Jan 10, 2017

Sony unveils New BRAVIA A1E Series 4K OLED TV

OLED gaming gets too fierce as Sony decides to join in the competition as they introduced the BRAVIA 4K OLED TV series, called A1E series in the US and A1 series in the UK.

As we may recall, Sony already released a similar 11-inch TV back in 2011 which was priced around 3,000 EUR (around USD 3,160). This year, things are bound to get better, as Sony introduces their newest version of the OLED at the CES 2017 event, everyone just can't keep their jaws from dropping and be astounded by how amazing their TVs are.

Sony's new BRAVIA A1E Series 4K OLED TVs look stunning. For a TV, the unit is almost paper-like due to its very thin design, not to forget the stylish yet durable stand which allows you to display it like a giant picture frame. The built-in Dolby Vision HDR along with a chip called the 4K HDR Processor X1 brings life to this glorious beast.

And just like Sony's other TVs the BRAVIA A1E Series 4K OLED TVs run Android TV, therefore offering ease off control, and compatibility with other Google devices such as Chromecast and Google Home speaker. Looking at the models, there are no visible speakers because the TV uses its very own screen as one; this is called Acoustic Surface, a technology engineered by the company itself.

LG has been dominating the OLED TV market in the US for a long time now, but there is no questioning Sony's ability to create an OLED TV. Even so, there are rumors that their latest TV product is sporting one of LG Display's very own OLED panels.

The new Sony BRAVIA A1E Series 4K OLED TV will be available in 55-, 65-, and 77-inch sizes. Sony has not yet declared when the BRAVIA A1E Series 4K OLED TVs will be out in stores, nor how much it will cost, but the 55-inch unit is assumed to kick off around USD 2,500.