Nov 22, 2017

Here are the Top 10 Best Gadgets of 2017

As we are nearing the year's end, let's look back at the Top 10 Best Gadgets of 2017, according to the TIME Magazine. Would you agree with the list?

2017 proved to be a year for new product innovations, state-of-the-art technologies, refreshed hardware design and improved software performance brought by the tech giants including Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft. It is the year of the voice-activated assistants such as Alexa, which is present in various devices including the Amazon Echo. Bezel-less smartphones with dual-camera setups on board such as the iPhone X also flooded the market this year. This is also the time where game quality became the console makers' primary concern such as what Nintendo did with the Switch. Now, 2017 is about to come to a close. As we are nearing its end, let us look back at some of the best gadgets, according to TIME Magazine, which got unveiled this year.

10. Sony α7R III

The α7R III, considered as one of the best mirrorless cameras ever made, can shoot twice the resolution of the A9 and has an autofocus that's twice as fast as the A7R II. Please note, though, that the camera costs cheaper than the Alpha A9. It will surely impress the camera enthusiasts out there.

9. Apple Watch Series 3

Did you leave your phone at home? That is not a problem with the Apple Watch Series 3. Since the smartwatch supports LTE, you can still receive texts and calls on your wrist. It also sports a faster processor and a new barometric altimeter, which might convince skeptics to consider purchasing an Apple Watch 3.

8. Xbox One X

If you want an eye-popping gaming performance but don't have enough money to blow on a high-end gaming PC, you might want to resort to the Xbox One X. Microsoft filled its latest console with six teraflops and a 4K gaming support, fulfilling the needs of a gamer.

7. Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

The Amazon Echo is an Alexa-controlled smart speaker which debuted back in 2014. The second-generation Echo comes with a shorter and more attractive build than the first one. It also arrives with an improved speaker that includes a woofer and a tweeter.

6. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic

Catering to the gamers' nostalgia, the SNES Classic comes with the iconic gray and purple gaming machine pre-loaded with the games such as Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Donkey Kong Country, and Star Fox, sending you back to the 1990s.

5. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung's Galaxy S8 looks gorgeous in its nearly-borderless, slightly curved Infinity display. It is also one of the first phones sporting an OLED panel which offers brighter colors. Also, it is one of the most attractive smartphones to date.

4. DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is a palm-sized drone which you can control just by using your hand or arm. It can fly higher or lower, depending on how you maneuver it. Tap the button located on the back of the drone twice and it will take off from your hand. Say goodbye to remote control drones.

3. Microsoft Surface Laptop

It is not a tablet-notebook hybrid, but Microsoft's first-ever real laptop. Well, the Surface Laptop packs an elegant and lightweight design, sharp screen, and long-lasting battery which give you a faster performance and better security. It is a solid choice for those consumers who want a Windows-toting computer.

2. Apple iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X is undeniably one of the best smartphones of all time. It comes with an edge-to-edge display with a small notch on the top center, housing the FaceID sensor responsible for the facial recognition system that it offers. Complete with a high-quality dual camera setup and long-lasting battery life, the iPhone X is a top pick.

1. Nintendo Switch

With the Nintendo Switch, you don't have to choose between gaming in front of the television and going out while still finishing your game. The Switch, designed for both at-home and on-the-go entertainment, consists of a 6.2-inch tablet with side slots for attaching Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers which turns it into a handheld video game machine. If you are at home and you want to play the traditional way, you can slide the controllers into a dock that connects to your TV.

Do you agree with the TIME magazine's top 10 best gadgets list?