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Jan 27, 2021

Best Washing Machines with Dryer in the Philippines 2021

A washing machine is an essential appliance that we have in our homes. It does its job by washing our clothes but not all washing machines come with the convenience of fully drying your clothes.

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A washing machine is as essential as having a refrigerator in our homes. With us having to change clothes every day, using a washing machine to wash our clothes will not only save time but is also physically stress-free compared to the traditional way of washing clothes.

There are plenty of different types of washing machines available in the Philippines today. You may wonder why some washing machines are priced more than others despite having the same washing capacity. Not all washing machines are built the same. Some come with a wash-only feature while some include a drying feature. Most of the expensive models also come with the latest technology such as invert and non-inverter, advanced washing techniques, higher-grade materials, and faster-washing speed amongst many other features.

Washing Machine Buyers Guide

To help you in picking the right model to buy, below are some features and specs you need to consider in your search.


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One of the things you need to look out for in a washing machine is the type of motor that it runs or whether it is an inverter or a non-inverter type. An inverter type is the best choice as it is more energy-efficient compared to a non-inverter type. The benefits you get from energy savings may not seem like much at first, but in the long run, you'll realize that expenses throughout a few years will eventually sum up to a big amount. So, being able to save on expenses in your monthly bills should be an important factor in making your final decision.

Washing Capacity

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As simple as it may sound, picking the right loading capacity is very crucial as well. If you have a bigger household, you would opt for the bigger washing and dryer capacity. This is to avoid having to do multiple loads to get through your laundry. Having a small capacity will take up more of your time and cost more wear to the washing machine.

Drying Feature

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Not all washing machines with a dryer can fully dry your clothes 100%. Regular washing machines only spin-dry your clothes so that it won't be dripping water when you take them out of the machine and hang them to dry. In contrast to that, there are also washing machines that can fully dry your clothes so that you won't need to hang them out under the sun after washing.

Today, we're here to discuss the best options available for your homes. We decided to feature washing machines with a dryer as it offers the most convenient way for doing the laundry.

Note: The compilation below is not a ranking.

Best Washing Machines with Dryer in the Philippines

8. Electrolux EWW8023AEWA

The Electrolux EWW8023AEWA is a front loader washing machine with a dryer that consumes 50% less energy giving you loads of savings with your electricity bills in the future.

The Electrolux EWW8023AEWA is also equipped with many features that are extremely useful and ensure that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned and fresh with every wash. The Electrolux EWW8023AEWA features an 8KG washing capacity and a 5KG drying capacity. The washing machine is designed to be durable which is supported by a guaranteed 10-year warranty.

An EcoInverter motor is also used which doesn't just help reduce your electric bills but also significantly reduces the vibrations and substantially lowers the noise it makes when the machine is being operated. One of the highlights of this washing machine are the smart sensors, one example of which is the AutoSense technology where it adjusts the water and energy consumption depending on load size preventing unnecessary water and power consumption.

The Electrolux EWW8023AEWA also features a SensiCare System that uses humidity and temperature sensors to protect your clothes from over-drying. The VapourCare function which finishes the wash cycle with a soft spray of water vapor at 40 degrees celsius can remove up to 99.9% of germs and allergens. The 35-minute Vapour Refresh cycle can also help reduce wrinkles by 23% and freshen your favorite garments.

In addition to all the features, the Electrolux EWW8023AEWA has a dedicated wool cycle that is very gentle and certified by Woolmark for any clothes that are labeled hand-wash only.

Electrolux EWW8023AEWA Key Specifications

TypeFront Load
Dimensions600 x 850 x 575 mm (WxHxD)
Capacity8 kg (Washing), 5 kg (Drying)
Feature・Child Lock ・Favourite ・3XL Door ・Add Clothes ・Lily Drum ・WashDry 60 ・Delicates Programme ・Baby Care Programme ・Quick 18 Programme ・Daily 60 Programme ・Quick 15 Programme ・EcoInverter ・Woolmark Certification ・Vapour Care Technology ・Vapour Refresh ・Smart Sensor ・Spin Speed (rpm max): 1200


The XTREME XWM-COMBi10x7 offers great value in this segment. The washing machine has great features that make it a good option; one that is affordable and practical at the same time.

