Best Automatic Scooters Under P100k in the Philippines 2020 - 2021

Twist-and-go, fuel-efficient, comfortable to ride- what's not to love about automatic scooters? If you're an enthusiast, or in the market for one, then check out our list of affordable but highly capable automatic scooters in the Philippines.

It is easy to understand why automatic scooters have taken the Philippines by storm. They are nimble. They are easy to ride. They are low maintenance. They are relatively cheaper than most motorcycles. And they are adorable―well, at least to a good number of enthusiasts. So, yes, automatic scooters may not have the seriousness and bearing of motorcycles and automobiles, but in a country like the Philippines, there's really no better way to get to the grocery, the nearest fast-food restaurant, the mall, or to your friend's or relative's house in just a few minutes. Moreover, nothing beats the scooter when it comes to grappling with bad traffic in the metro.

Automatic scooters are often the choice of many Filipino riders who aren't really looking at a roll in the fast lane. With smaller wheels and a shorter wheelbase, scooters are easier and safer to maneuver than standard motorcycles at slow speeds, but less safe at fast speeds.

Scooters are also generally more comfortable to ride because of the more upright riding position that they provide, compared to most standard motorcycles' forward-leaning position. This makes them ideal for regular urban commuting. They also generally are more suited to running errands with their low seat height, which makes it easy to put your feet down when caught in tight traffic; floorboards, on which you can put down your backpack, grocery bag or whatnots; and under-seat compartments where you can store your valuables, helmet and other items. The most modern scooters even come with USB ports and sockets to ensure your smart devices do not run out of juice.

Like most motorcycles, parking is a breeze for scooters, and if you get lucky, you may even find a legal, no-parking-fee spot somewhere on the side of the road.

Best of all, it's easy to operate, even for first-time riders. No clutch-fumbling―just insert and turn the key, twist the throttle and you're off.

With all these characteristics, what's not to love about scooters? And if we already got you convinced, check out these top 10 automatic scooters on offer in the Philippines. We, at, have compiled some information on these cool scooter models, along with their latest price tags, to help you plan and make a wise purchase. Read on!

Best Automatic Scooters Under P100k in the Philippines 2020

10. KYMCO Super 8 150


  • Has sharp styling
  • Gives decent performance
  • Offers a comfortable ride
  • Has a low MSRP


  • Instrument panel is still analog
  • Drum brake is used at the rear
  • Could benefit from tech upgrades

Among KYMCO Philippines' local scooter lineup, the KYMCO Super 8 150 is surprisingly affordable, making it competitive in the mass market of the Philippines' scooter segment, widely dominated by Japanese motorcycle makers. In the US and Canada, the Super 8 used to be KYMCO's flagship sports scooter, which was later on replaced by the Super 8X and Super 8R. Here, the scooter still bears the Super 8 nameplate and is as sporty as it could be. With its attractive and distinctive design, as well as modern features, the Super 8 150 E3 offers a good deal for a scooter package that comes with only PHP 76,000 standard retail price (SRP).

The KYMCO Super 8 150 E3 looks good with all its edgy, sporty styling and sleek color shades of Green, Gray or Blue. This two-seater can effectively wriggle its way through the metro streets, with its dimensions of 2,030mm length, 745mm width, and 1,340mm wheelbase. On its large, proud- and bold-looking front fascia is a huge V-shaped headlight with indicator lights. Its aggressive stance is heightened by the big, wide two-split saddle under which is a decent-capacity compartment for storing a helmet and personal belongings. A grab bar is attached beneath the rear side of the saddle on which a rear carrier can be mounted.

An analog instrument panel displays essential riding meters such as the odometer, speedometer, tripmeter and fuel gauge.

At the heart of the KYMCO Super 8 150 E3 scooter is a 149.4cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled SOHC gasoline engine that can deliver a maximum output of 10.45hp at 7,500rpm and 10.7Nm of torque at 5,500rpm, attached to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

This small-sized Super 8 150 has telescopic forks in front and dual swing on the rear for its suspension layout. Braking power is good with the scooter's front disc brake and rear drum brake.

There's only one variant offered for this scooter, which is the KYMCO Super 8 150 E3 Regular version.

