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Yamaha XJR motorcycle Price List in the Philippines June 2021

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Yamaha XJR400

Yamaha XJR400

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Latest Reviews for Yamaha XJR

hello ako talaga yung tuwang tuwa sa nabili na motor ng aking husband matagal na niyang gusto ang motor na ito kaya nga ngayung taon lang tinupad na nga niya ang kanyang gusto na makabili ng motor na ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by emilda
  • Date : Mar 13, 2017

Ang saya nga naman ng buhay kapag lahat ng gusto mo ay matutupad. Ang design ng aking motor ay naku sobrang ganda at hanep pa sa laki para sa akin. Ang makina nito ay sobrang ganda nga naman at ang ...Read more

  • Rating : 5.0
  • Review by Willie Bartolome
  • Date : Jun 30, 2016

Latest Topics for Yamaha XJR

Ernest Rosales


are still available in Philippines,, srp of xjr400 please ..

  • Last updated : Dec 4, 2019
  • Posted by Ernest Rosales
  • Replies of This topic : 0 Replies

Jose Luigi R. Pabia


swap for fz16 mga boss, ok pa ung yamaha xjr400? baka pwede swap sa yamaha fz16 ko.. hehehe

  • Last updated : Nov 13, 2018
  • Posted by Jose Luigi R. Pabia
  • Replies of This topic : 4 Replies

Jerick Manguiat Perea

Xjr 400

Pano po umorder ng xjr 400 at magkano po ang price?

  • Last updated : Nov 10, 2018
  • Posted by Jerick Manguiat Perea
  • Replies of This topic : 0 Replies

About Yamaha Motorcycle

Yamaha Company is the best Japanese manufacturing company. It manufactures such as motorcycles, marine items, pontoons and engines, and other different kinds of mechanized products. The company was formed in the year 1955 upon partition from the Yamaha Corporation and it is settled in Iwata, Japan. The company conducts advancement, marketing, and production enterprises through 109 merged auxiliaries in 2012. Genichi Kawakami was the organization's first president and founder of the company. It started the production of its initial item, the YA-1 model, in 1955. The 125cc engine motorcycle won the 3rd Mount Fuji Race.

The Companies' items incorporate scooters, motorcycles, Jet-speed bikes, pontoons, sailing vessels, pools, individual watercraft, utility vessels, fishing vessels, 4-wheel ATVs, detachable engines, ullet speed terrain vehicles, golf trucks, go-kart engines, multi-reason engines, water siphons, electrical generators, snowmobiles, car motors, small snow hurlers, surface mounters, modern usage automated helicopters, savvy hardware, and caps. The company is similarly connected with the import and arrangements of various kinds of things, improvement of explorer associations, and the chiefs of unwinding, recreational workplaces, and related organizations. Yamaha's bike deals are considered to be the 2nd biggest on the planet and Yamaha is known as the world's best leader in the deals relating to water vehicles.


The brand name, YAMAHA, originates from the name of the creator Torakusu Yamaha who spearheaded the creation of Western instruments in Japan. Destined to a group of a Kishu Tokugawa clansman, Torakusu was enthralled by Western science and innovation from an early stage. Captivated by the watches that were picking up prevalence in Osaka, he took up watchmaking, examining business en route. After some time, Torakusu started fixing clinical hardware and was welcome to visit a medical clinic in the Hamamatsu city.

Once upon a time, the head of Hamamatsu's Jinjo School inquired him whether he would attempt to fix a reed organ. He concurred and had the option to fix it effectively, making the initial move toward the introduction of the great Yamaha brand. Perceiving its business potential, while fixing the organ, Torakusu outlined the organ, later making his model organ. To convey it to the then Music Institute, Torakusu threw his creation behind him on a conveying shaft and crossed the mountains of Hakone. This memorable journey was later deified as a bas-relief.

The organ, in any case, was censured brutally for its helpless tuning. Unafraid and beginning from zero, Torakusu started considering music hypothesis and tuning. Following four months of apparently unlimited battles from early morning to late around evening time, he was at last ready to complete the organ creation. It is anything but difficult to perceive how he concocted the idea of the tuning fork mark, motivated by the touch experience of examining the tuning while at the same time grasping a tuning fork.

