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Honda NSR motorcycle Price List in the Philippines June 2021

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Honda NSR 150

Honda NSR 150

  • 1 Used motorcycles
  • 2002
  • Latest Post: Sep 1, 2020

Honda NSR 250

Honda NSR 250

  • 13 Used motorcycles
  • 1983-1990
  • Latest Post: Apr 5, 2015
Used : - (0 Prices)
Honda NSR 50

Honda NSR 50

  • Latest Post: Oct 27, 2019
Used : - (0 Prices)


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Honda NSR 250 eto ang pina ka astig na motor ko ngayun ang design nito ay napaka cool sa kagaya kong ang engine performance naman nito ay napa ka tiabay nga.. at sa twing gagamitin ko ...Read more

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  • Date : Jul 22, 2015
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About Honda Motorcycle

The great Honda Motorcycle Company is known as a Japanese global aggregate that makes an assortment of different vehicle kinds including vehicles, bikes, and airplanes. Its main branch is located in Tokyo city, the company has been around 70 years in the business of making mechanized vehicles. It is considered to be the best main vehicle creators in the world that delivers fascinating and well-designed vehicles focused on various market sections around the world. Today, Honda is best known for its motorcycles, cars, vans, and cruiser items.

The Honda company has 440 subsides and has more than 215,638 workers around the world on a united premise starting in mid-2017. It has gathering plants in a few nations, including the USA, China, Philippines, Mexico, turkey, Pakistan, Peru, Malaysia, Belgium, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Argentina, England, and India.


The man behind the great Honda Motor organization is, Mr. Honda. Soichiro Honda is a specialist who figured out how to build up his plan for cylinder rings in 1938. From the outset, he attempted to offer the plan to Toyota yet they declined, which decided him to begin his organization. Thus, at that point years after the fact, in 1948 Honda Motor was authoritatively established. In their initial days, Honda created bikes and cruisers and their first model was the A-Type, in 1947. Some don't think about this as an undeniable cruiser because the organization was not established at this point. To satisfy everyone, the main bicycle under the Honda brand was manufactured in 1949 and was called Dream D-Type.

Honda's bicycle bike had one Horsepower motor. Honda considered it as an A sort. The machine put the Honda cruiser organization into the business. However, Soichiro Honda longed for building a cruiser without any preparation beginning from the casing, motor, and everything in the middle. In 1949 – The Honda D type was presented. The main complete bike called the Dream D. The Honda Motor organization was established in 1948 and their first cruiser was dispatched in 1949, in only one year. Honda's slogan is 'The Power of Dreams' gets its inspiration. The 98cc motor in the Honda 'Dream D' delivered three Horsepower. In 1951, the Honda 'Dream E' was presented and was viewed as an advancement model for Honda in both execution and deals.

Honda likewise has a major function in the sports bike and Honda started its hustling in 1954 and in 1954 the Honda Racing Corporation was set up. In 1959, about 5 Honda motorcycles entered the race. They lost all the races that they took part in until 1961. But later on when Mike Hail wood won the primary Grand Prix for the Honda with the 125cc and 250cc motorbikes. Throughout the long term, Honda won a ton of wins and Grand Prix races.

In the 1960s –The Honda Company dispatched another Motorcycle mainly to get recognition in the USA Market. Another model motorcycle is known as CB 750 it is the most complex creation bike ever fabricated. When the motorcycle named CB 750 was introduced, it created 67 Horsepower at 8000 rotations per minute and considered as the main large scale producer of bicycles with a four-chamber engine and plate brakes, etc. In the year 1985, Freddie Spencer turned into a youthful racer for winning both the great 500cc and 5250cc great Prix titles. He won those titles by riding the Honda NSR 500 and NSR 250 motorcycles.

In the 21st century, Honda motors introduced the RC211V motorcycle made its introduction in MotoGP with the great racer riding it none other than Valentino. In 2005, Honda Motors introduced the RC211V bike made charm again when another famous American rider none other than Nicky Hayden. he won a universe title in the race.

Starting there on, Honda continued making even more top-class motorcycles that overpowered the racing scene, and Honda's dapper development reliably progressed toward the cruisers that anyone could buy. The organization's first in a class sports bike. All the famous Honda CBR motorcycles are tested and developed at the famous Hamamatsu plant, they were changed and upgraded regarding development for the various features. Fascinating certainty – It takes one hour to construct the Honda CBR Motorcycle. In 1973, the motorcycle named the GL 1000 is the first Goldwing motorcycle that was manufactured. It is best known as a touring bike.

The Honda motor company considered manufacturing sports bikes. And it included an unfathomable measure of Luxury. At first, the sports bikes of the Honda weren't that popular. But later on, they got popular. The Honda Goldwing is known as 'The King of the King' because it considered being a traveling bike. In 2017 they manufactured the fifth era motorcycle the Honda Goldwing that has been in progress for over 30 years. Hardly any motorcycles can match such a life expectancy and its success.


Honda is best known for its inventive spirit, high innovative guidelines, and enthusiasm for greatness. Honda Philippines has been probably the biggest supporter of bikes to the market and has denoted its quality in the market throughout recent decades. There is a huge fan following the Honda motorcycles in the Philippines. The Honda motorcycles changed the position of the entire bike in the Philippines.

It was in 1973 when Honda kept its foot in the Philippine market with neighborly relations from Mariwasa Distributor Inc. The two organizations consented to shape a joint endeavor understanding for the creation of bikes and their basics. The understanding was marked in the long stretch and in this way, Mariwasa-Honda Inc. was framed.

