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Aprilia Dorsoduro motorcycle Price List in the Philippines June 2021

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Aprilia Dorsoduro 900

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Aprilia Dorsoduro 750

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Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200

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About Aprilia Motorcycle

Aprilia is a motorcycle manufacturer of Italian origin that was found right after the end of the Second World War. The portfolio of this company includes bicycles, scooters and lately, sports bikes.

Among the popular companies that have excelled in the motor industries, Aprilia is one of the more popular names although the acquisition by Piaggio may prove to be a recent development in the history of the company.

The origins of this company go back to around 1945 i.e. the end of the Second World War. The historic significance and the lifetime of this company put it at par with competing motor companies who also surfaced around that time.


Aprilia is an Italian company and was founded by Alberto Beggio around the end of the Second World War. The initial purpose this company fulfilled was that of a bicycle manufacturer. It was located in Naole, Italy and it wasn't until 1968 that the company extended its production range to mopeds. It was Beggio's son, Ivano who made the first moped after taking charge of the company. Two years later, the company made its first off-road bike called the Scarabeo. This motorcycle was available in 50 and 125cc options. Although Aprilia introduced scooters later on as well, it could be seen from the starting releases that the company had made the higher CC motorcycle market its primary target.

Later on in the history of Aprilia, the development of the company was perceivable through the extension of their operations and the variety of different motorcycles they released. It was in 1985 that Aprilia extended its operations to become the outsourcer of engines for some of the models of Rotax. In the same year, the company released the 125 STX and 350 STX. 1990 was an eventful year for the company as along with the release of the Pegaso 600, Aprilia also introduced its first scooter, hence diversifying its range of offerings.

The entry of Aprilia in the scooter market was heralded by the release of the Amico which was the first scooter released in Italy to be made full-plastic. Further scooter models released by Aprilia included the Gulliver, the SR and so on.

It was in 1995 that the company made its first couple of sports bikes. The RS 125 and RS 250 were two-stroke motorcycles. Three years later, Aprilia came through with the RSV Mille and the Falco, which were both 1000cc sports bikes.


Although the acquisition by Piaggio has brought an end to the separate identity of Aprilia, the history of the company is quite rich and the company itself is aged; older than most competing companies. It was in 2004 that Piaggio acquired the company with the most recent venture of Aprilia being the release of the RSV Mille Tuono in 2003.

From being a bicycle manufacturer to one of the most popular names in sports bikes, Aprilia accentuates and justifies its position with top quality motorcycles.

Aprilia also has a presence in the Philippines. Bikerbox Inc. has partnered up with Piaggio to provide Aprilia bikes in the Philippines and also take care of the after-sales services in Paranaque.

Famous models

Aprilia has, no doubt, shown us the reason behind its popularity and it has justified its renowned position with the excellent motorcycles in terms of quality and performance. The Italian company has gone places in the past and even now, the models can be seen to be rich in appearance and promising in performance.

Hence, when it comes to the famous models by Aprilia, it can suffice to merely list the inventory as the quality of the company will be shown equally in each of its products although sharpened in the cases of flagship models.

With this in mind, the first model that can be listed as one of the more famous releases by Aprilia is the RSV4. The RSV4 is not a single motorcycle. Rather it is a series of different models.

The first one is the RSV4 Factory 1100. Since there is a slight difference between the different models of the RSV4 series, it will suffice to mention only one of them. The first thing that strikes the eye about the RSV4 Factory 1100 is the appearance. Being a superbike, the design of the bike conforms to the usual heavy-bike standards and looks magnificent. The set back seat, the raised gas tank and the thick, full vertical construction of the bike is accentuated further with the color it comes with. The Atomico Racer color brings with it a major black color with artistic touches of red, white and green on the tank, front and back fender and the base of the motorcycle. The general construction of the bike is done from carbon which adds to the elegance of the bike with the velvety, matte texture. The tail pipe has a titanium finish which makes it contrasting to the rest of the body. There is a variety of color in the Atomico Racer color but the transitions and the different small touches across the body don't at all look intrusive. There is a majority of people who prefer total black and white colors when it comes to their vehicles. The colors in this bike are so subtly effective that even that market will not be put off.

When it comes to tech used in this motorcycle, the RSV4 Factory 1100 features the APRC which stands for Aprilia Performance Ride Control which is a control suite that offers riders control over certain functions and utilities which include Aprilia wheelie control, Aprilia traction control, Aprilia launch control and Aprilia quick shift.

This feature sets Aprilia motorcycles apart and provides users with decent in-ride controls that provide ease and efficiency. The Aprilia traction control can be set to give the rider a good grip and to acclimatize to different terrain hence providing safety. The traction control also helps the rider stay in control. The Aprilia wheelie control detects whenever a wheelie begins and ends. After considering the wheelie, the wheelie control ultimately prevents abrupt power drops and acceleration which is eventually helpful in maintaining the motorcycle's engine and physical attributes. Another great feature of the APRC is the quick shift which basically allows riders to change gears without using the clutch or letting go of the accelerator.