Yamaha started competing globally in 1956 when they set their foot in the Catalina Grand, with the YA-1 model, at which they got placed in 6th position. The YA-1 was trailed by the YA-2 model of 1957, with altogether improved the suspension and design. The YD-1 model of 1957 was the 250cc two-stroke chamber bike, looking like the YA-2 model, however with a bigger and all the more impressive engine. The YDS-1 model consists of the 250cc two-stroke in a twofold downtube support outline and offered the initial five-speed transmission in a Japanese bike. This period likewise observed Yamaha offer its initial detachable marine motor.

Yamaha Motor Company was started on first July 1955, featuring its essence in execution section bikes. In 2020 they completed 65 years of Yamaha incorporation. This 2020 year has been chosen as a "Legacy" subject for Yamaha Day – with this YAMAHA plans to upgrade the brand interface with their clients.

In the year of 1968, Yamaha dispatched their initial four-stroke bike, the XS-1 model. The Yamaha XS-1 model consists of a 650cc four-stroke motor, a bigger and all the more impressive machine that rose to the dislodging and execution of the mainstream British motorcycles of the period, for example, the BSA Gold Star and the Triumph Bonneville. Yamaha proceeded with both the two-stroke line and four-stroke models all at once that other Japanese makers were progressively moving to four-chamber four-stroke machines, a pattern drove by Honda in 1969 with the amazing CB-750 four-stroke model with a four-chamber cycle.

In the 1970s likewise, they manufactured the rough terrain motorcycles for rough terrain hustling and amusement. Yamaha was an early trailblazer in the motorcycles innovation and presented the main single-stun back suspension motorcycles in 1973. It showed up underway on the 1974 Yamaha YZ-250, a model which is still under production, making it the Yamaha's longest ceaseless model. Yamaha kept dashing all through the 1960s and 1970s with expanding achievement and its branches all over the world. The time of the 1970s was covered by the XT500 model by winning the principal Paris-Dakar Race in 1979.

All through the 1980s the motorcycle business continuously went from building a couple of essential however adaptable models intended to function admirably in numerous functions, to offer a lot more specific machines intended to dominate specifically some niches. These included best performance and racing, road riding, visiting, motocross hustling, enduro, and recreational rough terrain riding, and cruising. Yamaha fanned out from the moderately modest number of UJMs towards the beginning of the decade to a lot bigger set of contributions in a few characterized markets toward the decade's end.

In 1998 Yamaha advertised a 1000cc model with a four-chamber street bike called the YZF 'R1', this model presented another style of brand new gearbox design that abbreviated the general length of the engine/gearbox case, to permit a more reduced unit. This, thusly permitted the engine to be set in the casing further forward, intended to improve the handling within a small wheel-based casing.

In 1995, Yamaha declared the production of Star bikes, another brand name for its cruiser versions of bikes in the top American commercial market. In different business sectors, Star bikes are as yet sold under the Yamaha brand. This was an endeavor to make a brand character all the more firmly lined up with the cruiser market portion, one of the biggest and generally rewarding in the USA.

In 2007, Yamaha set up the Philippine activities and disseminates Yamaha bikes under the corporate name of Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc., one of more than 20 overall auxiliaries working on all mainlands.


Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. has for quite some time been considered as one of the solid fighting brands in the bike business. The Japanese brand is known to create a few items in the field of versatility including recreational vehicles, pontoons, marine motors, snowmobiles, little farm haulers, and cruisers. Its brilliant beginnings started in 1955 when its bike division was established and headed by Genichi Kawakami. Yamaha's underlying item was a 125cc, two-cycle, single-chamber bike, known as the YA-1 model which happens to be a copy- model of the German DKW RT 125. Strikingly, the YA-1 model gathered a serious accomplishment in the field of hustling.

The brand Yamaha previously entered the Philippines in 1962. Quick forward to 2007 and Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. have just gotten more than 20 overall auxiliaries working on all mainlands. Building up the best motorcycles and as the official wholesaler of Yamaha cruisers. As far as deals, it is considered to be the second biggest motorcycle company that sold more than 550,000 motorcycles in 2018. Locally, it persistent to wander achievement in the market by offering a wide scope of cruisers with a feeling of development, giving customers that extraordinary worth and a profound sentiment of fulfillment. Right now, its setup is made out of various models going from the famous Mio arrangement, R-Series, Max series, MT-Series, and some more.