The XTREME XWM-COMBi10x7 front loader is a combo washer and dryer with 10KG washing and 7KG dryer capacities. It also uses an inverter BLDC motor which helps you save on energy consumption by 70%. The XTREME XWM-COMBi10x7 is also relatively quiet with its inverter motor. The water cube drum design is very good for garments.

Cleaning and washing features include a Spa mode which gives up to 99.9% sterilization and deodorizes your clothing. A soil level indicator is also available to determine how dirty the fabric is to determine how much cleaning time is necessary. You also have a 14 wash program to select from to help you in finding the best laundry cycle.

Furthermore, this fully automatic washing machine comes with a Child Lock feature, a 10 year warranty for the motor and 1 year warranty for parts and labor, and a useful LED display.

XTREME XWM-COMBi10x7 Key Specifications

TypeFront Load
Dimensions680 x 695 x 875 mm
Weight72 kg
Capacity10 kg (washer), 7 kg (dryer)
Feature・Power Supply: 230V~60Hz ・Inverter BLDC Motor ・70% Power Saving ・Low Noise ・Wool Mark ・Water Cube Drum ・Spa Care Function ・Heating Dry ・Heating Wash ・LED Display ・E-Lock ・14 Program ・1500 RPM ・2.1 meter water outlet hose length ・Chrome ring with full door cover

6. Haier HWD120-B14876

The Haier HWD120-B14876 is a front loader washer and dryer with a massive laundry capacity that will take care of all your laundry with just one wash. The increased size of 525mm not only takes care of your large laundry, but its unique drum design allows your clothes to move around more to give it a better wash.

The Haier HWD120-B14876 features a 12KG capacity for both washing and drying. The 6 point structure design gives the washing machine a more stable and stronger base that adds to its durability. A direct motion motor allows it to operate more smoothly and efficiently conserving energy and limiting noise when in operation.

Another feature of the Haier HWD120-B14876 is its gasket with ABT or anti-bacteria treatment material that effectively reduces bacteria during each wash. The pillow tub design gently cleans your clothes and protects them from damage while washing.

Haier HWD120-B14876 Key Specifications

TypeFront Load
Dimensions600 x 595 x 850 mm
Weight60 kg
Capacity12 kg (washer), 8 kg (dryer)
Feature・RPM: 1400 ・DD Inverter Motor ・Dual Spray ・Pillow Drum-XL ・Silent Wash ・Hygienic & Care ・Knob Control ・Rat Guard ・Stainless Steel Drum ・Anti-bacteria Treatment

5. LG FC1409D4E

The LG FC1409D4E is a front loader washing machine and dryer that will clean your clothes and also combat up to 99.99% of harmful allergens. Considering our present reality that requires us to regularly practice good hygiene to avoid contracting the virus, making sure our clothes are not only cleaned but rid of harmful allergens is important.

The LG FC1409D4E features a 9KG washing capacity and a 5KG drying capacity. The LG FC1409D4E has an inverter direct motor that minimizes noise and vibration when in operation. A standard 10-year warranty on motor and parts reassures you of the washing machine's durability. With the SmartThinQ technology, you can use your smartphone to configure and diagnose problems that you may be encountering further down the road. This can save you from paying call-out fees in the event of a minor error.

A 6 motion direct drive technology moves the wash drum in several different directions, which has shown to improve washing efficiency while being gentle to your garments.

LG FC1409D4E Key Specifications

TypeFront Load
Dimensions600 x 610 x 850 mm (WxDxH)
Capacity9 kg Washer, 5 kg Dryer
Feature・Combo Washer ・Inverter Direct Drive ・6 Motion Technology ・Smart Diagnosis ・Steam - Allergy Care ・NFC Tag On via Smart ThinQ app

4. Samsung WD85K5410OW/TC

The Samsung WD85K5410OW/TC is a front loader washer and dryer, beautifully designed to keep your clothes clean and sanitized with the aid of numerous cleaning features.

The Samsung WD85K5410OW/TC features an 8.5KG washing capacity and a 6KG drying capacity. The Samsung WD85K5410OW/TC is equipped with a digital inverter motor which is known to be more energy-efficient and incredible durable. The smart check auto-monitoring system detects any errors and will allow you to troubleshoot minor problems that can save you money from expensive out-call diagnosis.