Another aspect worthy of comment of the RSV4 motorcycles is the Ride by Wire system which provides better performance to riders by giving them smooth pick up.

The other models offered in the RSV4 series are the RSV4 RR 1000 and the RSV4 Factory 1000.

Next in line of the famous models by Aprilia is the Tuono V4. When it comes to the shape of the bike, while it is inspired by the RSV4, it is slimmer and more compact due to being a naked bike rather than a superbike. The reduction in the body size of the Tuono V4, while establishing its status as a naked bike, is noticeable but does not diminish the aesthetics even slightly. For people who are not looking especially for superbikes, the Tuono V4 may be a better option due to its slimmer shape. The slimmer shape gives the rider more control and lends stability to the bike which is conducive to better performance on the streets for which naked bikes are generally used.

When it comes to the tech, the Tuono V4 also features the APRC and the Smart EC 2.0 semi-active suspension system. Furthermore there is an instrument display that features an interface that can be connected to your smartphone. The APRC features the APRC which gives the rider options such as the traction control, wheelie control and so on. The Cornering ABS system further adds to the safety-ensuring mechanisms of this bike. The ABS in general provides the rider a smoother stop but the cornering ABS also takes in consideration the various turns and curves a rider will face and it adjusts the ABS in consideration to the coming turns.

There are multiple models in this series as well. The Tuono V4 Factory 1100 and the RR 1100 are the two major classifications with the availability of different colors of the Factory 1100 being also present. The color Atomico Racer is also available for the Tuono V4 Factory 1100 which was also seen on the RSV4. The black color highlighted with the red, white and green is a very aesthetic and elegant option.

When it comes to the specifications of the Tuono V4 Factory 1100, you get a four-stroke engine and the Ride by Wire technology which gives a smoother acceleration to the rider. The displacement of the engine is a good 1077cc with the maximum power reaching 175 hp. The bike features 3-spoke, 17 inch wheels on both the rear and the front. The fuel tank capacity is a good 18.5 liters with 4 in the reserve.

These two bikes are the more heavy members of the Aprilia range of motorcycles. However, the company is not limited to these heavy-set beasts. Lighter, naked motorcycles are also offered by Aprilia and from those vehicles, it remains adequate to just mention the Aprilia Shiver.

The most remarkable and striking aspect of the Shiver is its build and appearance. While a lighter and agile model has been achieved by the company, it has not lost the semblance to superbikes. The elegantly skeletal look that is characteristic to the Shiver shows both: its agility and control on the road, and the grace of a superbike. The back-set seat and the raised gas tank lend it a sporty look while the slimmer aspects of the construction give it the semblance to a dirt-bike.

However, one should keep in mind that the Shiver comes with a 900cc engine. While the shape is lighter than that of the Tuono and the RSV4, the engine is not that far behind in terms of power and displacement. The tech side of the Shiver comes with a TFT display which clearly shows all readings and allows the connectivity of smartphones. The V2 900cc engine featured in the Shiver gives the bike a good performance which is accentuated by the Ride by Wire technology.

These are some of the famous models by Aprilia although the list is not over.


Prior to the acquisition of Aprilia by Piaggio, the RSV Mille Tuono was released which was dubbed as the best bike of the year by notable motorcycle magazines. After the acquisition by Piaggio, it was the fourth biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world with 1.5 billion Euros in total sales. The annual production was 600,000 units which further show the reach and availability of the company.

As one may have gotten the idea from the arsenal of excellent motorcycles from Aprilia, the performance and the utility offered by the company are excellent and are of top-quality. When it comes to the engines, the Ride by Wire feature that can be seen in most models show just how far Aprilia goes to ensure smoothness while riding. To further prove the efforts of Aprilia to provide a smooth experience to the riders, one can simply appreciate the APRC and the amount of ease it creates for the various situations that may be faced by the rider. The traction control gives good grip to ensure safety while the cruise control feature can provide leisure and a carefree experience. The wheelie control is for those thrill-seekers who can't keep their wheels to the ground.

Further displaying their provision of utility and efficiency, Aprilia also provides TFT displays and Anti-Braking Systems to some of its models.

So these characteristic qualities, namely the ride by wire system and the APRC, can show that the performance of these motorcycles is unequivocally excellent and the reputation it has earned for itself is vociferous about its standard.

However, in 2020 there was a drop in the total sales due to fall in sales in Europe and India.

Other info

Aprilia in its current state is present in more than 50 countries which also includes the Philippines. The availability of Aprilia in the Philippines is because of Bikerbox Inc., who made the deal with Piaggio to be the providers of the vehicles as well as the after sales services.

The after sales services are provided by Aprilia itself in order to ensure the peace of mind and comfort of the customers.

Original spare parts are also available for Aprilia vehicles which are and manufactured properly and made available after testing to ensure that the replaced part does not pale in comparison to the original kit.

Service centers are also available where customers can conduct maintenance checks to nip the evil in the bud, thus avoiding potential deterioration in the future where it may prove to be critical and threatening.

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