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Dec 1, 2020

Top 10 Best Refrigerators in the Philippines 2021

Planning to upgrade your fridge? Here are the country's best refrigerators, plus a definitive guide to choosing the right one in the market.

Times have truly changed when it comes to the process of buying refrigerators. Gone are the days when fridges were once thought of as boxy and straightforward appliances in the kitchen that you can often choose, like toggling between having a sunny side up egg or a scrambled one.

Today, choosing one is almost similar to purchasing a car or a house, where everything can be quite challenging when one isn't equipped with the right know-how.

For instance, there's a growing focus on the smart home, forcing manufacturers such as GE, Whirlpool, and even Samsung to get more creative and inventive relative to the much-needed features.

As it stands, today's regular shoppers are faced with an ever-increasing slew of color and style options, alongside designs that could make or break your home's space and overall aesthetics. Meanwhile, choosing an icebox could turn into a make-or-break decision.

The reinvention of refrigerators nowadays also ushered in an abundance of new variants to choose from, which is also as overwhelming as time-consuming.

Thankfully, these worries are now a thing of the past as we've come up with only the best guide you can get. We've not only narrowed down the most popular ones at the moment but also categorized them accordingly.

Finally, the guide we mean to provide is just as necessary, especially if your goal is to find the best one in the bunch.

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Types of Refrigerators

The local market today has four major choices to choose from in terms of style. Figuring out which one fits your needs is the first step that you have to make.

1. Top-freezer: Easily the most accessible out of the four is the top-freezer refrigerator. This type is ideal for bargain shoppers who aren't looking to impress upon "gadgetry" in their kitchen or anything too flashy.

2. Bottom-freezer: On the other hand, bottom-freezer refrigerators are for those who want to own one with slightly-easier access to their fresh foods.

3. Side-by-side: There are also side-by-side refrigerators. These units split the fridge right down the middle, with frozen foods on the left and fresh foods on the other side. While some market versions offer equal real estate for both sections, others feature an extra allocation for the fridge.

Side-by-side refrigerators are mostly for consumers who own narrow kitchens as they don't need much clearance to open their doors.

4. French-door: Probably the most sought-after type in the segment is the French-door refrigerators. They combine the drawer-style freezer offering of the bottom-freezer variety, while the side-by-side type's low clearance doors are also featured.

Consequently, users will have a full-width, double-door fridge experience with French-door fridges.


When it comes to choosing refrigerators relative to their size, bigger doesn't necessarily equate better.

As a rule of thumb, homeowners are encouraged with 4 to 6 cubic feet of refrigerator space per adult in their household, alongside an extra contingency room.

Full-sized refrigerators range from 10 to 32 cubic feet, this indicates that a family of four might not want anything that's less than 20 cubic feet. A roomier one is usually recommended.

The biggest limiting factor in this regard is the real estate in your kitchen. Without going for the obvious, it's a must that you measure its width, height, and depth before shopping around.

It is also essential to understand that a bigger fridge also means a higher energy bill; with this in consideration, be extra cautious when dealing with space that you aren't going to need in the long run.

If you happen to be on the lookout on the small side of refrigerators, you can either stick with a top or bottom freezer. Beyond these, you might be left with alternatives that could be genuinely overkill, especially if your kitchen is incredibly cramped.

Here are the capacity ranges of refrigerators:

  • Top freezers: 14.5 – 24.0 cubic feet
  • Bottom freezers: 19.0 – 24.9 cubic feet
  • Side-by-side: 20.0 – 29.0 cubic feet
  • French doors: 18.0 – 32.0 cubic feet
  • Compact: 9.9 – 12.0 cubic feet

What is a Counter-depth Refrigerator?

Are you quite the stickler when it comes to alignment? If yes, then you might have probably heard of "counter-depth" refrigerators. These are designed to complement the edges of your countertops, with the appliance's door the only element that sticks out.

A few things about counter-depth refrigerators, though. As these fridges shave a few inches off their front, they are rendered slightly less spacious than their normal-sized counterparts.

Key Features to Look For

Before you start picking the right model, you should first understand two basic types of features on a refrigerator. The first is about the defrost mechanism on a refrigerator. Most budget-oriented refrigerators don't come with an automatic defrost system. This means that you will need to defrost and clean the refrigerator from time to time or else the air circulation will fail to work properly.

The second basic feature you should remember is the "inverter." Similar to air conditioners, refrigerators with an inverter is more efficient in power delivery as well as power consumption. The only downside is that inverter-equipped refrigerators are pricier than those with non.

To say that refrigerators now are inundated with innovative features is correct. Today, these appliances are more than just your regular egg holder and butter bin.

But as they now come with an array of features, finding the right ones that you need can be quite challenging. This begs the question: which ones are worth looking for?

