Apr 23, 2019

10 Cute and Casual Wears for Your Summer OOTDs

Huddle up and tag your gal pals for this summer's ultimate guide to looking cute and casual.

Summer is here! The heat is definitely on. Have you prepared your everyday go-to summer outfit yet? Whether you have or haven't, you definitely need to check out for yourself what we have laid down for you.

The key here is to keep it cute and casual - these two Cs of the fashion world when combined together make women powerful. You want to look cute definitely, but you don't want to look like you tried too hard for it so without further ado, let's start!

1. First Day of Summer Vibe

There's no color more fitting than yellow to celebrate the first day of summer. It represents happiness and vibrance. Pick a cute plain dress like this one.

Krizia Plain Mini Dress with Tie Cuffs PHP 1499.00

You can have lots of fun accessorizing here. Go crazy with it.

2. Sexy Biker Chic

We first saw this type of shorts on the Kardashians and it soon became a trend among many online influencers. People love them because they're sexy, chic and comfy. Make sure you get yourself a pair too! You can wear it for a casual day or to the gym.

Cotton On Body Highwaisted Bike Shorts PHP 519.00

Match the shorts with some chunky white sneakers while you're at it.

Mesh Breathable Sneakers USD 21.88 (approx. PHP 1140)

3. Trendy but Low-key

Make your summer colorful with these cute tie-dye shirts that never go out of style.

Beading Casual Tie Dye T-shirt USD 9.99 (approx. PHP 520)

Tie Dye Short Sleeve Casual Loose T-Shirt PHP 308.99

Pair it up with a pair of faded high-rise jeans to complete the casual look.

Sesura High Waist Hips Jeans PHP 3829.00

4. Matchy Look

Nothing can really top a matching jacket and skirt combination. This fashion trend is everywhere now. It's cute, chic and casual all at the same time plus it fits all types of events. With this outfit, you can wear sneakers or heels!

Terno Top and Shorts PHP 635.00

Casual Summer Floral Off Shoulder Crop Top Terno PHP 369.00

5. Minimal Yet Fashionable

Monotonous outfits have become such a trend lately so why not match the color of the sky with a blue ensemble? A blue-collared shirt underneath and a blue loose chiffon shirt on top should perfectly compliment a denim skirt.

REGATTA Pique Polo Shirt with Knitted Collar PHP 695.00

Loose Long Sleeve Sheath Printed Chiffon Shirt PHP 546.00

Sunnydaysweety Ripped Tassel Denim Skirt PHP 2810.00

6. Summer Getaway Outfit

It's summer so a trip to the beach is always part of the agenda and of course, you'll need the perfect outfit for that too! And everyone knows that the perfect outfit for a beach day is a cute little romper that you can easily slip out of when you're ready to jump into the water!

INDIKAH Foldover Bustier Playsuit With Fringe Hem PHP 3979.00

Sesura Sweet Escape 3-Way Romper PHP 1329.00

7. Casual Work Outfit

You can't escape work just because of summer but at least you can head over to your office in style by casually dressing up in a V-neck striped blouse. Pair it with simple jeans to make sure you remain as casual as possible and lastly, use some nude sandals to add a little sophistication to the look.

Hang-Qiao Striped Tops V-neck Blouse PHP 476.00

CHILI PEPPER Fashion Skinny Jeans Slight Acid Wash Design PHP 1099.00

Sofab! Jonas Ankle Strap Block Heel Sandals PHP 1499.00

8. Edgy and Comfortable Wear

Wearing an edgy outfit doesn't always necessarily mean you have to sacrifice comfortable clothes and to prove my point, you can try wearing a checkered skirt paired with a crop top and lace up wedges. It all sounds weird to hear but it works.

NEXT Printed Crop Tee PHP 799.00

MANGO Check Mini Skirt PHP 1995.00

VANESSA WU Lace Up Sandal Wedges PHP 3339.00

9. Chill Retro Style

Retro is that one thing that became trendy in the 80s and is continuously used by several people as their aesthetic. It has resulted into bringing this type of fashion back in trend. Wearing this type of outfit will transport you back in time. Of course, we can't miss the mom jeans. Pair it with an interesting top.

ZALORA BASICS Basic Mom Fit Jeans PHP 1249.00

Something Borrowed Cotton Eyelet Crop Top PHP 1249.00

10. TGIF Vibes

You know the only thing missing now is a weekend outfit and what better way to end the week than by wearing this off-shoulder jumpsuit that you can use for a casual stroll at the mall and a night out with friends?

Off The Shoulder Smocked Wide Leg Jumpsuit USD 24.99 (approx. PHP 1300)

Here's to a fun and fruitful summer for you!

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