Aug 5, 2016

Will we see an Apple iPad mini 5, or an iPad Pro mini?

A new iPad is due out, and we'll probably hear about it in September, but is it going to be a mini 5, or a Pro mini?

It's the world's worst kept secret that Apple is launching its iPhone 7 next month, but what about the iPad? Apple typically launches an iPad or two with its iPhone devices in September, so we can actually expect a new iPad model to come out in September as well.

Word is that a new iPad will is coming and more or less be called the iPad mini 5. Last year we saw the iPad mini 4 released in September as well, so we could be seeing its successor in a few weeks. However, the real question is: are we going to see an iPad mini 5, or an iPad Pro mini?

While the rule of succession in naming sense suggests we are going to see an iPad mini 5, we've seen Samsung just skip an entire number, and Apple has been having some wonky naming choices itself as of late with the iPhone SE and the iPad Pro. So there's a very strong case to make for the next iPad being a Pro mini.

What makes this argument particularly compelling is that Apple seems to be filling out its Pro portfolio. We already have an iPad Pro at 12.9-inches, and another one at 9.7-inches, so what's missing is the smaller 7.9-inch mini variant. Considering that there are strong rumors that the iPhone 7 itself will have a Pro version, it's not surprising why this naming option is gathering steam.

Regardless of what it will be called, what can we expect of this device? Right now, the biggest rumor around it is the inevitable removal of its headphone jack. With the iPhone 7's headphone jack all but confirmed to have gone the way of the dinosaur, the new iPad mini is also expected to drop the staple output jack.

As a tradeoff, however, the iPad mini will likely be thinner than ever – many are expecting it to come in at just 5mm, significantly thinner than its predecessor's 6.1mm thickness. Other than that, there's little to expect other than a modernized processor, probably the A9, and iOS 10 out of the box.

We'll all find out for sure next month during Apple's September event.