The Samsung WD85K5410OW/TC comes with a few cleaning features, one of them being the intensive stain removal that uses Bubble Soak technology to extract hard-to-remove stains. There is also Air Wash technology that deodorizes and sanitizes your clothes using heated air to keep your clothes smelling fresh. One of the main highlights of the Samsung WD85K54100W/TC's cleaning features is the trademarked Eco Bubble technology that turns detergent into bubbles to penetrate fabrics quicker to remove dirt.

The unique diamond drum design has smooth and diamond-shaped ridges which help in limiting the fabric from getting trapped while in operation. Lastly, the additional window found at the front of the washing machine can be used to add clothing while the machine is in the middle of a cycle.

Samsung WD85K5410OW/TC Key Specifications

TypeFront Load
Dimensions600 x 850 x 600 mm (Net) 675 x 890 x 651 mm (Gross)
Weight72 kg
Capacity8.5 kg Washing + 6 kg Drying
FeatureBuble technology Child Lock Buble Soak Smart Check Delay End Last Memory Dry Level

3. Whirlpool WWDH11716S6

The Whirlpool WWDH11716S6 is a washer and dryer combo that has energy-saving, practical, and intelligent features.

The Whirlpool WWDH11716S6 features an 11KG washer capacity and a 7KG dryer capacity. The sense inverter motor allows the machine to operate silently, be energy-efficient, and have great durability. The Whirlpool WWDH11716S6 also comes with 6th Sense technology which senses the load you are putting in the washer and uses that information to set a more efficient cycle. Thanks to the 6th Sense technology, you can save on energy consumption, water consumption, and time.

The FreshCare+ Function uses precise and varying drum movements along with steam jets to help circulate air in the drum to keep your clothes stay fresh for up to 6 hours. The Whirlpool WWDH11716S6 is great even with colored or dark garments with its color 15 degrees cycle that has the same effects as 40 degrees cycle. This can only be achieved with the unique drum design that allows the fabric to move around more freely.

This handy machine from Whirlpool also includes Child Lock on the control panel and door.

Whirlpool WWDH11716S6 Key Specifications

TypeFront Load
Dimensions85 x 59.5 x 60.5 cm
Capacity11 kg (washer), 7 kg (dryer)
Feature・16 Wash Cycles ・6th Sense Technology ・InverterPlus Technology ・Detergent Dispenser ・Fabcon Dispenser ・Digital Control Panel ・Hot Water Selection ・Spin Speed Selection ・Dry Settings Selection ・Dry Only Function ・Intensive Rinse Function ・FreshCare+ Function ・Delay Wash Function ・Up to 1600rpm ・Stainless Steel Tub ・Child Lock – Control Panel and Door

2. Panasonic NA-S106X1

The Panasonic NA-S106X1 is an advanced washer and dryer which saves energy but is very efficient in cleaning with its double hygiene features. The machine is well built and designed for cleaning and has great features that are truly innovative.

The Panasonic NA-S106X1 has a 10KG washing capacity and a 6KG drying capacity. The stylish design is emphasized more with its front panel that is very well thought of and organized given the numerous different settings available. The advanced washing inverter is more energy-efficient and produces less noise.

The Panasonic NA-S106X1 has numerous cleaning features that are very useful. For instance, the ActiveFoam system lifts stains away using high-density fine foam in just 49 minutes. This works by having the fine foam penetrate deep into the fabric to lift dirt or stain. There is also a Double Hygiene with Cold/Hot Wash feature which provides 2-way sterilization. The cold wash uses Ag+ and UV light in destroying bacteria. Clothes last longer as the cold temperature prevents them from fading while the 60 to 90-degree water temperature is used to eliminate bacteria and allergens that may be present in your garments.

