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Yamaha Mio motorcycle Price List in the Philippines April 2021

Most viewed ranking

Yamaha Mio i 125

Yamaha Mio i 125

  • 203 Used motorcycles
  • 2015-2020
  • Latest Post: Apr 14, 2021
Yamaha Mio Aerox 155

Yamaha Mio Aerox 155

  • 193 Used motorcycles
  • 2017-2020
  • Latest Post: Apr 14, 2021
Yamaha Mio Sporty

Yamaha Mio Sporty

  • 361 Used motorcycles
  • 2006-2019
  • Latest Post: Apr 14, 2021
Yamaha Mio Soul i 125

Yamaha Mio Soul i 125

  • 106 Used motorcycles
  • 2013-2020
  • Latest Post: Apr 14, 2021
Yamaha Mio

Yamaha Mio

  • 172 Used motorcycles
  • 2005-2018
  • Latest Post: Apr 14, 2021
Yamaha Mio Soul i

Yamaha Mio Soul i

  • 63 Used motorcycles
  • 2010-2019
  • Latest Post: Apr 14, 2021
Yamaha Mio Aerox S

Yamaha Mio Aerox S

  • 60 Used motorcycles
  • 2017-2020
  • Latest Post: Apr 14, 2021
Yamaha Mio Soul

Yamaha Mio Soul

  • 121 Used motorcycles
  • 2008-2019
  • Latest Post: Apr 14, 2021
Yamaha Mio S

Yamaha Mio S

  • Latest Post: Jun 25, 2019
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updated on Apr 17, 2021, 21:51

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Latest News about Yamaha Mio

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Latest Reviews for Yamaha Mio

Dati hindi ko maintindihan kung baket madaming nababaliw sa MIO SOUL e wala naman special e. Pero nung nagamit ko to sa isang party dun ko napatunayan na maganda pala talaga sya. Super astig at iba ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.8
  • Review by Patt Ricky
  • Date : Aug 29, 2020

Halos lahat ata kaya magdrive ng MIO bukod sa kilalang matibay e pwede ipang practice mag drive. Magaan dalhin at hindi nakakalito. Super budget friendly pa. Sa dami ng naglalabasang scooter the best ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.2
  • Review by Mel Reyes
  • Date : Aug 26, 2020

Super basic ng Mio kahit bata pwede gumamit nito. Napakagaan hindi ka matatakot dalhin sa highway.

  • Rating : 3.4
  • Review by Robin Asug
  • Date : Aug 20, 2020

Latest Topics for Yamaha Mio

Lotty Lopez

Asking if this is still available

Still available yung 15 k at location po

  • Last updated : Apr 7, 2021
  • Posted by Lotty Lopez
  • Replies of This topic : 0 Replies

Charry Jao Vergara

2nd hand

need details po sana, if possible for instalment po sana.

  • Last updated : Mar 24, 2021
  • Posted by Charry Jao Vergara
  • Replies of This topic : 0 Replies

Patrick Ymasa

Mio Soul i 125

Do you still have mio soul i 125 Used but all stock for sale??? And how much?

  • Last updated : Feb 21, 2021
  • Posted by Patrick Ymasa
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies

About Yamaha Mio

The Yamaha Mio is an embodiment of the perfect scooter for every young traveler. Yamaha has continuously provided optimum performance; they never cease to amaze customers. The edgy Mio range is an example of all the effort Yamaha has put into their new motorcycles. The Yamaha name is quite popular worldwide; they derive a healthy customer base from all over the world. Yamaha achieved a solid brand image due to its consistent performance. The public will only appreciate standard vehicles thus Yamaha promotes the best functionality in their manufacturing. The Yamaha Mio is a classic scooter that combats every other range in the market. The company has come up with not one but many scooters in the Mio range.

The popularity of the first Yamaha Mio encouraged the manufacturers to release a whole range. The range targets different sets of consumers. The other features within the Mio revolve around a basic scooter. Yamaha previously experimented with other scooter names but ended up choosing Mio. The easy to pronounce name has transformed into a popular choice in the Philippine market. The younger population has developed a taste for economical scooters. The new and improved Mio is easy on the pocket and a treat to look at. The subtle style and advanced electronic system put this bike ahead of its game.