KYMCO Super 8 150

KYMCO Super 8 150

Lowest Price in the Philippines P76,000

9. Honda Genio


  • Chic modern-retro styling
  • Decent performance for a 110cc scooter
  • Good power to weight ratio
  • Agile handling


  • Lacks modern tech features
  • Rear drum brakes

"Girl power" could well be the theme that Honda had in mind when it launched the Honda Genio. The description for this popular scooter in Honda's Genio page hints that this stylish entry-level motorcycle is intended primarily for female riders and commuters.

Although Filipinas are the main target buyers, this chic scooter is also popular to other genders. This model is actually one of Honda's oldest entry-level motorcycles, and the much-needed facelift and new, advanced features and technology given to the current iteration delivers a more exciting appearance―bordering between retro and contemporary.

The Honda Genio is a 110cc displacement scooter, with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled fuel-injected engine that can deliver 9hp of maximum power and 9.3Nm of peak torque output. Considering its light wet weight at 85kg, performance is quite good versus most scooters of the same level. Of course, its 4.2L fuel tank capacity is not enough to support long road runs, only a quick drive in the metro.

Like most traditional and entry-level scooters, the Honda Genio has telescopic forks and mono-shock suspension setup in front and at the rear, respectively. Its power to weight ratio and its suspension setup contributes to its easy maneuverability. Stopping power is superior with disc brakes in front and drum brakes at the rear.

A nifty feature of the Honda Genio is its spacious under-seat storage, and the inner space at the front apron allows the rider to store their belongings. The classic scooter also boasts LED lamps, external fuel filler, charging for smart devices and a digital instrument display. Although there's no ABS, the scooter boasts safety features such as a side-stand kill switch and a secured key shutter apparatus.

The SRP of the Honda Genio in the country is PHP 72,900.

Honda Genio

Honda Genio

Lowest Price in the Philippines P73,550

8. KYMCO Super Z 150 8 Series


  • Decent output and torque
  • Nimble and smooth handling
  • Adequate storage
  • Comfortable ride quality


  • Lacks safety features
  • Rear drum brake
  • 4.6L full-tank capacity might be small for some

KYMCO Philippines' 150cc scooter offerings have surely made an impression on Filipino enthusiasts, with the KYMCO Super Z 150 8 Series also having gained popularity in the local scooter segment like its Super 8 sibling. It brings to the table a good mix of sportiness, comfort, connectivity and modern features.

Its exterior design is also eye-catching, bordering between elegance and athleticism. Its sufficiently sized apron, which houses a pair of sleek headlights, sit atop a mudguard for the radial tires wrapping its 14-inch front wheel. The front end of the KYMCO Super Z 150 8 Series blends seamlessly with the wide floorboard, up to the dual seat, and all the way to the rear, where a plain taillight, a grab rail, and turn indicators are properly placed. The fuel cap is located behind the apron.

The scoot's under-seat storage can accommodate a full-sized helmet and some small essentials. The instrument panel that shows the speedometer, trip meter and fuel gauge is still analog. Up front are two more compartments, with a hook for a helmet, a plastic or paper bag or the rider's bag. There's also a waterproof USB port for charging devices such as mobile phones. There's a nifty pass switch and an engine check warning signal as well.

Powering the KYMCO Super Z 150 8 Series is a CVT-connected 149.6cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled SOHC gasoline mill that churns out a ceiling power output of 10.8hp at 7,500rpm and highest torque of 10.8Nm at 6,250rpm. Power gets sent to the rear wheel. The fuel-injection feature of the engine allows for extra torque when caught in a bad traffic situation and when accelerating from the numerous start and stops that come with daily urban commuting.

The powerful engine of the Super Z 150 8 Series can effortlessly propel the scooter to run at a top speed of 100kmph, with a claimed mileage of 25kmpl.

Conventional telescopic front forks and a double swing rear make up the Super Z 150 8 Series' suspension layout, while front disc and rear drum brakes make up the bike's stopping system.

Built specifically for urban commuting, the KYMCO Super Z 150 is great for both city spins and long rides, especially with its wheelbase of 1,310mm and 114kg dry weight allowing for nimble handling.

The SRP of the KYMCO Super Z 150 is PHP 83,900.

