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Jul 10, 2019

10 Outfits That All Morenas Must Have In Their Closets

With this fashion advice, you may find yourself on a journey of self-discovery and stand up for your Morena sun-kissed skin.

What Americans call tan is basically Filipino's 'Morena' skin - different shades of brown that look unbelievably beautiful when paired with the golden rays of sunlight.

Over the years as the definition of beauty has changed, the main icons of morena are directed to our legendary and famous actresses and artists that have such skin. Actresses like Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre, and Gabbi Garcia are currently the leading inspirations when it comes to outfits and colors that look perfect with morena skin.

And here are some of their unforgettable classic tips, as seen on their Instagram feeds.

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1. All Black

Black is a flattering color for all skin tones, making most of us look lighter than how we usually look. This is especially true to all morenas out there, so it's probably time to grab those black jeans, black shirts, or even black dresses and strut them out!

2. All White

While black makes us look lighter, people then assume that white outfits make us look darker - but when you're a morena, it doesn't really matter if you look lighter or darker - because that is how adaptable your skin tone range is. White dresses are a must-have for every single person, so go ahead and purchase that dress you've been eyeing!

3. Grey Dress – Light

What's between black and white? Grey. But, with the different shades of grey - a light or dove grey would suit morena skin the best. If you've scrolled down on enough Insta-feeds, you'll definitely see actresses sporting light grey pants or light grey jackets, which only add to the appeal. Fair and porcelain skin tones are the ones who should try darker shades of grey that are closer to black.

4. Denim Jackets

Denim saves everyone - no matter how old, how tall, or how different our skin tones are. But, pairing denim with morena is a choice that no one can say no to. Denim jackets have the ability to bring out a healthy shade of brown in morenas, which is precisely what is giving Kathryn these glowing vibes in her Instagram post.

5. Shades of Brown

We've already got brown skin, so why not pair it up with other shades of brown? Start your own brown color spectrum with a few brown, cream, and white pieces. You can also add a bit of stripes and some designs to your outfits. Just like Maymay Entrata, wearing a top that's darker than your skin tone does a great deal of pleasant change in this outfit!

6. Dark Green and Florals

Gabbi Garcia knows what's up. Morenas are especially flattered with dark green hues and floral patterns, so it's up to you whether you're trying a plain green turtleneck or a white shirt with green patterned leaves.

7. Bright Yellows

Golden hour, brown skin, and bright yellows: The perfect combination not only for an Instagram feed, but also in real life. While it does look bright, yellow flatters morena and tanned skin with how 'alive' it looks and blends perfectly well. Hands down, yellow is one of the colors you have to try if you're a morena.

8. Bright Colors

Ever since she became famous, Megan Young has long broken lots of no's in fashion and encouraged more and more people to continue experimenting with the colors they like. You'll see Megan pairing a pink top with luscious red pants and wonder - how does she rock that? And that is credited partly to morena skin and its ability to easily blend colors together.

9. Royal Blue

Remember when our very own Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach stunned everyone in the crowd with a gorgeous blue dress that even matched a bit with her crown? Really, if you plan on wearing a blue or royal dress on your way to a party tonight, then go for it!

10. Pastel Colors - Light Blue, Light Pink

Remember how white could make our skin tones a bit warmer than when we are wearing black? The same thing applies to morenas who wear pastel colors - but the magic happens when the shades are perfectly matched. They give our skin an orange-ish or tannish glow, making us look younger and freer than ever before.

Catching everyone's attention not only lies in how you are dressed, but how you carry yourself. Obviously, you can do it if you're wearing statement stripes paired with polka dots and floral skirts - talk about all patterns in one outfit - but actually keeping everyone's eyes on you is a matter of temperament and confidence, just like how our Filipina idols are the ones who inspire us. So, keep your chins up and walk with pride! There's 'more' to being morena than just the skin tone - there's confidence, pride, and a bit of springs on your steps.

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