Jun 20, 2016

Meet the Foldimate, your Laundry-Folding Friend.

The FoldiMate is a robot that will do your laundry folding and sorting for you.

The one reality everyone in our modern society must face is the chore called laundry. Unless you're outsourcing your laundry to a laundromat or otherwise fortunate enough to have someone else taking care of your laundry.

Well, we have robotics to the rescue! The Foldimate is a Wi-Fi enabled robot that can fold your laundry in 30 seconds flat, and sort it for good measure. Sourced by a San Francisco startup, the Foldimate is your ultimate dream laundry machine.

The device is currently in the prototype stage, but once it's ready for market in 2017 it's expected to go for USD850 (about PHP39,000). So what does your dollar get you? A machine with three difference functions: folding, steaming and de-wrinkling.

Upon clipping each piece of laundry at the entrance of the machine, the Foldimate proceeds to take in each article of clothing, folds it, unloads it onto a lower tray where the clothes are treated with steam to de-wrinkle each piece, then they are perfumed, softened and sanitized.

The FoldiMate is smart enough to tell you when its tray is full, so you can take out the folded clothes and it can continue processing the rest of its items. Each item will take about 10 seconds to fold, the de-wrinkling will take another 20 to 30 seconds. Depending on how thick the clothes are, you can expect to do from 10 to 30 pieces of clothing per batch.

"FoldiMate is like having a friend that folds laundry for you," FoldiMate's website chimes happily. It seems to be a trend to portray robots as friends ready to help you.

As mentioned, the device has Wi-Fi built in. How the Wi-Fi will be put to good use isn't entirely clear, but we're sure that FoldiMate can get plenty creative with integrating this into your smart life.

The FoldiMate currently works with shirts, trousers and towels, but is currently not suitable for folding smaller or larger items like linens and underwear, and things like dress shirts. But most of your laundry will be fair game.

How much do you value your time? If PHP39,000 sounds like it's worth never having to fold another pair of jeans again, then the FoldiMate may just be the robotic friend you need.

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