KYMCO Super Z 150

KYMCO Super Z 150

Lowest Price in the Philippines P83,900

7. Suzuki Skydrive 125


  • Striking and athletic appeal
  • Refined engine
  • Decent mileage
  • Good security features


  • Still-analog instrument cluster
  • Could benefit from some modern tech

The Suzuki Skydrive 125 is among the Japanese motorcycle maker's well-liked scooter that comes with a beautiful profile and good aerodynamics. There are two variants of the Suzuki Skydrive scooter in the local market with each being marketed differently. The Skydrive Sport is promoted as more of a trendy, fashionable scooter, and has an SRP of PHP 67,900, while the Skydrive 125 Fi is seen to be the one that offers a more reliable, upgraded ride around the metro and priced a bit higher at PHP 78,900. While the stylish and fashionable Skydrive Sport looks almost exactly like the Skydrive 125 Fi, the former is 11cc smaller than the latter.

The key features of the Skydrive Sport and 125 Fi include a key shutter and a dual front rack that's ready to carry its rider's belongings. Unique to the 125 Fi is a headlight with five lights for visual impact, while the Sport proudly blinks with a headlight that borrowed styling cues from its bigger Suzuki GSX-R150 sibling.

The Suzuki Skydrive 125 Fi boasts a 4-stroke, twin-valve, single-cylinder, air-cooled and fuel-injected SOHC mill mated to a CVT. This engine can churn 9hp of maximum power at 7,500rpm and a peak torque of 9.5Nm at 6,500rpm. It has a 4L tank capacity and has a single exhaust pipe. The Suzuki Skydrive Sport, on the other hand, also runs on a similar 4-stroke, 2-valve, one-cylinder air-cooled fuel-injected SOHC engine but with a 113cc motor. Output, however, is the same at 9hp, torque peaks at 8.5Nm and also paired with a CVT.

Both scooters have a kick and electric start option and a fully transistorized ignition system. They are highly stable with a front telescopic fork and rear swing arm suspension setup. Stopping power is ensured by front disc brakes and rear drums.

The front fascia of the Suzuki Skydrive is equipped with a multi-reflector, V-designed wide-angle halogen headlamp. It has a key lock feature as well as a pass switch for added security. However, its instrument panel is still analog, not digital.

The Suzuki Skydrive 125 Fi sells for PHP 78,900.

Suzuki Skydrive 125

Suzuki Skydrive 125

Lowest Price in the Philippines P70,900

6. Honda BeAT


  • Sleek, sharp, sporty styling
  • Agile handling
  • Tires have a good road grip
  • Decent and zippy performance for a 110cc scooter
  • Handful of modern technology
  • Fuel-efficient


  • Small-capacity under-seat storage space
  • Analog instrument panel

Early this year, before the COVID-19 pandemic reached the Philippines' shores, Honda Philippines was able to launch the 2020 model of the Honda BeAT 110. The all-new Honda BeAT remains an agile scooter that appeals to Filipinos regardless of age and gender. Its styling and design give it a nice appeal to Pinoy millennials though. Marketed by Honda as the lifestyle scooter, it now comes in three new stripe designs that are meant to be tailored to Filipino riders' varying preferences: Street, Fashion Sport and Premium. Complementing these styles are 9 vivid colors, which are variant dependent.

An attractively styled headlight and signal-light combination cluster, a wide step-board, a sharp taillight, brake and signal-light cluster, and tubeless tires complement the BeAT's trendy and colorful design and bodywork. A cool feature is the side-stand switch, which allows a rider to turn off the motorcycle instead of a manual turning off of the ignition key.

Despite its lightweight and small countenance, weighing only 90kg the Honda BeAT is equipped with modern features and advanced technology. Among these features are a Combi-Brake System (CBS), an Informative Digital Meter Panel with Eco-Indicator, Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) and an Idling Stop System (ISS).

Power-wise, the Honda BeAT's 110cc four-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder OHC engine can thump out 8.55hp at 7,500rpm and a maximum torque of 9Nm at 6,000rpm. This engine is paired to either an automatic gearbox or a V-Matic tranny. The scooter's ISS technology makes it fuel-efficient, covering an average of 63km per liter of gas only.

