Dec 26, 2016

NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV is getting a refresh and may come in two sizes

Rumors prove to be true as leaked photos of the new Android TV set top box from NVIDIA surfaced the internet.

Alas, there are no details regarding the specifications and features of the most-talked-about Android TV, but we do have a sneak peek at the physical features of the new box(es) and their accompanying control devices.

Looking at the pictures, there's really no significant overhaul; it's pretty identical to its predecessor. The only visible change is the gamepad which earned geometrical edges, no more touchpads and the new shape intends for added comfort. Aside from this, the gamepad and the remote were seen on FCC, and it claimed to feature Bluetooth 4.1, which makes it much more power-efficient.

According to sources, NVIDIA will be launching the 2 new versions in 2017 that will be coming in two different sizes.
And yes, the SHIELD Android TV may be getting a smaller cousin. The images show that the small version has the same height as the remote. In terms of spec differences between the two, we honestly have no idea. As far as we can predict, the units may differ in performance, storage capacity, ports or other features.

However, it is still too early to assume anything at this point, as there may be or may not be a small version. The images spotted may just be a test demo of sorts, regardless, NVIDIA refuses to shed some light on the issue and a spokesperson made it very clear that the company doesn't comment on rumors or unannounced products.

This leaves us no choice but to stick around and wait for updates, which will not be far behind since NVIDIA will be hosting a keynote address on January 4, 2017, in Las Vegas. The company is also set to showcase the latest GeForce and SHIELD products at the CES event.