The very first thing in picking the right refrigerator for you is by determining the things that you'd mostly cook or eat. When you do, then think of the features that take good care of these things. Are you the type who harbors fresh ingredients on hand? Do you tend to live off frozen leftovers? Questions such as these matter.

Storage space. This feature is one to look out for when you're constantly rearranging stuff in your fridge due to a lack of space. Fridges with shelves that slide in or fold up should come in handy to make room for taller items. The same can be said with a door-in-a-door feature, which should transform your in-door shelves into a makeshift mini-fridge for condiments or even beverages.

Water or Ice dispenser. While still practically a trend, this feature has become increasingly necessary for on-the-go consumers.

On the other hand, refrigerators with built-in Wi-Fi and touchscreens are also necessary for those who have a smart hub in their homes.

While we're talking about smart hubs, talking about the need to own smart refrigerators comes to mind. If you feel like affordability is something you cannot disregard, this nifty feature is one you can let go of. But for consumers who are already getting "smarter" than ever, smart fridges do a lot of cool stuff. And we mean cool. Energy monitoring is, without a doubt, one of its efficient features. These fridges can automatically schedule costly defrost cycles. This scheduling can be beneficial when energy rates are at their lowest. Smart multitasking is also a feature that inherently comes with these refrigerators. Some of the features enable users to start heating the water remotely via their smartphones. Of course, voice control is also one that begs attention in refrigerators with smart capabilities. Samsung and LG, for one, have already incorporated voice control in their flagship iterations.

Fridge cameras are also a thing. With these, users can check what's inside remotely, right from their capable devices.

Best Overall/Daily Refrigerators

1. Panasonic NR-F603GT-XP

The six-door refrigerator Panasonic NR-F603GT-XP is the cold storage box that keeps on giving.

Its standout feature is the Prime Fresh Freezing, which keeps meat and fish fresh for seven days. This is quite unlike regular freezing as it doesn't damage cells, so the flavor and nutrients last longer.

The Panasonic NR-F603GT-XP is also equipped with the in-house nanoe X. These are nano-sized ions generated from the air's moisture, containing 4.8 trillion molecules called OH radicals, which eliminate bacteria effectively.

The Panasonic NR-F603GT-XP also features two moisture control filters that maintain the freshness of vegetables and fruits longer, thanks to its humidity level's automatic adjustment to approximately 90%.

Other key features of the Panasonic NR-F603GT-XP are its automatic ice maker, fully-extendable vegetable and freezer drawers, 24/7 intelligent energy savings, and a full-flat glass design with an electrostatic touch panel.

Panasonic NR-F603GT-XP Key Specifications

TypeMulti Door
Dimensions685 x 745 x 1828 mm (WxHxD)
Weight114 kg
Capacity (Total)488 L
Freezer77 L
Refrigerator301 L
Feature・6-door Refrigerator ・Soft freezing. No defrosting ・PrimeFresh Freezing ・Econavi ・Nanoex ・99.99% Bacteria Elimination ・Double Moisture Control Filters ・Automatic Ice Maker ・Full-flat Glass Design ・Electrostatic Touch Panel

2. Samsung RF85R92K37F/TC

The star of the Samsung RF85R92K37F/TC's show is the FlexZone inclusion, a customized cooling feature that stores different foods and drinks at an optimal temperature.

The independently-controlled compartment has four pre-set temperature settings, perfect for preserving meat and fish, along with deli foods. Alternatively, you can also chill wine and cold beverages here.

Next up is the Samsung RF85R92K37F/TC's Triple Cooling System. The feature preserves the natural flavor and aroma of food. This is made possible by the independent controls of the temperature and humidity in three compartments of the fridge; there's also a Metal Cooling plate which retains the cold and helps keep the compartment cool.

The Samsung RF85R92K37F/TC also has Wi-Fi and a slim icemaker.

Samsung RF85R92K37F/TC Key Specifications

TypeFrench Door
Dimensions908 x 1825 x 898 mm (WxHxD)
Weight149 kg
Capacity (Total)823 L
Freezer300 L
Refrigerator523 L
Feature・Triple and Metal Cooling ・Flexzone ・Smartthings App and WiFi Capable ・Digital Inverter Compressor ・Food ShowCase Door ・Slim Icemaker ・Flat Door & Handle (Horizontal) Design


Don't have time to open fridge doors? No biggies. The LG GR-Q24FTKHL boasts InstaView Door-in-Door that features a mirror glass panel, which illuminates with two quick knocks to look into the content of your fridge without ever opening the door. With this in tow, a reduction of cold air loss is also to be expected.

The LG GR-Q24FTKHL also features FreshBalancer, Utility Box, Moist Balance Crisper, and Hygiene Fresh, which removes bacteria and minimizes bad odor.

