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KTM Supermoto motorcycle Price List in the Philippines April 2021

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KTM Supermoto 450 SMC
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updated on Apr 22, 2021, 01:51

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Latest Reviews for KTM Supermoto

I have this motorbike for a year now and i still love using this one the design is so cool the engine is so strong it has a very fast speed so anywhere i go its easy to drive and very comfortable ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by pebby ma.
  • Date : Jun 21, 2017

KTM Supermoto 450 SMC isang sporty nga naman ang motorcycle na ito ang cute nga naman ng design nito. Ang makina nito ay ang tibay pa din naman kaya mas magaling ang motorcycle na nabili ko. Kahit ...Read more

  • Rating : 5.0
  • Review by JHOnGeRS
  • Date : May 6, 2016

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  • Last updated : Jul 24, 2015
  • Posted by wade17
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About KTM Motorcycle


KTM is known as an Austrian bike and sports vehicle maker Pierer AG and the super talented Indian producer Bajaj Auto. These two people are the reason for starting this KTM motorcycles. It was shaped in 1992 yet followed its establishment to as right on time as 1934. At present, the KTM super AG is considered the parent organization of the great KTM Group, comprising various cruiser brands.

The KTM is considered to be a rough terrain bikes. Since the 1990s, that has ventured into road motorcycle creation and creating sports vehicles – specifically, the super X-Bow model. In early 2015, KTM motorcycles sold nearly the same number of roads as rough terrain motorcycles.

In 2012, KTM motorcycles were the biggest bike maker in Europen nations for four back-to-back years. Internationally, the organization is among the largest rough terrain bike producers. In 2017 itself, the KTM sold a large portion of a considerable number of engine vehicles around the world.

History / Origin

In the early 20th century, an Austrian specialist, Johann Trunkenpolz builds a vehicle auto shop in the Mattighofen area. In 1938, he started dealing the DKW bikes, and Opel vehicles the next year. His vehicle repair store is called as the Kraftfahrzeug Mattighofen. During World War II, his significant other dealt with his company, which was flourishing mostly under diesel motor fixes.

After the completion of the war, interest in fix works fell pointedly, and Trunkenpolz began considering creating his bikes. The model of his super first cruiser, the model R100, was inherent in 1951. The motorcycle segments were designed in house, aside from the Rotax motors, which were manufactured by the Fichtel and Sachs. The creation of the model R100 began in 1954. With only 20 workers, cruisers were worked at the pace of three every day.

In 1953, finance manager Ernst Kronreif turned into a sizable investor of the organization, which was enrolled and renamed as the Kronreif and Trunkenpolz. In the 20th century, the model R125 the Tourist bike was presented, trailed by the super Tourist and the bike Mirabell in 1956.

The organization made sure about its first hustling title in the 20th century with the Austrian model bike of 125cc motor available title. In 1956, the KTM showed up at the International 6-day Trials and won the first place.

In 1957, again the KTM assembled secured the first place with the 125cc motor. The KTM's first sulked, known as the Mecky, was dispatched in 1957, trailed by Ponny model in around 1960 and the Ponny 2 and comet motorcycles in 1962.

Ernst Kronreif passed in 1960. After two years, in 1962, Hans Trunkenpolz additionally passed. His child Erich Trunkenpolz assumed responsibility for the organization's administration.

As the organization kept on extending, the labor force added up to 400 out of 1972, and 40 years later it was established, the KTM was manufacturing 42 unique model motorcycles. Plus, KTM had the option to create bikes for the hustling business. During the 1970- 80s, the KTM likewise began to manufacture and deliver engines and radiators. The Radiators offered to European vehicle makers established a sizable piece of the organization's business during the 1980s.

In 1981, the organization was renamed as the KTM Motor-Fahrzeugbau motorcycles KG company. After one year, it had around 700 representatives and a huge turnover of about 700m. Schilling International business at that point added up to 75% of the organization turnover.

