Jan 17, 2017

Samsung's latest lineup of fridges features voice recognition technology

Samsung's latest lineup of smart refrigerators were just launched at the CES 2017 event. The new collection is called "Family Hub 2.0" and features voice recognition technology.

Considering that AI-driven appliances are getting more popular nowadays, Samsung made sure to release another lineup of smart refrigerators at the CES. Last year, the company launched the Family Hub fridge which proved to be a big hit with a large touchscreen and cameras inside to make monitoring easier. At the recently-finished CES event, their latest lineup of refrigerators called the "Family Hub 2.0" was introduced. The collection has 10 models, and all can be controlled using just voice recognition software.

LG has their own version as well and it features Amazon Alexa. Both refrigerators can do tasks without the need to touch the screen and manually operate the appliance. Having a hands-free fridge makes sense, considering that the kitchen is often a dirty place.

Samsung's fridge offers convenience to the user by enabling a hands-free access to the grocery list or shopping cart in InstaCart. You can add items immediately to the list and check out just by using voice commands. You can make the fridge dictate the recipes for you and leave notes for other family members like the traditional refrigerator. However, all the functions of the usual fridge are now put to the next level; the smart way. One of the latest updates of this new fridge from Samsung is the ability to create profiles for each member in the family by using avatars or personal pictures. After instituting a recognizable profile in the refrigerator, the family members can post messages, share photos and calendars for others to see.

Samsung said in a statement that voice recognition technology, like the one integrated into their smart fridge, will play an important role in all of their to-be-released units in 2017. We can expect to see more smart appliances from Samsung that operate through voice commands this year.