Panasonic NA-S106X1 Key Specifications

TypeFront Load
Dimensions596 x 560 x 845 mm
Weight68 kg
Capacity10 kg (washer), 6 kg (dryer)
Feature・Spin Speed (max.): 1200 rpm ・Voltage/Frequency: 220-230V/60Hz ・ActiveFoam ・Active Speed Wash ・StainMaster+ ・Blue Ag+ ・Hygiene 60℃/90℃ ・ECONAVI ・INVERTER ・Eco Drying ・Double Hygiene with Cold/HotWash ・Eliminate Bacteria with Cold Wash Energy ・Stylish and user-friendly design

1. Samsung WD17N7510KV/TC

The Samsung WD17N7510KV/TC is a very advanced laundry machine that is AI-powered and equipped with new features that work well in cleaning your laundry.

The Samsung WD17N7510KV/TC is a washing machine with a 17KG washing capacity and a dryer with a 9KG capacity. It is equipped with an inverter motor that is more energy-efficient and quiet. The diamond drum cleans better and is kinder to your garments helping them to last longer.

The numerous buttons can be overwhelming at first but with the help of the SmartThings App, you operate and change the settings in the comfort of your bedroom or couch. You can also indicate the type of clothing you are loading to adjust the settings of washing accordingly. The app uses your preferences to come up with a more efficient way of doing your laundry through recommendations of the best wash cycles.

The Samsung WD17N7510KV/TC also has numerous features like AirWash technology that deodorizes and sanitizes clothing by applying super-hot air that eliminates odor-causing bacteria. There is also an Eco Bubble technology that uses foam to quickly penetrate through the garments lifting any dirt or stains. Two Water Shots that jet out water help break down the detergent to penetrate your clothes better and rinse the clothes of any excess soap. The Samsung WD17N7510KV/TC has a small window that you can use to add to your current load when you want to put in more items.

Samsung WD17N7510KV/TC Key Specifications

TypeFront Load
Dimensions686 x 984 x 864 mm
Weight92 kg
Capacity17 kg (washer), 9 kg (dryer)
Feature・Spin Speed: 1100 rpm ・Voltage/Frequency: 230V/60Hz ・Airwash: Anti-Bacteria ・AddWash ・Quick Wash ・Smart Control ・Smart Check ・EcoBubble Technology ・Vibration Reduction Technology


The washing machines we featured above do not only come with a dryer mechanism but all models also use inverter motors as it is the most recommended feature you opt to look out for when buying any appliances for this matter.

If you're on the hunt for a good washing machine with a dryer, the list of models mentioned above is a good place to start. Other aspects that may affect your final decision will probably be the wash and dry capacity, budget, and size of the machine.

Tip: When buying online, always inquire about the installation service since there are some shops that don't provide one for free, or even if they do provide it for free, you need to inform them that you want to request an installation. Happy shopping!

Spec Comparison

Model Electrolux EWW8023AEWA Electrolux EWW8023AEWA XTREME XWM-COMBi10x7 XTREME XWM-COMBi10x7 Haier HWD120-B14876 Haier HWD120-B14876 LG FC1409D4E LG FC1409D4E Samsung WD85K5410OW/TC Samsung WD85K5410OW/TC Whirlpool WWDH11716S6 Whirlpool WWDH11716S6 Panasonic NA-S106X1 Panasonic NA-S106X1 Samsung WD17N7510KV/TC Samsung WD17N7510KV/TC
Check at
Lowest Price P37,345 P10,499 P59,998 P40,906 P35,495 P53,998 P48,999 P61,995
Type Front Load Front Load Front Load Front Load Front Load Front Load Front Load Front Load
Dimensions 600 x 850 x 575 mm (WxHxD) 680 x 695 x 875 mm 600 x 595 x 850 mm 600 x 610 x 850 mm (WxDxH) 600 x 850 x 600 mm (Net)
675 x 890 x 651 mm (Gross)
85 x 59.5 x 60.5 cm 596 x 560 x 845 mm 686 x 984 x 864 mm
Weight - 72 kg 60 kg - 72 kg - 68 kg 92 kg
Capacity 8 kg (Washing), 5 kg (Drying) 10 kg (washer), 7 kg (dryer) 12 kg (washer), 8 kg (dryer) 9 kg Washer, 5 kg Dryer 8.5 kg Washing + 6 kg Drying 11 kg (washer), 7 kg (dryer) 10 kg (washer), 6 kg (dryer) 17 kg (washer), 9 kg (dryer)
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