The standard retail price (SRP) of the Honda BeAT 110 FI Fashion Sport and Street variants―both equipped with STD tech―is PHP 66,900; the Premium trim, with CBS and ISS, is PHP 70,400.

Honda BeAT 110

Honda BeAT 110

Lowest Price in the Philippines P63,500

5. Honda CLICK 150i


  • Bold and beautiful design
  • Refined engine
  • Fully digital instrument panel
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Superior turning, cornering and maneuverability
  • Feature-packed


  • Limited-capacity under-seat storage
  • Seat height is a little high for Filipino riders of short stature
  • Thin tires

While most Filipinos would immediately think of the crowd-favorite and smaller Honda CLICK 125i, there's the sportier Honda CLICK 150i―from Honda's mid-variant automatic scooter lineup alongside the Honda PCX150―that can surely pack a punch.

The current iteration of the Honda CLICK 150i has a modern styling that commands attention, standing out with its LED dual Keen headlight and sporty muffler, with an aluminum end cap that's commonly found in big bikes. Its blinkers consist of a pair of deer antler-shaped LED headlights and position lights in front, LED taillights and LED turn signals at the rear. Adorning the scooter's body are 3D decals, which comes in a variety of neutral and vivid colors. The scooter's imposing good looks are said to be inspired by the Japanese motorcycle and automobile giant's NSX sports car.

The feature-packed Honda CLICK 150i is powered by a 150cc 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected SOHC engine with eSP technology to boost mileage. This PGM-FI mill can churn out an impressive output of 13hp at 8,500rpm and peak torque of 13Nm at 5,000rpm, and hooked to a CVT. Fuel economy is remarkable, driven by the Honda CLICK 150i's Idling Stop System (ISS), which automatically shuts off the engine when the scoot has been idle, in tandem with the Alternator Current Generator (ACG), which immediately wakes the scooter when it starts accelerating. These, and the eSP advantage, keep fuel consumption at an average of 52km per liter.

Uphill maneuvers are an easy task for CLICK 150i riders. Stopping power is carried out by the scooter's front disc brake and rear drum brake, supported by a Combi Brake System lock for an effective, and quick hard braking.

What makes the Honda CLICK 150i stand out even more is its host of tech features, some of which are found on the bigger and more expensive maxi scooters. There's the nifty answer-back system, which is most beneficial to riders who often forget where they parked, Honda's proprietary Smart Key that allows for a keyless ignition, an anti-theft alarm system and a fully digital instrument panel.

With an official price of PHP 98,900, the Honda CLICK 150i offers a good bang for the buck.

Honda CLICK 150i

Honda CLICK 150i

Lowest Price in the Philippines P91,900

4. Yamaha Mio Soul i 125


  • Very good power-to-weight ratio
  • Stylish, sharp design
  • Fuel-efficient


  • LED lights are not bright enough for a nighttime cruise
  • Safety features could be improved

The Yamaha Mio Soul i 125 is among the most-liked and in demand-scooter from Yamaha's unbeatable Mio range. Targeted more at young professionals, this scooter has been an immediate favorite ever since it came to the local market way back in 2015. With what it brings to the table, it's difficult not to like the Mio Soul i 125.

The latest iteration of the Yamaha Mio Soul i 125 has a stylish, edgy design with lots of new decals, LED headlight and wider tires, but nothing changed with its internals. It is powered by a 125cc single-cylinder 4-stroke, 2-valve, air-cooled SOHC mill that is hooked to an automatic transmission. This engine can yield a maximum power output of 9.3hp at 8,000rpm, and a peak torque of 9.6Nm at 5,500rpm. The scooter's DiASil cylinder, along with a forged piston, allows for fuel efficiency and decreased power loss. Moreover, the Mio Soul i 125's its BLUECORE engine promotes better fuel efficiency as well as its stop-start system.

Riding the Mio Soul i 125 is a comfortable experience especially on urban streets, as it sits on a front telescopic suspension layout. A single disc brake in front ensures easy and safe stopping of the bike. There's a lesser chance of forgetting the parking place or area because the scooter has a cool answer-back key tool.

