Feb 26, 2018

ARCHOS Citee Connect, the world's first Android-powered scooter to launch at MWC 2018

The French company, ARCHOS is set to unveil the world's first Android-powered scooter dubbed "ARCHOS Citee Connect." The new scooter will have an Android device integrated into the handlebar.

Known for making tablets and drones, the French company, ARCHOS, is dabbling into an interesting commuting device which is dubbed the "ARCHOS Citee Connect." The curious looking device is small and an ultralight scooter with an Android device embedded in its handlebar.

The commuter will directly get access to various apps and other information on the handlebar while shuttling past the lanes and roads in the city. The scooter is slated to be unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 which starts on 26 February.

ARCHOS says the Citee Connect is the world's first Android-powered scooter. It comes in an all-black color with green stripes giving it a cool look. The Citee Connect sports a 5-inch high definition touch panel, which the company calls a "multimedia dashboard." The panel runs Android Oreo and is powered by an unspecified quad-core SoC paired with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage. The display is layered with Gorilla Glass protection to safeguard against bad weather and shocks. The dashboard supports 3G connectivity.

The riders can track the location, speed, distance and battery consumption as they buzz around thanks to the integrated Android device akin to a smartphone to the handlebar. The reel lock integrated into the chassis is controlled via an app for security purpose.

Made of aluminum the Citee Connect weighs 13 kilograms and runs on 8.5-inch puncture-proof wheels. It can withstand 100 Kg of weight. The handles are all rubberized for better handling and control. The scooter is driven by a 250W motor notching up peak speeds of 22-25 km per hour.

The vehicle is backed by a 6,000 mAh lithium battery which takes 2-3 hours to receive full charge. Interestingly, it further gains some juice regenerative braking is applied, so extending its life by 15 percent. As for the charging method, it primarily makes use of the docking system.

Following its launch at MWC 2018, it may start selling in the summer first in Europe before it moves to any other market. The ARCHOS Citee Connect will cost EUR 499.99 (approx. PHP 32,000). The Citee Connect is just like any other standard electric scooter in a compact form, but it is differentiated with the use of an Android equipped device embedded into the dashboard. With this extra frill the vehicle will certainly make short-distance travelling a real fun with on screen navigation apps.