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Honda BeAT motorcycle Price List in the Philippines May 2021

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Honda BeAT FI

Honda BeAT FI

  • 69 Used motorcycles
  • 2015-2019
  • Latest Post: Apr 14, 2021
Honda BeAT 110

Honda BeAT 110

  • 118 Used motorcycles
  • 2009-2020
  • Latest Post: Mar 30, 2021
Honda BeAT Street

Honda BeAT Street

  • 3 Used motorcycles
  • 2019
  • Latest Post: Sep 10, 2020
Honda BeAT Premium

Honda BeAT Premium

  • 1 Used motorcycles
  • 2019
  • Latest Post: Dec 6, 2020

updated on May 10, 2021, 09:51

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Latest Reviews for Honda BeAT

Dahil mahilig ako sa scooter, itong Honda Beat ang noon ko pa binabalak bilhin at nung magkatrabaho ako at nagkaroon ng chance bumili nito ay ginrab ko na kaagad. Last year ko pa naman ito nabili ...Read more

  • Rating : 5.0
  • Review by Sally Subiate
  • Date : Sep 30, 2020

Gustong-gusto ko talaga i-drive ang scooter na ito dahil sa pagiging great performer nito. Talagang ma-aamazed ka sa riding experience dito dahil sa automatic ito. Hindi mo na kailangang mag-shift ng ...Read more

  • Rating : 5.0
  • Review by Cyrine Palmero
  • Date : Sep 24, 2020

Kung naghahanap kayo ng scooter na perfect gamitin sa pang araw-araw na pagco-commute at yung looks ay talaga namang maipagmamalaki mo, perfect itong Honda Beat 110. May pagka colorful ang scooter na ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.2
  • Review by Narlyn Burgos
  • Date : Sep 15, 2020

Latest Topics for Honda BeAT

PeeJay Soriano

Saan po location?

May available stock pa po ba kayo?

  • Last updated : Mar 31, 2021
  • Posted by PeeJay Soriano
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Charry Jao Vergara

2nd hand

details po sana, if possible for installment

  • Last updated : Mar 24, 2021
  • Posted by Charry Jao Vergara
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Ted Dela Cruz Jucom


LF honda beat budget 23k

  • Last updated : Nov 30, 2020
  • Posted by Ted Dela Cruz Jucom
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About Honda BeAT

The Honda BeAT is setting a high precedent among other bikes of the same range. Honda has constantly provided the public with advanced and technologically driven vehicles. Honda has come a long way in addressing consumer demand thus they rule in many areas of the world. A Honda bike speaks of class and elegance. The company supports its manufacturing through constant research and state of the art production mechanism. Every part goes through an intricate process before reaching the assembling stage. The ingenuity behind Honda reflects in models such as the Honda BeAT. This exotic bike turns heads due to its elegant design and unmatched speed.

The Honda BeAT is the hallmark in all the Honda series. The motorcycle has a series of its own. The affordable range includes the BeAT FI, BeAT 110, BeAT Street, BeAT premium, and BeAT fashion sport. Each bike has some alterations however the basic framework remains the same. The Honda motorcycles are a package deal. You can expect the durable motorcycle to last for many years. The thunder engine and strong exterior speak of the motorcycle's allegiance to the owner. This bike falls in the scooter range. The exterior does not align with typical sports or heavy Bikes.

Despite the scooter exterior, the bike can travel many long distances. The new and improved edition for the Honda BeAT makes it a consumer favorite in the Philippines. The appearance of the bike suits the streets of the Philippines. The average consumer wants a bike that travels a long distance at a low cost. They want the best deal out of every purchase thus the popularity of the Honda BeAT makes much more sense. This bike has shifted Honda's focus to more customer-orientated bikes.