In any case, bike and sulked turnover sank quickly, and creation must be stopped in 1988. Erich Trunkenpolz passed on in 1989. The takeover went up to an extent of a 52% premium in the organization by Austrian venture GIT Trust-Holding constrained by Austrian legislator named Josef in 1990 was trailed by ineffective endeavors to change the obligated organization around. In 1991, the KTM, the executives, was moved to a group of leaser banks.

In 1993, the organization was part into 4 new elements: KTM Sports-bike GmbH, KTM bicycle Fahrrad GmbH, KTM radiator Kühler GmbH, and KTM tooling Werkzeugbau GmbH. Presently possessed by the KTM lead Motorradholding GmbH, shaped by the Cross Holding, and different financial specialists. In 1992 the KTM took control over the tooling section of the KTM super Werkzeugbau. Later on, while consistently expanding creation and turnover, putting resources into a brand-new design and D and R offices, presenting new models, and effectively supporting and partaking in different race sports occasions, the organization went through a progression of new restructurings and partner changes made by the KTM's overseeing chief director and Cross motors Industries head named Stefan Pierer. And in 1995, the KTM began the creation of the super Duke arrangement of street bikes. In 1997, the KTM machines weret decked out in unique orange tone, and 1998 saw the presentation of fluid-cooled two-chamber Supermoto motorcycle and super-cool Adventure bikes. In 2008, the organization appeared the KTM super X-Bow model vehicle.

In 1996, the KTM Motorradholding model GmbH procured Swedish bike creator Husaberg and assumed responsibility for the Dutch organization.

In 2008, the Indian bike producer named Bajaj Auto purchased a 13.5% stock in the KTM Power AG. In 2014, Bajaj Auto has a 47.97% premium in the organization.

In 2014, the KTM procured the once Swedish cruiser producer Husqvarna Motorcycles company from its earlier proprietor BMW AG. In a similar year, the KTM re-coordinated the brand, and during the 1990s the Husqvarna was offered to the largest Italian organization Cagiva.

The eventual outcome of the rebuilding cycle, KTM GmbH had named KTM AG in 2013. In 2016, the KTM created a huge turnover of more than 1 billion dollars and utilized 2515 individuals before that year's over. Of the 4 separate organizations made after the 1993 split, 3 were currently again some portion of KTM Group: the KTM Sport GmbH, the KTM Werkzeugbau, and WP Radiators. The KTM motorcycle Industries stayed an autonomous organization and is possessed by Chinese financial specialists. At present, the KTM-Group industries today contains only the brands of the KTM and the Husqvarna Motorcycles.

History / Locally

Right now, KTM is offering 38 new cruiser models in the Philippines. The KTM Duke 390, KTM RC 200, KTM 125 SX are the most famous bikes from KTM in their cruiser portions.

The KTM Sports motorcycle GmbH is a trustworthy organization and a similarly reliable brand that is continually growing its global promoting impression. KTM is a leading worldwide maker of motorsports vehicles with an exceptional accentuation on game arranged cruisers that underscore the organization's "Prepared TO RACE" reasoning. The KTM motorcycles have a huge fan following in the Philippines nation. And the bikes such as KTM DUKE have a large following. These KTM bikes are generally known as the dream bikes or motorcycles of the adolescent age groups. The KTM motorcycles in the Philippines are best known for their racer bikes. They consist of other models, but they are mainly famous for racing motorcycles in the Philippines. All the KTM motorcycles come with excellent features with mind-blowing designs.

The organization has its base camp in Mattighofen, Austria. It is controlled by CEO Stefan Pierer, who assumed responsibility for the board in 1992 when it was re-dispatched with a mission to deliver cruisers demanding principles of greatness.

At KTM, the 100cc models were green, the 125cc models were red, and the 175cc models had a blue tank. In 1977, the plan was normalized, with all models gladly showing a red casing and white plastic parts in the Austrian public tones.

