Jul 19, 2019

Honda Releases the Winner X in Vietnam That Could Very Well Be the Next Honda Wave Locally

Honda has developed a loyal following in the local market due to its high-quality motorcycles and seems to be continuing on that trend as they are planning to release a brand-new Honda Wave variant very soon that features a powerful motor and other top-notch upgrades.

The Honda Wave is one of the most popular brands in the Philippine market, with many motorists choosing this bike as their daily drivers due to its simplicity and durability in local conditions. It's been present in the local market for a quarter of a century, which is a testament to its popularity, and there's even more good news - Honda might release a new Honda Wave variant very soon.

Dubbed as the Winner X in the Vietnamese market, this new bike could be released by Honda locally as the Wave 150i or RS150R, with some experts saying that this new release is aimed at competing with Yamaha's Sniper. With the Yamaha Sniper and Suzuki Raider R150 already having a strong presence in the market, it's exciting to see how Honda will fare in this friendly competition, especially as they have given the Winner X a series of new upgrades.

The Honda Winner X is a sport-underbone class bike that features a 150cc DOHC, single cylinder liquid-cooled engine that it shares with the Honda CBR150R, and outputs 16hp of power, making it one of Honda's best bikes in the underbone category. Its fuel tank has a capacity of 4.5 liters, though the gas mileage is not yet known. Other upgrades include a new LED lighting system that is more power-efficient and still maintains a high level of visibility in darker conditions. The instrument panel is now fully digital, with the speedometer and odometer readings closely resembling graphics one would see in a racing game. The instrument panel also shows the gas mileage, trip time, and what gear the rider is on.

The wheels feature alloy spokes and the front forks feature hydraulic dampers and the rear fork features single cylinder springs, which will give riders a smooth ride all the way. There will be two options available for the braking system, one with ABS included (for the front wheels), and one without ABS. The non-ABS Winner X variant will feature Honda's proprietary Combi-Braking system which triggers the front and rear brakes using the front braking lever. This bike also has an electric starting system, another added comfort feature for riders.

The Winner X comes in various colorways, with the Sports version coming in Black/Silver, Blue/Black, Black/Silver blue, and Black/Red silver options. The Camo variant comes in Black/Silver and Black/Silver blue. The Matte black variant comes in one colorway: Black gold silver copper. The current price tag of this bike is set at VND 45,990,000 (around PHP 101,444.71), but use that price as a reference for now as the local release could be subject to change due to factors such as exchange rate and taxes.