The Mio has successfully taken over for nouvo since 2003. Despite the model coming out many years ago, it still caters to many consumers. Yamaha always makes edits and additions to its previous models. They value the suggestions and preferences of the consumer. A scooter like the Yamaha Mio is an all-rounder. The motorcycle is the ideal commute for those who want a little flexibility and agility in their ride.

The Yamaha Mio Stuns with Spectacular Performance and Smooth Ride

The Yamaha Mio has an exceptional performance ratio. All the scooters in this range provide the same amount of satisfaction. Each variant has its specifications and alterations. The choice within the range gives the consumer a lot of room for thought. The comfort level is the biggest attraction in this motorcycle. The Mio ranks as one of the easiest handle scooters for beginners. It lands the reputation of being an accessible bike because of the uncomplicated steering. The lightweight body almost drives itself towards a destination.

Apart from the vivid body and unmatched interior, the ride is a wonderful experience. The test drive on the Yamaha Mio leaves you craving for more. The size and weight do not come in the way of the journey. The scooter can travel long distances without any complications. The engine can last for many hours moreover the bike can handle heavyweights. Yamaha intended to make the ride as relaxed as possible. The driver can enjoy the electric features while driving as well. The integrated technology system makes this scooter a vehicle for the new age.

Therefore, youngsters will relate even more to an advanced bike. The swingarm unit and telescopic fork play a huge part in making the ride stable. The Yamaha Mio does not compromise on safety. The company understands that the majority of the scooter owners are youngsters. The Yamaha Mio has all the essential safety features which include an efficient barking system. The Mio Soul MX, Mio Automatic, Mio 125 MX and MXi, Mio Fino (Classic edition), and Mio Amore (Sporty) differ slightly from each other. All these variants classify as Mio scooters, but the engine output and exterior differ slightly.

The High Performing Yamaha Mio Engine Receives High Ratings

The Mio engine is the heart of the scooter. The bike frame does not take up a lot of space, however, the engine is a big part of it. The engine lies within the interior of the scooter. Every variant has a different engine output. All the Mio variant engine displacements lie between 113 to 120cc. The air-cooled engine has a superior 5.98 power rating. The engine garbs most of the attention since Yamaha has tried to improve the logistics. The scooter does not fall behind any other motorcycle. The Yamaha Mio falls in the scooter range however the speed does not follow typical scooter restrictions.

The 7.53 Nm @6500 rpm torque rating establishes that this engine was meant to compete. The Scooter is not the first choice for racing however the engine will not disappoint when you are in a hurry. Yamaha manufactured the Mio engine with expertise and quality testing. The engine cannot be replaced once damaged. The air-cooled system allows the engine to cool down even if it works for a long time. You cannot feel any heat emissions on the driver's seat.

The Yamaha Mio Engine does not only provide power, but it also keeps the environment healthy. Scooters do not emit the same amount of harmful gases as larger vehicles, but the Mio takes the matter seriously. This range does not emit large harmful matter. The engine does not vibrate the scooter despite being placed close to the seat, the rider can barely feel the presence of the engine or sound.

The Yamaha Mio Ensures Advanced Protection with Trusted Braking System

The Yamaha Mio has both front and rear drum brakes. The brakes are located along the sides of the scooter. The Scooter will halt to an instantaneous stop as soon as the rider clutches the brakes. The handles on the Yamaha Mio are not set that far apart. The primary reason for designing the handles so close together is to ensure stability. The ride has a large seating space thus they cannot fall over on slight tilting. The brakes work on a slippery surface although the tires deserve an honorable mention in this part. Both the tires and the braking system bring the scooter to an effortless stop.

Yamaha tests the braking system the most during the manufacturing stages. The fault-proof braking system ensures that the safety of the rider does not get compromised. You can test the speed of the scooter without worrying about the braking system. The dual braking system reduces the chances of any mishap since one brake will continue to work even if the other does not.

A Yamaha enthusiast understands the careful planning and formation that brings about the manufacturing of this scooter. The bike has large wheels, the frame rests on these large tires thus the bike seems elevated from a distance.

The Yamaha Mio Soul Carries the Name for the Diverse Scooter Range

The Yamaha Mio soul has different variants across the range. The Yamaha Mio soul and Sporty make up an integral part of the range. This scooter has the typical 113c scooter. The front of this scooter has a slight outward curve. The outward curve sets the Mio soul apart from the other models. This model has an electric start system. Most of the features in this model are similar to the basic Mio scooter. The seat opens up to reveal a small storage compartment. This model carries the Mio name forward with precise features and additional coverage.