In 1992, KTM was under new administration following the indebtedness of KTM Motor-Fahrzeugbau AG, implying that the improvement office was working diligently conceiving new ideas for what's to come.

KTM's little to mid-limit bikes, specifically the 390 and 200 Duke and RC, has been a great hit with deals besting reaction from the Philippines since 2017. With around 70% of all cruisers gathered in the Philippines being sent out to close by nations, re-appropriating creation to the Philippines is essential for KTM's technique for globalization. By all accounts, this exertion seems to be paying off, as in 2019, KTM surpassed BMW in worldwide deals as the leading European bike maker on the planet.

In the latest creation year of 2019, KTM, which has set up in the nation 7,000 units for every year's creation plant, is the pioneer among the exceptional brands averaging 300 deals for each month. The machines that KTM is delivering since 2017 in the Laguna plant with 2018 creation at 7,000 units have made 60% for the fare to different nations.

Right now, KTM is offering 38 new cruiser/bicycle models in the Philippines. The KTM Duke 390, 200, 125 are the most well-known bikes from KTM in their separate bike portions. KTM Philippines has a line-up of three Scooter, five Sports Bikes, twenty-three Off-Road, one Dual Sport, and six Adventure Touring bike in its broad setup. The official merchant of KTM cruisers in the Philippines anticipates that its deals should develop by forty-nine percent this year. It opens new businesses in more pieces of the nation. The organization planned to have forty-three firms by year-end from around 28 a year ago.

Famous Models

The Philippines individuals love KTM motorcycles. KTM's little to mid limit cruisers, notably the 390 and 200 Duke and RC, have been gathered in the Philippines since 2017. Henceforth it shocked no one that the eagerly awaited KTM 390 Adventure is scheduled for creation in KTM's Laguna-based processing plant claimed by the monster aggregate, Ayala Corporation.

Besides the 390 Adventure, the 790 Duke will likewise observe creation on Philippine soil. This will be the leading high-removal cruiser to be mass-created in the Philippines. The KTM bunch has also gotten together of their Husqvarna line of bikes to the Ayala Corporation.

The new passage level experience bicycle is scheduled for discharge by around May of this current year. Making a ton of waves and grabbing the worldwide market's eye, the KTM 390 Adventure is vigorously based on KTM's amazingly famous 390 Duke, which has taken the passage level bicycle section by storm. It includes a similar 373cc single-chamber motor producing a solid 44 drive. This implies it'll be student affirmed and A2 consistent in Australia and Europe individually. It consists of a similar lightweight lattice outline as the Duke, yet sports beefier suspension and a rough terrain able 19-inch front wheel with double game tires on the two finishes.

KTM's different bikes, similar to the 200 Duke model, RC 200 model, 390 Duke model, and RC 390 model, are fabricated at the Laguna-based processing plant possessed by Ayala Corporation. Indeed, the nearby creation of the KTM 390 Adventure started three months after the bicycle made its worldwide presentation at EICMA 2019.

Regarding the styling, the 390 Adventure seems to be like the 790 Adventure with its comparable mouth like front light arrangement. A portion of its other intriguing highlights is a 5-inch completely advanced and full-shading TFT show, Bluetooth network, footing control, cornering ABS, and so on. In general, the 390 Adventure is a fantastic machine.

As of late, KTM Philippines reported that the leading group of privately made 390 Adventure would be accessible at its showrooms in 2020.


With around 70% of all cruisers amassed in the Philippines being traded to close by nations, re-appropriating the Philippines' creation is essential for KTM's procedure for globalization. By all accounts, this exertion seems to be paying off, as in 2019, KTM surpassed BMW in worldwide deals as the leading European cruiser maker on the planet.

Other Infos

Aside from the KTM little to middle-range cruisers, more powerful motorcycles such as the 790 and 790 R models will likewise be created at Ayala Corporation's Laguna-based assembling office. All the motorcycles made here will be sold locally and be traded to China and some ASEAN markets.

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