Nov 10, 2017

Apple continues to gain amidst global decline in tablet market

The decline in the tablet market goes unabated. As per IDC, overall shipment of tablets has declined by 5.4 percent in Q3 2017, albeit the top vendors witnessed growth. Apple once again rules the roost by moving 10.3 million units out of the total 40 million shipments. A total of 42.3 million tablets were shipped globally in the third quarter of 2016.

Tablets are fast falling off the radar as the demand for smartphones with bigger display size has increased over the years. And unsurprisingly, 2017 is no different. The fresh report suggests that the global shipment of tablets in Q3 2017 has further declined. This is the 12th consecutive quarterly decline over the years.

As per International Data Center (IDC), the total shipment of the tablets in the global market for the third quarter of 2017 stood at 40 million as against 42.3 million tablets shipped in the same period last year. Although the tablet market posted a 5.4 percent decline, interestingly enough, the five top manufacturers have posted their growth in Q3 2017.

Samsung shipped 6 million units, accounting for 15 percent share while Amazon shipped 4.4 million tablets securing 10.9 percent share. Huawei and Lenovo moved 3 million units each. But it is Apple which emerged on the top with selling 10.3 million tablets and grabbing a 25.8 percent share in the total tablet shipment for Q3 2017 across all the manufacturers.

Compared to Q3 2016, Amazon has registered a huge 38.7 percent growth in Q3 2017 thanks to its focus on popularizing low-cost hardware such as Fire 7.

Since the top companies have seen significant growth it is obvious that the rest of the manufacturers have fared poorly in Q3 2017 to pull down the total shipment. All the other companies had sold tablets close to 18.1 million in Q3 last year, but in Q3 this year they have only managed to move 13.3 million tablets against a total of 40 million shipments.

Overall, the prospect of the tablet market doesn't seem to be optimistic as it continues to struggle in acquiring new users at a pace at which the existing users are leaving. Challenged by the growing demands of smartphones and PCs, the tablet market may be waiting for a radical innovation, mostly in terms of the design form, if not tech, to bounce back.