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Jul 4, 2014

Nexus 9 specs leak points

It's a secret..that details leaked out about Nexus 9..opps

Nexus 9 leaked details

Details leak out on HTC's "Nexus 9" Android new tablet. "Volantis" -the Nexus 9's development code- leaked out its specs and for this resource of information is very reliable, said Android Police.
HTC may finally get a chance to build a Nexus device for Google.

HTC Nexus 9 mockup


According to the leaked details is here.

8.9 inch display
2048×1440 resolution(281ppi)
NVIDIA Tegra K1(64bit)
16/32GB internal storage
8MP rear camera, Optical image stabilization
3MP front camera
Made of Alminium
Front stereo speaker
226.3(H)×151.9(W)×79(T)mm(inch to cm/mm)
Wi-Fi model 418g / LTE model 427g

Because it is made of Alminium and has a metallic case so that it looks completely different from the previous Nexus series which made of rubber. The new one is expected to be heavier than before.


By the way, it was said that the Nexus 8 would be the last series of tablet and the "Silver Program" would be combined with the new series. The Nexus 6, which is already smartphone category have canceled and this would be released from the Silver category by each makers.

Now, Google is planning to sell at $399 for the 16 GB version, with the step up to 32 GB costing $499.
LTE connectivity would come at an extra cost, possibly in the $600 range. But pricing is
something that can very easily change in the run-up to release.