Jun 26, 2014

iPad Mini with Touch ID Next Generation

All models of the next generation iPhone, iPad Mini, and iPad Air seemed to have Touch ID function according to the image shared by Apple.club.tw.

The next generation iPad Mini seemed to have Touch ID function.


Apple.club.tw shares an image of what appears to be models of the next generation iPhone, iPad Mini, and iPad Air. Too see all the pictures, all those three kinds have Touch ID function.

iPad Mini Next Generation 1

iPad Mini Next Generation 2

iPad Mini Next Generation 3

iPad Mini Next Generation 4

These pictures are the part of iPad Air moc up's picture. The iPad Air 2 model also has shown to depict Touch ID, changed speaker grille, and recessed volume buttons.
We still do not know the specific update information of iPad mini according to this picture, but I expect it to be change as Air.

The new image doesn't reveal any more details except the depiction of Touch ID on the new iPad mini. This year's iPads have been expected to gain Touch ID capabilities. Apple first introduced the Touch ID fingerprint scanning system with the iPhone 5S, and it will be extending it to allow Apps to begin using it with iOS 8. I wish I could unlock speedy and safety more anyway.