The Honda BeAT displays efficient performance all around

The Honda BeAT has made its place in the market due to its excellent performance. No one can deny the unparalleled product quality offered by Honda. People accept the bike for its name and company reputation. That is not the only thing that made the Honda BeAT a hot favorite in the market. The Bike performs in all terrains and has rattling engine power. The target audience for the Honda BeAT revolves around teenagers who want an affordable bike for a daily commute. This bike classifies as one of the most user-friendly scooters. Honda went all-in with the ideas around the scooter in terms of look and style. The bike is a masterpiece from the inside out. The sheer performance shows when a new rider takes the BeAT out for a test drive. The scooter offers a smooth and fast-paced ride. The destination arrives early with minimal bumps along the way. Furthermore, the bike appeals to both genders. Male and female riders enjoy the versatile ride since the bike does not favor only one gender. The new and advanced features set this scooter against other types. The motorcycle can compete in speed and comfort with other ranges.

The trendy vehicle supports every weight thus you can mount heavy masses without worrying. The innovations within the scooter make it an advanced part of the Honda family. Honda continues with its older models because of their popularity however new models like the Honda BeAT have launched a competitive advantage against them. The Honda BeAT delivers the optimum performance in a compact body and highly pocket-friendly way. The performance outshines other scooters for its additional security and smart lock features.

Discover the Power-Packed Honda BeAT Engine and Displacement

The Honda BeAT engine becomes the center of attention in an overview. The BeAT series engine displacement ranges from 110 to 150cc. This respectable engine power drives the scooter with force. Since the body of the bike looks lightweight, the engine can carry it forward with less effort. Larger engines would only weigh down the bike. The customized engine roars with triumph and lunges forward in every ride. The engine resonates the most constructive accuracy. Honda pays special attention to the construction of its engine since the function of the whole bike depends upon it. The strong and sturdy engine takes time in heating up.

Thus, you cannot feel any emissions even after riding for many hours. The engine will only heat up if you do not take proper care of it. Long distances are no problem for the sound engine. It carries the weight of the rider and the bike with ease. An engine like the Honda BeAT is worthy of praise since it rages forward on every occasion. The engine does not produce any harmful emissions. The toxic emissions are released with a filter therefore the environment does not suffer any consequences. The power that drives the motorcycle forward does not damage easily. The Honda engine is made from the finest aluminum and metal. The engine is coated with an anti-corrosion layer; they follow all precautions for maximum consumer satisfaction.

An experienced rider will get an idea regarding the heath of the engine as soon as it starts, the engine will roar as soon as the bike starts. The Honda BeAT's engine has a swift and speedy start-up function. The engine does not need to war up before you start the ride. You can ride the bike as soon as the ignition turns.

The Honda BeAT Large Fuel Tank Capacity and Smart Start-up

Since the Honda BeAT wants to target a younger audience, they want to make the bike as economical as possible. Youngsters cannot afford to fill their tank again and again moreover the process is time-consuming. The rational solution to this problem gets addressed by Honda. They made the Honda BeAT's fuel capacity 4L. The fuel capacity can make longer rides easier. Apart from the large room in the fuel tank, the Honda BeAT comes with an electrical and kick start function. The bikes that only have an electrical start function cannot work if it malfunctions. The Honda BeAT provides the best of both worlds.

Additionally, the smart start-up function reduces the time spent in starting the bike. The start becomes hassle-free. The smart start-up features exist on all the Honda BeAT versions. The sporty version is the most advanced out of all the others. This range experiments with new things while keeping the trusted essentials. The engine makes an audible sound when it starts but that sound does not hinder the ride at all. The sound becomes barely audible once you start riding.

The Honda BeAT improved Smart Power and Utility box

The maintenance of the bike is almost as important as the purchase. The life of the scooter depends on how well it gets treated. The bike comes with a utility box that includes all the essentials for maintaining the bike. The side stand switch and noise-free stat system are part of the enhanced smart power functions. Honda has integrated technology with mechanics to create a hybrid like the Honda BeAT. The Honda BeAT's headlight turns on as soon as the sensors detect darkness around it.

The low vibration makes the scooter seem immobile. Other scooters of this range produce a deafening noise but the Honda BeAT produces an inaudible sound. Convenience is the most essential priority of the manufacturers. Furthermore, every variant has the same core structure. The increased demand within the market only exists because Honda manufactured this range according to common consumer preferences. The Honda BeAT is a mirage of consumer choices. The global success of the BeAT is deconstructed into three integral parts. The exterior, interior, and performance of the scooter overshadow all other ranges.

