Jan 19, 2018

Motorcycle Sales saw to surge in 2018, 2 million units by 2022

Motorcycles are expected to proliferate throughout the metro at the expense of cars, according to a forecast from a motorcycle group.

Motorcycles are going to the next big thing in Metro Manila. Well, a bigger market, at least. The Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association (MDPPA) has forecasted an increase in sales for motorcycles this year, following a variety of trends seen in the business models of many local businesses.

The optimism is based on the upward trend of businesses using motorcycles for operations, including online shopping delivery and courier services. Businesses offering services like this are growing due to the patronage of young professionals and net-savvy individuals, who are maturing into a very prosperous demographic. This demographic tends to work at home and relies heavily on delivery services instead of going out.

Indeed, online shopping has now come to encompass markets such as food, fashion, tech gadgets, medicine, and even groceries. Many business models today involve getting these products straight to the customer's door, and the preferred method to do that at this time is through motorcycles.

"More people are opting to spend more time at home. If they shop or run an errand, they do so straight from the house. As a result of this 'in-home-staying' lifestyle, we see an increasing demand for online shopping and grocery delivery, which then fuels demand for motorcycles as a delivery transport option," says the MDPPA.

Motorcycles are also becoming a preferable alternative to cars, as the increasing traffic problem in the metro makes it harder to use larger cars on the congested streets. Coupled with the incoming legislation to increase the tax on automobiles, it's an easy bet to see that many people will be shifting to motorcycles over cars.

The MDPPA is comprised of representatives from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Kymco, and they definitely want motorcycle sales to surge. Their forecasts are not without merit, and the historical data shows an 18% growth in motorcycle sales last year (202,098 units) over 170,979 units in 2016. The forecast is optimistic at hitting 2 million units of sales by 2022 thanks to the changing conditions in the market.

Through it all, though, we need to be mindful of the rise of motorcycle-related accidents, as commuting on a motorcycle is not as safe as being enclosed in a large sedan. Still, it may be a necessity for many until the traffic problem in Manila is resolved.