Oct 18, 2017

Yamaha MOTOROiD concept packing Artificial Intelligence teased

The new generation of motorcycles will not only be intuitive but will also interact with its riders thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence. At least this is what Yamaha thinks as it has teased its MOTOROiD all-electric concept motorcycle ahead of its showing at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The AI-based MOTOROiD is radically designed resembling a racing bike with minimum bodywork.

This year's installment of Tokyo Motor Show is set to witness some intriguing concepts from various manufacturers. And one amongst them is Yamaha which will take the stage with its MOTOROiD Concept.

The MOTOROiD concept is a futuristic motorcycle with Artificial Intelligence (AI) baked into it. This means the vehicle will transform into an interactive machine engaged with its rider and others. The interaction will possibly be meaningful and warm, uplifting the mood of the rider since the company says it will give people the experience of 'Kando'- a Japanese term that describes deep satisfaction and excitement upon meeting someone very valuable.

The AI-integrated MOTOROiD is an all-electric affair with the radical design concept. Most unusual is the seat which looks like only a thin pad, however, with chest and back support. Imparting it a look of a racing bike the handlebars are designed with palm grips pointing downwards. The cylindrical batteries are situated near the engine with a thick orange cable connecting the rear motor.

The further details about the MOTOROiD are awaited. However, it is not the only concept that Yamaha is going to showcase at the Tokyo Motor Show. There are as many as 20 models ranging from scooters, motorcycles and electric bicycles on the cards. The Motobot Version 2 and MWC-4 are also to be seen the light at the same event.

Nevertheless, MOTOROiD concept is certainly an interesting take on how people will interact with their motorcycles in the future perceiving their motorcycles as having personality or character. It remains to be seen how this out-of-the-box thinking from Yamaha will elicit the reactions from the onlookers at the Tokyo Motor Show. Hence, tune back in time to check it out. The show will kick off on October 27.