Feb 22, 2021

nubia Red Magic 6 to Launch on March 4

nubia's upcoming gaming-oriented smartphone is headed to go toe to toe with the realme GT 5G on the said announcement date.

Less than two weeks after the nubia Red Magic 6's promotional video on its improved fan cooling feature was leaked to the wild, the smartphone's announcement date is now finally unveiled.

According to nubia's VP Ni Fe, the nubia Red Magic 6 is already en route to launch on March 4 in China. Interestingly, the gaming-centric phone will also be arriving on the same day the realme GT 5G will get announced.

nubia Red Magic 6: Rumored features and specifications

(Image credit: weibo.com)

In one of his latest Weibo posts, Fei revealed that the nubia Red Magic 6 would be coming with the "four fastest technologies." These technologies were represented by the four icons below a racing car – all of which were shown on the accompanying poster. As per tech sleuths, these icons are speculated to be the phone's HRR screen, fast charging, improved touch response alongside a cooling fan.

In January 2021, nubia also teased that the Red Magic 6 would be arriving with a large 4,500mAh battery, with support for a whopping 120W fast wired charging. Subsequently, it was confirmed that the set of charging features would be launching with the handset's Pro variant. The default Red Magic 6 would be charging at up to 66W accordingly.

Talking about the nubia Red Magic 6's cooling fans, the said promo video, which was released earlier this month, revealed that the device would be flaunting a "strengthened" one. Nubia, however, did not get into the nitty-gritty of the upgraded fans.

Nubia Red Magic 6 Gaming Phone Nine-axis Spatial Positioning and Floating Movement

Nevertheless, Fei added that the nubia Red Magic 6 would be bringing a nine-axis spatial sensor tasked to track the handset's movement in varying directions.

A video of the tipped nine-axis tracker was also showcased, unveiling a phone that literally floats in the air, making the phone all the more advanced-looking relative to this feature.

The same cooling fan was also rumored to aid with the nubia Red Magic 6's ability to cool during charging, which should also enable either the 120W or 66W support for fast wired charging.

We're still less than two weeks before the inevitable announcement of the nubia Red Magic 6. Expect more of its key features, gaming or otherwise, to pop up on the horizon. We're sure nubia still has many tricks up its sleeve, ones that are guaranteed to shake things up in the already competitive mobile gaming niche.

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