Jul 11, 2018

Honda To Launch World's First Mass-Produced Motorized Scooter With Motorcycle Hybrid System

The PCX HYBRID, Honda's first mass-produced motorized scooter, boasts of a motorcycle hybrid system which accentuates the series' chassis and familiar versatility.

The Japanese automaker Honda has announced the newest addition to its popular PCX series, a variant that is bound to make the lineup even more attractive.

Touted as the world's first, mass-produced motorized scooter, the Honda PCX HYBRID comes with a compact motorcycle hybrid system that amalgamates smoothly right within the PCX's chassis. It is also capable of realizing motor-assisted agile throttle response along with high performance while still functions as versatile as ever.

Based on the PCX that was just released in April 2018, the PCX HYBRID is generated by an all-new high-output lithium ion battery which provides drive assist to the ACG (Alternating Current Generator) starter that revs up the engine as it generates electricity. It is then controlled by the Power Drive Unit (PDU) which ascertains assist amount while monitoring the high output 48V lithium-ion battery.


The PCX HYBRID also benefits from a robust yet quiet, highly fuel-efficient global scooter engine "eSP" which currently powers the entire PCX series. It is placed right on a high-rigidity, double cradle frame. As it goes, the new variant is also adorned with all-around LED lights and the famed smooth-flowing curves from its front, stretching to its rear. A design that both stylizes and relaxes the eyes of the would-be consumers.

The PCX HYBRID also comes with features that make this version decidedly accessible and user-friendly. These include the Honda SMART Key system and its idling stop system. The latter being responsible for making the vehicle more economical in relation to its improved fuel consumption and the general quietness that comes with it.

Honda is expected to sell 2,000 units of the PCX HYBRID in Japan starting on September 14, 2018. The hybrid scooter's recommended retail price is at USD 3,900 (around PHP 203,000), inclusive of consumption tax.