LG GR-Q24FTKHL Key Specifications

TypeFrench Door
Dimensions912 x 1797 x 753 mm (WxHxD)
Capacity (Total)733.4 L (25.9 cu.ft.)
Feature・Black Stainless Steel ・InstaView Door-in-Door ・Inverter Linear Compressor ・Fold-Away Tray ・Smart Diagnosis System ・Full Wine Rack ・Utility Box ・FRESHBalancer ・99.999% Fresh Air ・Smart ThinQ

Best Refrigerators with Unique Features


The LG GR-X247CSAV sports LG's Inverter Linear Compressor, which revolutionizes the core of refrigeration. It provides up to 32% in energy savings, with top-tier durability and optimal temperature control.

Like the previous entry, the LG GR-X247CSAV also has the innovative InstaView Door-in-Door feature. Another highlight is the SpacePlus Ice System, a door-mounted slim ice maker which provides more storage space in your freezer.

The LG GR-X247CSAV also packs LG's Smart ThinQ. The feature enables users to control and diagnose the refrigerator using their smartphones.

LG GR-X247CSAV Key Specifications

TypeSide By Side
Dimensions912 x 1790 x 738 (WxHxD)
Capacity (Total)675 L
Feature・Inverter Linear Compressor ・InstaView Door-in-Door ・Hygiene Fresh+ ・Water and Ice Dispenser ・Non Plumbing ・Smart Diagnosis ・SpacePlus Ice System ・Full Wine Rack ・FRESH Balancer ・Moist Balance Crisper ・Smart ThinQ

2. Samsung RS64T5F01B4/TC

Samsung's premier side-by-side iteration is noted for being the company's first smart refrigerator. This is all made easy by incorporating the Smart Things App, which controls smart appliances and devices.

The Samsung RS64T5F01B4/TC also features Recipes and Meal Planner, which ultimately helps you with food management. There's also the Family Board feature, which allows users to share and experience family moments.

The Samsung RS64T5F01B4/TC is also equipped with Spacemax Technology. It has a digital inverter compressor as well.

Other crucial features of the Samsung RS64T5F01B4/TC are SmartView, Bluetooth call capability, Internet, TuneIn and Spotify, and Morning Brief.

Samsung RS64T5F01B4/TC Key Specifications

TypeSide By Side
Dimensions912 x 1780 x 716 mm (WxHxD)
Weight116 kg
Capacity (Total)595 L
Freezer393 L
Refrigerator202 L
Feature・Smart Refrigerator ・Control smart appliances and devices with Smart Things App ・Manage your food with Recipes & Meal Planner ・Share and enjoy family moments with FamilyBoard ・2 door refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser ・Family Hub ・Spacemax Technology ・Digital Inverter Compressor

3. Sharp SJ-FTW23BVP-BK/WH

The five-door-toting Sharp SJ-FTW23BVP-BK/WH is of French-door variety, which boasts 26.8 cubic feet of space.

Its main attraction is its Plasmacluster Ion Technology. An air purification technology developed by Sharp, the feature can disable airborne microorganisms via the generation of both positive and negative ions.

Other nifty features of the Sharp SJ-FTW23BVP-BK/WH are ActiFresh Hybrid Cooling System, Automatic Ice Maker, Tempered Glass Shelves and Door, Touch Control Panel, and FREX Room.

It has a J-Tech inverter technology and supports wide voltage.

Sharp SJ-FTW23BVP-BK/WH Key Specifications

TypeFrench Door
Capacity (Total)650 L (Net)
Freezer179 L (Net)
Refrigerator423 L (Net)
Feature・5-Door Refrigerator ・J-tech inverter ・Karakuri Water Dispenser ・FREX Room ・Wide voltage support ・Plasmacluster Ion Technology ・ActiFresh Hybrid Cooling System ・Extra Cool ・Express Freezing ・Express Cool ・Ag+Cu Nano Deodorizer ・Automatic Ice Maker ・Tempered Glass Shelves ・Tempered Glass Door ・Touch Control Panel ・7 Shields Protection

Best Affordable/Practical Refrigerators

1. Whirlpool 6WBN 858 SV

For its price, the Whirlpool 6WBN 858 SV is a steal. Its voluminous space is only equaled by its tons of features.

These include its 6th Sense Technology, which automatically senses the room temperature, adapting and controlling the appliance's AC compressor performance, which ultimately delivers optimum cooling. It also has Microblock Technology that ensures that your food remains fresh and safe from microbes.

The Whirlpool 6WBN 858 SV also features Twin Cooling Gel, Air Tower Cooling, FreshFlow Flexi Vents, and Freshonizer.

