Feb 4, 2019

Tesla Model M: Tesla's First Imagined Electric Motorcycle Surfaces

Renowned Industrial Designer James Gawley shows us what Tesla's first electric motorcycle would look like if it's integrated with the company's distinctive design language and futuristic concept.

While Tesla is famed for developing top-of-the-line electric cars, the company is certainly no stranger in making its other plans known one way or another, whether it's solar panels or clean energy storage. The latest to have found its footing online is something neither shocking or unexpected - Tesla's imagined first electric motorcycle.

Industrial Designer James Gawley has recently visualized Tesla's first electric motorcycle by publishing a series of images on the portfolio-sharing site Behance, depicting the vehicle's overall design language should Tesla commit itself into making one.

Dubbed as "Tesla Model M," the intelligent electric motorcycle comes with a seamless design that is both futuristic and intimidating. Evidently revealed as a single-seat top-grade motorbike, the two-wheeled vehicle's technical and visual highlight can be all gleaned from the touch screen situated right on its top display which is curved upwards towards the user. The touch screen panel is also noted to feature day and night modes and a voluminous amount of content which includes destinations, favorite song tracks, new restaurants, and the like. All of this information is readily available when a mobile network is detected.

The Tesla Model M also comes with a feature that allows riders to unlock the vehicle using their smartphones. Specifically, Model M can be linked to all Apple products such as the iPhone or Apple Watch. These devices can readily unlock the vehicle automatically right when it is approaching.

Meanwhile, it is also noted for its inclusion of an automatic hydraulic stand system. Model M can also be fully customized from its bodywork right down to its wheel color. Users are given the options to either go for sheet or a grip material.

Also noted is the Tesla Model M's installed smart air suspension. The feature can be quite helpful if users would like to lower its height or reduce the front projected area while on the expressway. One of the images has also shown how its battery pack and the electric motor are built and kept right in the rear hub.

Tesla Model M's overall design is notably inherited from the Model S, Tesla Motors' Electric Vehicle.