Aug 13, 2019

10 Common But Quirky Types of Jeans For Women That You Need To Know

How many types of jeans can you name in a minute?

When asked what the most common types of jeans are, you may mention low, mid, or high-rise jeans. Well, those kinds of jeans are among the most common types and are recognizable by many. However, there are still other kinds of jeans that you may have in your arsenal or want to try wearing next time. We have listed 10 other common types of jeans that will surely make you look stylish. Check them out here.

Ripped Jeans

Let us start with the most common trousers of the modern day: ripped jeans. Normally, jeans get ripped with excessive and long-term use. However, fashion enthusiasts have decided to advance this process by creating jeans that are already distressed. Most of the ripped parts are located in the knee or thighs, while other distressed jeans are entirely ripped all over.

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Light Washed Jeans

The loss of color, together with the ripping out, is related to the natural wearing out process of old jeans. Just like distressed jeans, manufacturers have made this process an advantage by giving jeans that light washed or worn out look fresh from the factory. Light washed jeans are remarkably softer and more flexible.

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Cuffed Jeans

Resembling a cuff that is made on the legs, the cuffed jeans have folded edges that show the ankles. They're usually the same length as cropped or capri jeans and can make the legs look slimmer. Pair it with well-chosen heels to go classy.

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Flare Jeans

Have you ever checked your mom's or dad's photo album to see what kind of clothes they wore when they were still in their teenage years? You may have spotted them donned in flare jeans or bellbottoms, a type of jeans with a wide opening from the knees to the toes. Relive this trend in 2019!

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Overall Jeans

Used to be a dressing staple for workers back in the day, overall jeans have been a great streetwear staple for millennials nowadays. This type of jeans, which is also known as a jumpsuit, has straps to hold your jeans and a front covering. You can pair it with a bright-colored top to make it look more stylish.

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Colored Jeans

Who doesn't like color? We see many people wearing bright-colored tops or any other fashion piece. If you are one of those ladies that just love colorful items, these colored jeans might catch your attention. You can choose from a wide range of colors such as pink, yellow, and green, and easily mix and match them with items in your wardrobe.

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Printed Jeans

Prints scream style and fashion. And if you want to go with the latest jeans trend, you may want to try printed jeans. The prints can be polka dots, flowers, stars, or even animal prints. Look modern by pairing printed jeans with matching colored tops.

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Embroidered Jeans

If you want to beautify your old jeans and also have the talent to do so, you may want to sew or place some embroidery on it. Or you can just buy embroidered jeans from the start. Artistic embroidery can make your jeans look prettier and noticeable.

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Crochet Jeans

Crochets are basically beautiful designs made on fabrics. Most of these fabrics are soft and flexible and can be used in adding flair to your usual pair of jeans. Ripped jeans can have their ripped parts covered with lace to make them look unique.

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Patched Jeans

Among the newest jeans trend is the patched type. As what its name suggests, patched jeans come with patchworks that can go from geometrical patterns on rag type cloth to more subtle designs such as flowers and stars. Look trendy and funky with patched jeans!

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Are you ready to try these different types of jeans for women? You can look fashionable and stylish with these pieces especially if you pair them with the right top.