The additional Features Composed within the Outstanding Yamaha Mio

The Yamaha Mio is a package deal due to many factors. One of the most prominent facts around the scooter shows that it has a DC-C.D.I ignition system. The bike can start with both kick and an electric button. The rider can switch from the electric to kick start function effortlessly. The inclusion f smart functions such as the braking system land this scooter as a favorite in the Philippines. The structure and ground clearance of the scooter check all the boxes on a list. The Yamaha Mio competes with no other in terms of chassis. The steel tube underbone frame type appeals to the crowd since it does not go out of fashion.

The Yamaha Mio brags of a considerable frame, the frame covers a height and width of 1050 and 675mm respectively. The soft grip handles do not damage the palm although riders are recommended to wear gloves during their commute. The gloves aid in the grip. The Yamaha Mio has many small but important features. All of these features add up to make a versatile vehicle. The scooter stands at an elevated ground owing to the ingenious internal and external style. It carries a new silver painted exhaust muffle and clear instrumental panel.

The bike is a durable investment for those who want a safe and steady commute. The Mio takes the win for its Coil spring, automatic, and centrifugal clutch type. The scooter claims its glory from combined factors. The transmission, engine, bore, and stroke gives the maximum satisfaction to any potential buyer. This bike has included all the necessary parts while creating a diverse identity. The excellent features grab the attention of all age groups.

Yamaha Mio Ravishing Exterior Casts a Spell On On-lookers

The Yamaha Mio range comes with its unique design and diverse colors. The scooter is currently available in chic colors ranging from blue, green, and black. Since the range was intended to target a young customer base, the vibe of the scooter shows a chic edge. The new and improved Yamaha Mio has a v-shaped headlight. The headlight gives more dimension to the front moreover this headlight can save energy. The scooter does not suspend on high ground, the 745mm seat height makes it look like it slopes downwards. The seat can accommodate two passengers easily moreover the width supports all heavyweights as well.

The funky colors and minimal design make the Yamaha Mio an attractive model. Yamaha has not made a lot of changes with the original design, The Mio looks like every other scooter however the front mirrors set it slightly apart from others. The mirror aid the driver moreover they come attached to the front screen. The front screen of the Mio does not take up a lot of space. The tachometer and battery levels both display on the short screen. The form holds immense importance during the stability during a drive. The dimensions add weight and proportion to the ride, they can even affect the speeding level.

The Yamaha Sporty has a significantly different style than the rest of the range. The sporty look gets accentuated because the colors and length differs. This model has a sharper shape and a clear V backlight. The Mio Sporty further has alterations on the side. Every model casts the same impact on the first look. The scooter is the best choice for those who want to keep it for household errandas and daily use. The Mio has the potential to become the family scooter, it fits the part for it.

Subtle Yamaha Mio Interior Interior Design Fits All

The Yamaha Mio interior does not fall behind any other feature of the range. The interior is spacious and holds the mightly engine along with other components. The interior does not show up as glossy as the exterior however it holds the entire scooter together. The screws and bolts on the Yamaha Mio make up the strong body. The scooter does not compete with sports bikes however the solid interior makes it quite durable. The engine and fuel tank are placed underneath the seat. The slight elevation n the seta makes more room for the engine. The heat does not reach the seat because of this elevation.

Furthermore, the fuel tank holds around 4.1 Liters. The scooter has a lot of space for the rider thus the internal parts get stuffed in the back. The end of the Yamaha Mio holds most of the internals. The front wiring carries back to the end. The electrical supply and barking functions have independent connections. The inside of the Yamaha Mio is as clean as the outside. The deconstruction of this bike would take many hours since the structure is held together with a lot of effort.

The interior and exterior both create the perfect image for the Yamaha Mio. The scooter ranks as one of the most popular and demanded bike in the Philippines. The scooter delivers excellent presentation moreover the specifications clearly show that the bike does not fool around. The scooter falls on the pricier end however the deal is not bad compared to the advanced functions performed.

Yamaha Mio Series Pros and Cons


  • Sleek Design and Beautiful Cuts
  • Strong Engine and Deliverance
  • Smart Braking system
  • A lightweight body increases maneuverability
  • Spacious body and good seat height
  • Sharp Styling and additional maintenance box


  • Slightly Expensive
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