Dec 13, 2019

Realme Buds Air Wireless Earphones Coming December 17

Realme launches its wireless earphones, the Buds Air. At almost half the price of the Apple AirPods, one can enjoy incredible sound quality with its 12mm bass boost driver, intelligent touch controls, automatic connectivity, as well as support for Bluetooth 5 and Google Assistant.

It's not enough that Realme has been upping its game in the smartphone business, having released handsets with impressive specs that are giving its competitors a run for their money, it is also now upgrading its audio peripherals to complement its phones. The Chinese brand, which has been voted as the number 1 quality smartphone brand by the CMR Mobile Industry Consumer Insights (MICI) Survey in 2019, has recently developed its very own midrange version of Apple's AirPods and Samsung's Galaxy Buds, which it named the Realme Buds Air.

Realme's other audio accessories are the Buds and the Buds 2, both of which are traditional wired earphones that use the 3.5mm plug to connect to compatible devices. The Buds Air are the brand's first truly wireless earphones to date. And come December 17, Realme smartphone owners are in for a treat as these wireless earphones are about to give their sound and music experience a huge boost. Although these attention-grabbing earphones are to be released first in India, Filipino Realme patrons are encouraged to be a little more patient as they will likely drop to local outlets soon.

While critics may view the Buds Air as a cheap knock-off of the AirPods, it is important to note that for the midrange segment these buds are heaven sent given its reported features. Reports claim that the Realme Buds Air are chargeable via a USB-C port, which is a good upgrade from the Micro USB port charging feature of its older Buds "wireless" earphones. Furthermore, they reportedly support Qi-standard wireless charging, meaning power can be refilled via a charging pad. In addition, the audio accessory is said to feature a 12mm bass boost driver for maximum sound enjoyment, and it has Bluetooth 5.0 support, allowing automatic connection to the user's device as soon as the charging case is opened.

Based on photos available online, the earbuds' case design looks identical to the AirPods but the shape of the bud itself is a little bit rounder. Its long stalk houses the microphone, and as with the AirPods the Buds Air also come equipped with touch controls for audio playback. It has artificial intelligence support too, mainly for Google Assistant.

There are three color options confirmed for both young and not-so-young customers to choose from: Black, White, and Yellow. Reported to be priced at INR 4,999 (PHP 3,588 per latest forex rate) inclusive of a 6-month warranty, the Realme Buds Air offer a good deal for those seeking an affordable means to optimize their media watching and listening experience.

Three Color Options: Black, Yellow and White