Whirlpool 6WBN 858 SV Key Specifications

TypeTop Freezer
Dimensions58.75 x 22.4 x 26.06 inches (HxWxD)
Capacity (Total)241 L (8.5 cu. ft.)
Feature・6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology ・P7.12 Meralco Power Lab Result ・R600a Refrigerant ・Twin Cooling Gel ・Freshflow Air Tower Cooling ・Flexi-Vents ・Microblock Technology ・Active Deo ・Freshonizer Ionizing Technology

2. Samsung RT29K5032UT/TC

With its accompanying crucial perks, one might say that the Samsung RT29K5032UT/TC is king, especially in its price range.

At the helm of these features is Samsung's Twin Cooling Plus, a technology that controls the refrigerator and freezer independently with two separate evaporators and precise electronic control. The feature also maintains the desired temperature.

The Samsung RT29K5032UT/TC also doesn't come with frost, has tempered glass shelves, interior LED light, a twist ice maker, and a digital inverter compressor.

Samsung RT29K5032UT/TC Key Specifications

TypeTop Freezer
Dimensions600 x 1635 x 672 mm (whd)
Weight58 kg
Capacity (Total)300 L (Net)
Freezer72 L
Refrigerator228 L
Feature・Twin Cooling Plus ・Smart Conversion ・Cool Pack ・Digital Inverter Compressor ・R-600a

3. Fujidenzo IBM-12 SS

This slick piece of technology, the Fujidenzo IBM-12 SS, has a textured, rust-and-stain-resistant body and an energy-efficient inverter compressor.

The 12 cu. ft. HD inverter refrigerator from the budget-friendly brand has three bottom freezer drawers and double fresh zone drawers. It also has spill-proof tempered glass shelves and a no-frost freezer.

The Fujidenzo IBM-12 SS also features a recessed handle, a reversible door, an ice tray and ice cube container, an independent temperature control, and ECO-led lights.

Fujidenzo IBM-12 SS Key Specifications

TypeBottom Freezer
Dimensions188 x 60 x 63 cm (WxHxD)
Capacity (Total)339.82 L (12 cu. ft)
Feature・HD Inverter Bottom Mount Ref ・Energy Efficient Inverter Compressor ・3 Bottom freezer drawers ・Double Fresh zone drawers (Ref Crisper) ・Independent Temparature Control ・No-Frost ・ECO-Led Lights ・Spill-Proof Tempered Glass Shelves ・Recessed Handle ・Reversible Door ・Textured Body (Rust and Stain Resistant) ・Ice tray and Ice cube Container


When looking for the right refrigerator nowadays, it's recommended that you prompt yourself with the question: "do I need this in my kitchen?"

This especially rings true as most manufacturers are now doing their utter best to tempt you with all the bells and whistles in the competition. If you feel like you do, then the entries under the first two categories should suit you just fine.

Otherwise, the practical alternatives we've collated should be more than enough.

Spec Comparison

Model Panasonic NR-F603GT-XP Panasonic NR-F603GT-XP Samsung RF85R92K37F/TC Samsung RF85R92K37F/TC LG GR-Q24FTKHL LG GR-Q24FTKHL LG GR-X247CSAV LG GR-X247CSAV Samsung RS64T5F01B4/TC Samsung RS64T5F01B4/TC Sharp SJ-FTW23BVP-BK/WH Sharp SJ-FTW23BVP-BK/WH Whirlpool 6WBN 858 SV Whirlpool 6WBN 858 SV Samsung RT29K5032UT/TC Samsung RT29K5032UT/TC Fujidenzo IBM-12 SS Fujidenzo IBM-12 SS
Check at
Lowest Price P136,999 P108,599 P152,695 P112,500 P32,900 P123,999 P18,298 P22,000 P24,095
Type Multi Door French Door French Door Side By Side Side By Side French Door Top Freezer Top Freezer Bottom Freezer
Dimensions 685 x 745 x 1828 mm (WxHxD) 908 x 1825 x 898 mm (WxHxD) 912 x 1797 x 753 mm (WxHxD) 912 x 1790 x 738 (WxHxD) 912 x 1780 x 716 mm (WxHxD) - 58.75 x 22.4 x 26.06 inches (HxWxD) 600 x 1635 x 672 mm (whd) 188 x 60 x 63 cm (WxHxD)
Weight 114 kg 149 kg - - 116 kg - - 58 kg -
Capacity (Total) 488 L 823 L 733.4 L (25.9 cu.ft.) 675 L 595 L 650 L (Net) 241 L (8.5 cu. ft.) 300 L (Net) 339.82 L (12 cu. ft)
Freezer 77 L 300 L - - 393 L 179 L (Net) - 72 L -
Refrigerator 301 L 523 L - - 202 L 423 L (Net) - 228 L -
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