caters to clothes and accessories. As it grows stronger and more famous day by day, you'll be glad to find out that Rusty Lopez is always part of the in-season, so all of the products have to be both affordable and stylish.

7. Maldita

Fashion is considerably becoming more relaxed and a bit playful with the rules, but the most beautiful thing is how there are fewer people who discriminate against homosexuality. In this Instagram feed, we see a beautiful confident woman wearing most of Maldita's aura. Clap a hand for how far fashion has come.

8. BNY Jeans

BNY Jeans has always prided itself and is currently one of the main brands that have accommodated the Philippines for a pretty long time. Although it has branched out to other products, they still specialize in making denim jeans and even jackets, so if you're denim-crazed, then this is your go-to choice.

9. Bayo

Filipino heritage is said to be the inspiration of this brand, Bayo. They're focusing on their mission to stay true and celebrate Filipino talents and ingenuity and they obviously show the traditional style in modernized details. Their clothing will be perfect if you want to go fashionable and girly at the same time.

10. Apartment 8 Clothing

Mostly known for their high-end dresses and extensive pastel colored lines, Apartment 8 Clothing has slowly started gaining popularity and continued on releasing gowns and dresses that are of extreme quality. Not only that, they also sell everyday skirts and tops that are pretty feminine, so if you're looking for a brand to bring your inner elegance out, then try passing by Apartment 8 to look for more.

You've probably heard of most of these brands, but make sure to check out those that you haven't! It's best to support local products and help our fellow countrymen earn the money they deserve!