Jun 14, 2018

Italian Scooter Brand Lambretta Makes a Comeback to the Philippines with the Help of Ropali

Lambretta is an epitome of elegance, strength, and freedom, which explains why it managed to capture a lot of Filipinos' heart. With its much-awaited comeback to the country with the help of Ropali, the Italian scooter brand is expected to take the market by storm.

The popular Italian scooter brand, Lambretta, undeniably holds a strong feeling of nostalgia after being dormant for around 25 long years. First introduced in Milan, Italy back in 1947, Lambretta scooters flaunted an impressive, post-war Italian aesthetic and flamboyance, alongside a promise of freedom at the time. Sadly, just like other tech manufacturers, Lambretta was moved to cease production activities due to certain situations. Needless to say, everyone's been waiting for the comeback of the iconic brand. Fortunately, the brand's much-awaited return to the market will take place in the Philippines. This would surely please all the die-hard Filipino fans of the niche segment who thinks of the Lambretta as their epitome.

The local motorcycle retail chain Ropali recently inked an agreement with Lambretta to import and distribute the Italian scooter in the Philippines. Present at the contract signing last June 5 were the Ropali top executives including Ropali President Ariane Alingog, General Manager of Ropali Group of Companies Aldouse Rex Alingog, Ropali Chief Revenue Officer Maria Ceres Allam, and Senior Marketing Manager Eden Cabrera as well as Lambretta International Sales Manager Michael Fulton representing their respective companies. With 124 branches across the country, Ropali is well-equipped to help the Italian scooter brand make its long-hoped comeback and aid in its conquest of the Philippine market.

Lambretta V-Special

Ariane Alingog proudly stated that the company is making another history with the partnership with Lambretta. She said, "As the country's leading motorcycle and scooter retailer, we intend to imprint Lambretta into the consciousness of our enthusiast-customers, as we fully intend for our market to embrace Lambretta, the scooter acknowledged worldwide as a cult classic." General Manager Aldouse Rex Alingog also revealed that Ropali will kick off the sales and distribution of Lambretta with its new V-Special range, bringing its three different engine sizes to the country, namely 50cc, 125cc, and 200cc. These are expected to arrive by June 23 while a press event is slated for the three engine models two days after, on June 25.