Today, Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. is lead by its legitimate President, Hiroshi Koike. It is additionally at present on hold of a few vendors situated in Visayas, Mindanao, and Luzon.

Famous Models-

Yamaha Motor Philippines Limited is an acclaimed name in the realm of cruisers with its portfolio including bikes, bikes, 4-wheel ATVs, and go-kart motors. Yamaha started creation in 1955, the primary bike to be fabricated was the YA-1. The organization praised its 65th Anniversary on first July 2020. The Japanese bike organization is likewise one of the best cruiser hustling groups ever. Yamaha has won 39 big showdowns that incorporate 6 MotoGP wins and 9 in the 500cc two-stroke class, and 1 in the World Superbike classification. Yamaha has gotten some important cruisers in the Philippines bike market in the course of recent many years that merit referencing. Alright, let's see some popular models that are worth looking at.

One of the most well-known cruisers to rise out of the Yamaha is in 1985. RX 100 was controlled by a 98cc two-stroke, air-cooled, single-chamber, and petroleum motor. The motorcycle used to create 11 bhp of greatest force @ 8500 RPM and 10.39 Nm of pinnacle force @ 6500 RPM. The appeal of RX-100 has not reduced a small piece considering there is as yet a colossal interest for a pre-owned cruiser in the Indian market.

YZF-R15 V1 was controlled by a 149.8cc single-chamber four-cycle motor with four valves and a solitary overhead camshaft. A solitary chamber superbike, it showed up in the market in the year 2008, an entire 3 years after its global presence. The motor produced 16.8 bhp of greatest force and 15 Nm of pinnacle force. It also consists of a 6-speed transmission gearbox.

YZF-R1's motor innovation originates from the M1 MotoGP motorcycle. The YFZR1 was fueled by a 998cc fluid cooled petroleum motor producing 179.6 bhp of most extreme force with 115.5 Nm of pinnacle force. The transmission obligation was completed by a 6-speed with a manual gearbox.

The Yamaha FZ16 was a standard cruiser delivered by Yamaha since 2008. The FZ16 was enlivened from the bigger FZ1 with a low motor exhibition limit. It was controlled by an air-cooled 153cc, with a 4-stroke petroleum motor. the motorcycle used to create a most extreme force yield of 13.8 bhp @ 7500 rpm with 13.6 Nm force @ 6000 rpm. It consists of a 5-manual gearbox.


Notwithstanding its principle base camp and plants in Japan, it presently has more than 20 auxiliaries worldwide that work on all the landmasses. The latest of these auxiliaries were the activities in the Philippines that were set up in 2007. This conveys Yamaha items under the name Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. Yamaha Motor Company currently has around 53,000 representatives over the globe who work in different countries. Yamaha sold around 6 million bikes overall on the globe in 2019. In the Philippines Yamaha is considered to be the best motorcycle company. And it has a huge fan base following in the Philippines for its bikes. Yamaha ranked the second position in the motorcycles deals.

Other Infos-

The symbol which indicates the Yamaha brand is illustrative of its set of experiences and is especially representative of the establishments of the Yamaha Corporation comparable to its creation of instruments. The fascinating design of its logo depends on the tuning fork, which is utilized to tune instruments, for example, pianos. Even though the logo has changed on numerous events since the commencement of Yamaha, the tuning fork has stayed a reliable component of the logo.

Even though bikes are the fundamental item fabricated by the Yamaha Motor Company and it for their bikes for which they are most popular, these are by all accounts not the only item made by the organization. One of their other significant items is the snowmobile and they presented their first model, the SL530, in 1968. Not exclusively was this present Yamaha's first snowmobile, it was additionally the principal snowmobile on the planet with slide valve carburetors. Different items they make incorporate vessels and other watercraft, detachable engines, electrical generators, water siphons, go-kart motors, golf trucks, recreational rough terrain vehicles, modern utilize automated helicopters, and electrical force units for wheelchairs.

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