Additional Security Included in the Honda BeAT

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for a potential buyer. The general appearance of the bike looks harmless. Unlike other sports bikes, the Honda BeAT has a friendly exterior. The high grip tires stop the vehicle instantly. The wheels give the rider a balanced ride. The front tire of the Honda BeAT is slightly larger than the back. The smart lock features of the Honda BeAT make the ride accessible to all. You can locate your bike easily from miles away due to its unique structure.

Additionally, the large seat area allows the rider to travel without the risk of falling. The fast braking system has shock resistive properties. This means you can smoothly bring the ride to a stop even if you were traveling at a large distance. The bike is ideal for those who have started to learn biking. Larger motorcycles are difficult to handle compared to smaller ones. The Honda BeAT is easier to steer thus making it the perfect choice for every beginner. This beginner bike does not come very expensive too. The highly affordable bike retails at around P60,000. A used bike can cost even less however the unused bike can be a part of your garage in some short installments.

The additional features for the Honda BeAT include Led headlights. The front of the book has a simple and sleek cut. The motorcycle has a basic tachometer and digital speedometer. The front and backlights have rechargeable batteries. The electric functions of the scooter are limited however it still has some amount of modern capabilities. The fuel-driven scooter delivers high performance from beginning to end.

The Honda BeAT Superior Exterior Composes Beauty and Class

A bike feels good when it looks good. The Honda BeAT has a chic exterior. This bike is available in many fun colors, namely red, black, blue, and much more. The color does not fade away moreover the bikes seem suspended a few inches from the tires. The Honda BeAT has a slightly elevated seat so it supports more than one rider. The elevation does not make the ride uncomfortable, in fact, it exists to aid the position of the rider. The front of the bike has two mirrors. The bike has sufficient space to hold both legs.

On the whole, the Honda BeAT looks fresh out of a young vogue magazine. The exterior particularly flatter all ages. The bike design elevates the feel of the ride. The weight and shape were decided while keeping many factors in mind. One of the biggest drawing factors towards the Honda BeAT is its gender inclusivity. The bike does not add unnecessary features just for the sake of making it appear integrated. The Honda BeAT has a simple but bold look.

The V-shaped headlight has many led lights present inside. The front of the bike is not mobile. You can turn the front however the wide handles and soft-grip surface encourages swift cuts. The Honda BeAT makes the most out of every terrain. Although the bike is more suited for smooth roads, you can take it out for a spin on rough terrain as well.

The Honda BeAT Spacious Interior Grabs Attention

The Honda BeAT does not look like the bike that will have a lot of space inside it. The bike has a smaller exterior than usual. The exterior does not do justice to the capacity in the interior. The interior of the bike holds all the electrical components and the engine. The components are stacked close to each other however some amount of space still exists. You can access the fuel tank from the front and the back. The inside of the Honda BeAT deserves the same recognition as the exterior.

The light-weight exterior does not mean that the bike is malleable. The inside of the scooter protects all the parts from incoming damage. Any large impact will rattle the bike but the interior will not be the first one to damage. Both the interior and exterior of the Honda BeAT establish the bike as a stylish and reasonably assembled scooter. The distinguished qualities of this entire range open the doors for inquisitive riders.

The scooter comes together when the exterior and interior work together. The fuel tank is small but the capacity is enough for those who want to use the bike for daily use. The interior does not move on bumpy terrain. The screws and body of the bike hold it together effortlessly. Finding additional parts for the scooter is not very hard, the bike has a huge market. Both used and unused Honda BeAT scooters have a large demand in the Philippines.

Honda Beat Series Pros and Cons


  • Highly affordable
  • Simple and efficient brake system
  • Unique design with chic exterior
  • Lightweight exterior allows easy maneuvering
  • Wide Seating
  • Consumer orientated features


  • Low Mileage

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