Best Motorcycle Picks with Financing in the Philippines January 2018

Looking to get a new bike? gives you the shortlist of the best bikes you can get today in the country, with financing.

If you haven't heard yet, motorcycles are probably going to be the preferred mode of transport this year. Thanks to the worsening traffic problem in the Metro and the new legislation that will increase the taxes on automobiles significantly, motorcycles are expected to see a surge in popularity this year moving forward.

If you're looking to score a sweet ride, come look at's Top 10 picks with financing options available from Wheeltek, one of the country's largest multi-brand motorcycle dealer. Owning a motorcycle is easy!

10. Honda Click 150i – PHP 89,900

The Honda Click 150i is a newly released scooter from early last year that is targeted at a younger generation of commuters. The bike sports a variety of advanced smart technology to make the ride safe and improve fuel consumption, letting you go 52km/L with city driving.

  • Pros: Good price for a 150cc bike, fuel efficient, easy ride
  • Cons: Small body, unstable handling on corners

9. Kawasaki Versys 650 – PHP 425,000

The Kawasaki Versys 650 is a big bike designed for touring, and Kawasaki took the Ninja 650 and repurposed it for a bike that is designed to carry heavy loads, a very aggressive countenance paired with the rugged durability and power needed for long-distance touring. The Versys 650 has a powerful engine that pushes out 68.1 BHP, more powerful than most 650cc bikes out there, but you pay for all that power with a relatively fuel consumption efficiency of 21km/L.

  • Pros: Powerful engine, stable ride, easy handling
  • Cons: Low fuel efficiency, uncomfortable rear seat

8. TVS Dazz – PHP 49,900

If you are looking to "dazz" up your day, the TVS Dazz might just do the trick. A 110cc engine coupled with a bevy of riding technologies and an electrical system with a maintenance-free battery make for a compelling and easy to use scooter from Indonesia.

  • Pros: Very stable, smooth ride, affordable price
  • Cons: Unassuming look and design, mediocre power

7. Suzuki GSX-R1000R – PHP 1,169,000

The "King of the Superbike" is here with a vengeance, as Suzuki revamps the legendary GSX-R1000R with an improved chassis, engine and modern electronics to provide a truly impressive riding experience. Somehow, Suzuki managed to make the GSX-R1000R smaller, lighter, but stronger, with a powerful 1000cc engine to power a bike that handles very lightly for a machine of its caliber, the perfect balance of raw power and user-friendlinesss.

  • Pros: Advanced electronically-assisted riding, smooth power delivery, exceptional performance
  • Cons: Expensive, too much power for most city riding

6. Yamaha Sniper 150 MXi – PHP 99,800

Yama had a very popular bike in the original Sniper, but its big brother the Yamaha Sniper 150 MXi is where the real excitement is at. With a bigger, more powerful design, the Sniper 150 MXi is marketed as the "King of the Streets," with the aggressive Blade Design that made the original Sniper popular along with a robust engine that provides more performance and a better ride than its predecessor.

  • Pros: Good power, good fuel-efficiency, sharp design
  • Cons: Pricey for its segment

5. KTM 2017 Duke 390 – PHP 268,000

The KTM Duke 390 is an astonishing street bike that combines the comfort of an upright ride with a small, sleek frame and a powerful engine. It's a compelling bike that sports a 373cc engine and some of the best visual design, making it one of the most attractive bikes you can see on the streets. If you want to stand out with a bike that performs like a champ, the Duke 390 should be on your list.

  • Pros: Very good suspension, agile handling, powerful engine
  • Cons: Heavier frame, noisy radiator, expensive

4. Suzuki Raider R150 Fi – PHP 109,900

The Raider is a true classic, known on Philippine streets as the "Underbone King." Packing a sleek design that is reminiscent of Suzuki's legendary GSX-R and incredible engine performance in the 150cc segment, the Raider R150 Fi is as much at home on the city streets as it is off on the trails where its true power can be laid bare. It's the most popular bike in Suzuki's lineup and has achieved a cult following in the country.

  • Pros: Powerful performance, superb handling, comfortable ride
  • Cons: High seat might make it hard to balance while stopped

3. Kawasaki Rouser RS200 – PHP 125,000

The Kawasaki Rouser RS200 can handle all your daily task and is pretty reliable and comfortable. It comes with comfortable riding position, modern handling, and a right punch from its 199.50cc engine that pushes out enough power to tackle any kind of road you put in front of it.

  • Pros: Good response, affordable for this segment
  • Cons: Prone to fairing rattles

2. 2018 Suzuki Burgman 400 – PHP 499,000

Most scooters don't quite reach the heights of the Burgman 400 luxury scooter. Sporting a 400cc engine that does 27km/L, and many useful technologies like Idle Speed Control which keeps the engine stable at low speeds as well as helps start the engine at cold temperatures, the Burgman 400 is a mid-size flagship from Suzuki that is suitable for use on highways and smaller city streets alike.

  • Pros: Fuel efficient, slimmed-down design, comfortable ride
  • Cons: Expensive, low top speeds

1. 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS – PHP 630,000

This Japanese motorcycle is based on Kawasaki's earlier Z1, an iconic bike from the 70's. A high performance sports bike that has an old school look, a lot of power and modern amenities like side mirrors with minimal vibration technology, the Z900RS has a comfortable riding position, modern handling, and a 948cc engine that pushes out 110 BHP to tackle any kind of road you put in front of it.

  • Pros: Strong performance, affordable for this segment
  • Cons: Bulky fuel tank, heavy chassis

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to motorcycles these days, but Wheeltek has done the heavy lifting and curated a grand selection of bikes to choose from. Come visit their website or their Facebook page to check out the packages, there is surely a bike for you!