May 31, 2016

Xiaomi launches first ever drone on a live-stream on May 25th

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, has launched its first drone ever on May 25, 2016. It was shown on a live-stream at Xiaomi's website,, that only proves that Xiaomi is tapping to build and develop all of technology's latest trends.

Aside from manufacturing smartphones, Xiaomi has decided to add a new device to its line-up; a drone. They have created a teaser saying, "something wonderful and cool is flying to us very soon," which made everyone eager of the launch.

There has been an official forum posting on what the quadcopter looks like. The forum post is titled "Mi Drone" which gives us a clue or the answer of what the device will be called.
The drone is said to deliver 4K video capabilities at 30fps and a quadcopter control from connected wristband.

Xiaomi is not focusing only on the launch of the drone but they have also revealed another smartphone for the month of May which is the Mi Max smartphone.
Xiaomi has been turning competitive these days and start to tap and create every type of device that its competitors have. It was also mentioned at the Google I/O that Xiaomi will be working on a VR phone that will support the new Android Daydream virtual reality technology. It seems to be a pretty cool invention if pursued.

For the price of the drone, we have no news yet but according to sources it could possibly be the first truly affordable UAV in the market. As of now, these are the only information that we have for the drone, soon we will be able to see it flying in stores.