Dec 7, 2017

Facebook may soon ask for your selfie to verify you

In an attempt to bolster the security of the users, Facebook is likely to introduce a new verification method which will ask the users to upload their selfies instead of their passwords. Facebook says this new method will safeguard from the suspicious activities on Facebook. It is not clear when this new feature will be implemented globally.

Facebook may soon replace its traditional authentication method of entering a password with image identification, say by uploading a selfie of the users, though it is not clear when this new method of verification will finally be rolled out.

However, many have complained of receiving prompts from Facebook asking them to upload a photo showing their clear face. The world's largest social media platform promises that it would delete the photo from its server for good after the authentication process. In some of the cases, accounts have already been locked out in a request for a photo to authenticate the genuine users.

Shedding some light on this confusing development, a top representative of Facebook has clarified to Wired that, the new method will, " us catch suspicious activity at various points of interaction on the site, including creating an account, sending a friend request and setting up ad payments and creating or editing ads."

With regards to "suspicious activity", the representative didn't say what it entails, but presumably, it could be for those accounts which show different nations in location for too many frequent posts or else it could also be simple fake logging from anywhere else. The company is not divulging much in this regard so as to protect the new system from being manipulated by the hackers in advance.

Facebook says the detection of the suspicious activities as well as the photo identification will be automated. The photo uploaded by the users should be a unique one, however. The representative also said, "The photo test is one of several methods, both automated and manual, used to detect suspicious activity."

It isn't clear how long this new technology has been tested, but some users on Reddit have revealed that they have been receiving prompts about this new feature since as early as April.

The Face recognition technology has lately been much in vogue. Apple also adopted this new feature with its iPhone X. But as of now, it is not clear when exactly Facebook will roll out this feature globally nor is known if it will be intended for only the suspected users or for all. Hopefully, further details will leak out soon. Of course, we'll keep our ears to the ground. You, stay tuned for the latest update in this regard.