Offered in two vibrant paint schemes of Matte Black and Vibrant Orange, the Standard trim comes with a PHP 79,900 price tag, while the Yamaha Mio Soul i25S model sells for PHP 83,900 SRP.

Yamaha Mio Soul i 125

Yamaha Mio Soul i 125

Lowest Price in the Philippines P65,000

3. Yamaha Mio Sporty


  • Stylish design
  • Euro 3-compliant engine
  • Seat height is accessible to riders of all heights
  • Affordable price


  • Low power and torque
  • Instrument cluster still purely analog

The smallest of the indomitable Yamaha Mio scooter series, the Yamaha Mio Sporty, has proven itself to be a cool, well-liked urban commuter bike by many Filipino scooter enthusiasts, particularly by millennials and young professionals. A 114cc 4-stroke, 2-valve, single-cylinder air-cooled Euro 3-compliant SOHC gasoline engine delivers power of up to 7.59hp at 8,500rpm and a peak torque of 7.2Nm at 5,500rpm. Like other Yamaha scooters, the bike's powertrain is mated to a standard variable speed gearbox that comes with CVT.

This underbone scooter makes for a smooth and comfortable city spin with its suspension layout made up of a telescopic fork in front and a unit swing at the rear. The 2020 Yamaha Mio Sporty has a new feature that Yamaha refers to as the "thermal welded double seat" which makes for tougher saddle seams and allows quick heat dissipation for a comfortable ride. The entry-level scooter's seat height of 745mm makes it accessible even to riders of short stature.

Stopping power is quite good with its front wheel equipped with hydraulic single disc brake in front and a mechanical leading trailing drum brake at the rear. A central locking system and a power lock feature have also been provided for extra safety.

The 2020 Yamaha Sporty's standard variant can be purchased for PHP 67,900. There's an exciting range of colors for the two available variants, namely Matte Green, Matte Black, New Burgundy, Purple, Magenta, and Yellow.

Yamaha Mio Sporty

Yamaha Mio Sporty

Lowest Price in the Philippines P66,900

2. Honda CLICK 125i



  • Liquid cooled PGM-FI engine with eSP is best of its class (125cc)
  • Has sufficient under-seat storage
  • Equipped with a host of modern technologies courtesy of Honda's Smart Technology Suite
  • Side stand kill switch is handy
  • Affordable price point


  • Low ground clearance is not conducive to heavy load or passengers
  • Stock tire grip not so tight especially on slippery surfaces
  • Electronic fuel pump is battery-dependent
  • Headlight not too bright

While the other motorcycles from our previous list either retained their positions, dropped down a notch, or completely fell off the list, the Honda CLICK 125i impressively managed to grab the crown from the Yamaha Mio i 125 and beat the rest of the Yamaha models in our list in claiming the pole position.

Widely promoted by its brand ambassador, well-known Filipino actor Coco Martin, the CLICK 125i caters mostly to the young group, although not limited to this audience. On the looks side of things, Honda's well-loved scooter has sharp lines but soft at the edges. It flaunts LED headlight and taillight, a sporty-looking muffler with an aluminum cap, nice sporty decals on its sleek bodywork, and a decent-capacity storage, 18L to be exact, beneath its seat, enough to fit in a full-face helmet.

The Honda CLICK 125i is one of Honda's best offerings, dubbed as a "game changer." It is the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer's very first offering with the PGM-FI engine that has the eSP feature—Honda's proprietary powertrain for all its scooters not just nationwide but globally. This feature, according to Honda, makes for enhanced fuel efficiency and durability while keeping the engine quiet. To top things off, the CLICK 125i has also been equipped with Honda's Smart Technology Suite—a host of advanced features that provides an enhanced performance, energy savings and much-improved safety features.

The 11hp-output- and 11Nm-torque-producing 125cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine is attached to a V-Belt automatic transmission, hinting that the CLICK 125i can truly outperform its rivals in the 125cc scooter segment. In terms of fuel savings, it consumes 53kmpl on average, which is not bad at all for a scooter of this class.

The Honda CLICK 125i has, for its suspension layout, a telescopic fork up front and a unit swing on the rear, allowing for a comfortable ride and smooth handling. Disc brakes on both wheels ensure superb stopping power.