Three years post the joint endeavor understanding, it was in the year 1976 when Mariwasa-Honda presented the model TM110 model cruiser. The model was meant to beat the tri-cycle market and was presented as a redesigned offering.

Quick forward to the year 1980-81, the brand had just presented a wide scope of effective cruisers and it was then that the main XL100SD model bike was delivered explicitly intended for the Philippine market.

Honda is considered to be the world's largest cruiser maker since 1959, arriving at the creation of 400 million before the finish of 2019, just as the world's biggest producer of inside consuming engines assessed by the volume, conveying over 14 million inside start engines consistently. Honda transformed into the second-greatest Japanese carmaker in 2001. Honda was the eighth biggest vehicle maker on the planet in 2015.

Each Honda cruiser that leaves the sequential construction system leaves with long stretches of innovative ability, steady exploration, and improvement, in addition to careful regard for quality control and consumer loyalty incorporated with it. Honda cruisers keep the Philippines moving in a bigger number of ways than one. Regardless of whether on wheels, on the electric force, ashore, or ocean, the organization's pledge to quality and client assistance stays unaltered.

Famous Models-

Honda manufactures the best motorcycles in the HPI. Its famous cruiser contributions incorporate the Honda Click 150i, which is outstanding amongst other selling models in the Philippines, and the Honda CB1100EX, another superbike. The brand-new Click150i is fueled by a powerful 150cc, fluid cooled motor that is furnished with developed Power and with the smart ACG Starter system and with the Idling Stop power System. The CBT100EX, then again, runs on an incredible 1,140cc air and oil-cooled, DOHC inline four-chamber motor.

The CRF1000L African Twin model demonstrates itself to be the best power sports vehicle among all others. This model is controlled by a 998 cc fluid-cooled 4-stroke equal twin motor and has the specs that others wish to have. With extensive travel suspensions, customizable riding, and a decision of transmission, it is no big surprise it is the best bicycle ever constructed.

The Honda NR750 was made more than 27 years prior is viewed as one of the most progressive bicycles ever constructed by Honda. The Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird is one must be incorporated among the best that is because it was made to be superior to other people. The plan of this cruiser was handy and incredible. It was the world's quickest creation cruiser of 1997 with a maximum velocity of 178.5 mph. Even though it lost in 1999 to the Suzuki Hayabusa. This cruiser ended up being one of the most adaptable, so it fits in the age. It was a basic method to get to any area while riding serenely. It could deal with both current life and track life. It accompanied an agreeable form for significant distance rides.

The Honda rebel is a lightweight motorcycle of the great Honda motor organization, the Rebel is one of the more current creations of the organization. This is a rethought Honda arrangement, coming in two models the 300cc and 500cc, which has been lauded for its lightweight highlights and road motorcycles perspectives. This motorcycle is viewed as one of the better starter motorcycles around while keeping perspectives that generational riders would likewise appreciate. This bike comes out like a portion of the bigger models, that is, sensible in metropolitan territories.

The Honda CBR900RR More is usually known as the Fireblade this is a generally old motorcycle since the creation of the model went from 1992 to 2003. It came as an unexpected that Honda would be delivering a motorcycle of this gauge. The motorcycle was intended to be one of three models that Honda would be delivering, yet the eternal Tadao Baba organized this model in general. It was implied as a great motorcycle that would serve just for streets, not for long rides. The huge motor implied that dashing would not be a possibility for this model. The cruiser was a 1000cc motorcycle, with the treatment of a 600cc.

Honda CRF450R motorcycle was dispatched in 2000, and all the more as of late the most recent turning out in 2020. The CRF arrangement includes a huge scope of upgrades, all worth the value increment. The CRF 450R came out propelled by soil motorcycle models, which were viewed as probably the best ones around. With a four-phase motor, it has gotten a bigger number of updates than anybody might have ever considered for such a little motorcycle. A large number of models will consistently have riders asserting every one of their prevalence.

At the point when the Honda Cub was delivered, it was required to be restricted in history after a couple of months. But individuals were refuted after this famous vehicle was bought by well more than 50-million individuals, is one of the least expensive, basic, and helpful vehicles. The self-loader bikes are well en route to alter the world. They are a solid model, principally in Europe and Asia where they make up the majority of the vehicles ordinarily purchased. They are a cutting edge part of the world that can't be disregarded.


In 2018 the Philippines, Honda company is considered to be the most wanted motorcycle maker. In light of a solidified report from the great associations such as the CAMPI, TMA, and AVID, said that in 2018, Honda positioned 6th as far as vehicle deals volume, behind, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford and Nissan. During this period, the organization sold around 23,395 units that means around 5.8% of the total market share of the Philippines nation.

The Japanese Honda with over 0.6 million deals in 2019 holding more than 33% of the piece of the overall industry in the Philippines market. In runner up, Yamaha isn't far and is in front of Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Kymco.

Other Infos-

Honda motor organization has likewise been working the HSDC for as far back as ten years. The HSDC offers complete preparation for both the two-haggle wheel vehicles just as truck affirmation. The great HSDC is considered to be the best riding institution in the nation, and it gives preparing to both two-haggle and four-haggle drives. And in 2017, Honda motors dispatched its Honda safety program, which means to bind together Honda's methodology towards building a network of mindful street clients and, henceforth, guarantee the wellbeing and safety of all network individuals.

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