Aug 8, 2019

Ecooter Unveils New E2R Line of Electric Scooters with Top Speeds Reaching 90kph

Buying an electric-powered vehicle is slowly becoming the norm for most consumers, which is a great choice since it saves on gas and reduces carbon footprint. On the downside, the snail's pace at which the national government is moving to legalize electric vehicles means that consumers are missing out on the best electric vehicles that are being offered to the rest of the world.

Electric scooters are starting to grow in popularity in the local scene, most especially with the younger users. Because it uses only electricity, it helps its users to save on their daily commute as their electric scooter allows them to do away with using their car or public transportation. It also helps save users a lot of money as they can forego buying a car, especially if their usual go-to places are easily accessible by electric scooter, just don't forget to wear the needed safety equipment for protection.

Sobeler Corp., the local franchise holder of the Ecooter brand, recently held a press event in BGC recently where they unveiled the new E2R line electric scooters from Ecooter. The Ecooter electric scooters are made in China by DAYANG Motor, which is based in Luoyang City in central China.

The Ecooter comes in three variants, the E1+, the E2L models that both come with a 2.5kW motor and blazing fast speeds of 75 km/h and has an 80km range before needing to be recharged, and that is not even their fastest model. Their fastest model is the high-end E2R that comes with a stronger 4.2kW motor and can reach top speeds of up to 90 km/h and has a range of 140km before needing to be recharged. Ecooter executives say that the high-end E2R model can perform similarly to a 125cc gas-powered scooter.

The Ecooter is powered by Samsung lithium-ion batteries which can be swapped out for a set of freshly charged batteries. Each battery takes between 2 and a half hours up to 4 hours to charge, so any trips on these bikes will have to be planned carefully since there is the very real risk of running out of power in the middle of nowhere.

Both Ecooter models feature lightweight U-type aluminum alloy frames that make it easy to handle. It comes with 12-inch tubeless wheels with alloy mags that are both mated to the combi-brake system. The bikes also feature smart functions and offer some degree of control using the mobile app. The company says that they are offering these bikes to promote an eco-friendlier mode of transportation for motorists, which is a great option considering that global warming and carbon emission is getting worse.

The dashboard features an LCD display panel that displays the speedometer, the odometer, the battery meter, the bike's core temperatures, and the time. As a bonus feature, it also features a USB port which can be used to charge devices, something that is useful for those who frequently use navigation apps to get around.

The E1+ costs PHP 115,000, the E2L goes for PHP 95,000, while the high-end E2R goes for PHP190,000. For added value, Sobeler Corp. says that each new purchase comes with a membership program that allows owners to go to participating establishments and swap out their batteries for a freshly charged set, a similar setup is also being done in Taiwan.

For users who prefer to purchase an extra set of batteries plus the charger, it's going to cost anywhere between PHP 35,000 to PHP 65,000, with the cost depending on the battery capacity.

For users who are on the market for a new electronic bike, it's extremely important to note that the LTO has not yet released any official guidelines on how to handle electric-powered vehicles, so anyone caught using these bikes on major thoroughfares are sure to be apprehended by law enforcement agencies. Maybe best not to take that risk for now.

If you do decide to purchase one of these electric scooters, Sobeler Corp. is offering these bikes for sale via financing through Security Bank for those who prefer to go to the bank and through Right Choice Finance as an alternative option.