As part of Honda's smart tech suite, riders of the CLICK 125i have access to Honda's Combi Brake System, which, by pulling the lever, allows for the distribution of the brake force to be balanced between the front and rear disc brakes. Also available are a parking brake lock, a change oil indicator, a battery indicator and digital gauges that display fuel consumption in real time as well as the trip meter.

The Honda CLICK 125i comes in a standard trim only, priced at PHP 76,900.

Honda CLICK 125i

Honda CLICK 125i

Lowest Price in the Philippines P68,000

1. Suzuki Burgman Street 125


  • Highly refined engine
  • Outstanding comfort
  • Splendid handling and maneuverability
  • Adequate under-seat storage


  • High beam not so powerful
  • Suspension is on the stiffer side

With the crazy popularity that the local sports segment is achieving, Suzuki would definitely not want to lag behind the competition. So, it has introduced the newest in its local scooter lineup―the modestly-sized Suzuki Burgman Street 125. Coming from the street-smart Suzuki Burgman maxi scooters, the Burgman Street 125 offers sophistication, comfort, and practicality to Filipino urban commuters. While many will argue that it isn't really a maxi scooter, its lineage gives it the right to be called as such.

The saying "eyes can be deceiving" is applicable in the case of this scooter. That's because despite being the smallest in the range, the Burgman Street 125 is not bereft of power and features. In the looks department alone, the scoot wows with its fully LED headlight, position lights, and taillights; European-design-inspired body-mounted windscreen; a sporty muffler that angles upward, which is a signature style of the large Burgmans; and chrome accents in the body panels for a more sophisticated look.

The fully flat and wide step board spells comfort even for tall, long-legged riders, and the elevated seat offers the rider a better view of the road ahead. The design of the step board even allows riders to stretch their legs and rest their feet higher, touring-style.

For a mini maxi scooter, the Burgman Street 125 is generous with storage. An adequate 21.5L-capacity under-seat storage can accommodate a full helmet along with some other small belongings. If this isn't enough, there's a 2L-capacity glove box on the front half of which is lidded to protect the riders' devices and important items from rain and dust. The other half of the compartment is open for easier access.

The Suzuki Burgman Street 125 is as modern as it could get with a standard DC power outlet in the form of a USB port to charge the riders' smart devices for uninterrupted connectivity, which is already a necessity for most riders these days. For added practicality, there are two hooks provided―one on the front shield and one under the seat, which can be folded for extra convenience. There's also a fully digital instrument panel that integrates the fuel gauge, clock, and oil-change indicator, and a built-in dual trip meter.

In contrast to its size, this scooter's 125cc 4-stroke, single cylinder engine oozes with power, boasting the new-generation Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) technology. The fuel-injected aluminum mill delivers 8.5hp of maximum output at 7,000rpm and 10.2Nm of highest torque at 5,000rpm. The SEP tech enables fuel efficiency with a reported 53.50kmpl mileage. This figure was based on the World Motorcycle Test Cycle that the Burgman Street 125 was subjected to.

Stopping power is superior, with its combined brake system that enables control of both front and rear brakes. This in turn allows better brake control and performance. For better safety and security, there's also an integrated engine start and kill switch, as well as one-button-push central locking system.

Priced at PHP 76,900, the Suzuki Burgman Street 125 comes in color variants of Glass Sparkle Black and Metallic Matte Fibroin Gray.

Suzuki Burgman Street 125

Suzuki Burgman Street 125

Lowest Price in the Philippines P76,900


Without a doubt, scooters are a fun and economical way to travel. They can get you from point A to point B in a short span of time, they are easy to park, and they are easy to handle. Moreover, they have enough power to still zip past the tailbacks on the road and get you that wind-rushing-past-you sensation.

Our list of automatic scooters features the best of the best within affordable price tags. The offerings also are from the best brands, not just in local, but also global motorcycle markets. Coming from credible and well-renowned motorcycle makers, these top 10 scooters are proven in the market to be reliable and dependable, so you're sure to get good value for your money.

For under PHP 100,000, you get decent to powerful performance, decent to impressive features, and exquisite design and styling. Just make sure you ride responsibly and practice all safety features so that you can enjoy the most out of these trendy but capable twist-and-go machines!