Feb 14, 2018

Limited edition KTM RC 390 R announced

A souped-up iteration of the regular KTM RC 390 has been announced with a host of upgrades such as fully adjustable WP suspension, folding brake & clutch levers as well as a new top yoke. Dubbed the "KTM RC 390 R", a hardcore racing machine limited only to 500 units will be complemented by an SSP300 Race Kit, which will again be limited to 50 units per year.

Austria-based sports bike manufacturer, KTM, has announced a more hardcore version of its street Supersport, the KTM RC 390. Dubbed "KTM RC 390 R", the new bike comes with performance upgrades to be labeled as a perfect racing machine. The top upgrades include fully adjustable WP suspension, folding brake, and clutch levers as well as new top yoke along with a handlebar kit.

The WP suspension front, as well as the rear, has been retouched for allowing huge levels of adjustments. Now, a new top yoke and handlebar kit ensure a better comfortable racing position for the riders of any sizes. Further, the foldable clutch and breaks on the handlebar will avoid breaking in case of a fall.

For other changes, the KTM RC 390 R comes with a slightly wider power band and a shorter intake engine to increase the overall efficiency of the bike in race conditions. The fairing has different graphics this time in keeping with the racing prowess of the vehicle.

However, before you get your hopes up, we must reveal that the KTM RC 390 R is a limited edition offering with only 500 units to go into production. The paucity of numbers goes to show that the KTM RC 390 R is pretty high-end and dedicated to pro riders.

The KTM RC 390 R is also announced with a proper racing Kit, although the latter is limited to 50 units per year. The SSP300 Race Kit, as it is called, comprises 230 individual parts, making the vehicle into a racing beast. Further, the SSP300 Race Kit can also be coupled with the regular KTM RC 390. The Race Kit is armed with features such as a titanium Akrapovic exhaust, a race-spec ECU, STM slipper clutch, quick shifter, better engine cooling, and new warning harness to name a few.

That said, the KTM RC 390 R, in all probability, won't hit the roads in the Philippines, the most obvious reason is its high price tag, which is to the tune of INR 765,000 (approx. PHP 620,500). And with the SSP300 Race Kit, one has to shell out an additional INR 991,000 (approx. PHP 803,800). Surely, this doesn't jive well with the price sensitive Philippine market. The KTM RC 390 R will, however, launch in the European market as well as in some other select markets in the coming months. So far, the exact details about the launch dates are awaited.