Jan 5, 2015

SANWA cassette player supports microSD card

SANWA Supply Inc. started to launch "400-MEDI013" through the direct sales site "Samwa Direct". It is a kind of translator from the cassette to the MP3. This player supports microSD card as well and it is able to translate the audio source which recorded in the cassette to the MP3 data.

walkman 1

walkman 2

walkman 3

To translate the audio source of the cassette tape to the MP3 data, it is able to protect the degradation of the sound source.
It supports to the microSD card so that you can enjoy the data with your PC, MP3 or smartphone.
And it features AUX port, which is able to translate from the TV, radio and MD player that supports AUX as well. Moreover, it perceived the part of silent and it divides the music by itself.
Just put the microSD card into the body and set up under 90 min cassette tape, and then press the play button and press again the record button when you want to record.
When you want to finish the recording, just press the record button again so the MP3 file will be saved in the microSD card.
Other than that, it supports two AA cell batteries or USB adapter. The dimension is 113(w)x82(H)x32(D)mm. The weight is 186g. It gets USB cable(79cm) and earphone.

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