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This coming December 3, Triumph is going to release its newest model to add to its long line of innovative motorcycles, the Tiger 900. The model is set to be unveiled in two variants, the Tiger 900 Rally and the Tiger 900 GT. Read more

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Rene Kintanar


Bike still available? Negotiable? Where can I see the bike?

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Triumph Tiger 1200 XCA

Hello. If anyone know a dealer who can import or order this motorcycle for me. Or know anyone at all in Philippines who sell it. Please contact me:

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About Triumph Motorcycle

Triumph manufacturers is one of the most renowned motorcycle manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Triumph receives most of its recognition due to its long-held manufacturing output and overall legacy. The Triumph motorcycles are exported all over the world moreover the headquarters for triumph lie in the vibrant city of Hinckley, Leicestershire, England.

The motorcycles speak of elegance and versatility. Triumph went through many trials and tribulations in the early years however the company waddled through dark waters to get to the place they are today.

The Origin of triumph and its gateway to the international market

Triumph has a turbulent history and like most international companies, its origin was its starting point. History shows that most multi-national and accomplished companies begin from very modest settings Triumph started out as a humble company. John Bloor was the man who changed the face of triumph motorcycles. He took it upon himself to sell the company's assets and invest them for a long term benefit.

Surprisingly the company actually started out as bike manufacturers. The company had filled out all the paperwork and launched its first motorcycle in 1902. Triumph values its legacy therefore the existing models are all built on the framework of the previous ones. The style of production is unique and triumph follows its own set of standards. They focus on motorcycle durability more than technology integration. Triumph is a motorcycle manufacturing company that believes in resilience, whether it be in management or production.

The company started out slow, the first mass order was merely 500 motorcycles. The first batch of motorcycles received a great response from the public therefore triumph began continuous production by the end of 1905. The company has kept its focus around motorcycle production however other biker peripherals are added to the triumph website.

Unfortunately, triumph went in to receivership in 1983. At the time, no one could have foreseen the positive this will have in the near future. John Bloor restored the brand image of triumph. He dragged the company through a rough patch thus his contributions deserve immense recognition.

The Local Standing of Triumph in a saturated Market

The local attributions of triumph promote a sense of trust within the company. The company has presented the local community with innovative and affordable automobiles for a long time. The local standing of the triumph motorcycles surpasses its international standing. British motorcycle manufacturers have had a tough time landing next to triumph in popularity.

The fact of the matter is that even if the locals do not purchase any triumph motorcycles, they do not deny the company's brand image and reliability. A local citizen would feel much more confident buying a product made from home rather than trusting an outsider. Companies that have a long standing life triumph create a feeling of affection from the society. Consumers have developed loyalty towards the triumph motorcycles.

Triumph motorcycles began their production in times when the matter of life and death was undecided. The company withstood the time period of the first world war and the great depression. People were not exactly raging their new motorcycles streets however triumph continued its production on a smaller scale. The Company gathered support from its existing consumers. The British public still purchases triumph motorcycles and they have become a symbol of coming of age. The trend of riding bikes has sifted from adults to young teenagers.

Hence, triumph perceived the target audience and manufacturers model that will appeal the young population. Purchasing a triumph motorcycle at easy installment plans is also possible. Young bikers already understand the risk of riding a motorcycle but the showrooms of all triumph outlets emphasize on the importance of safety. Triumph motorcycles come with their own riding kit as well. The riding kit has all the essentials a professional biker might want. The designing and specification changes performed by triumph keep other manufacturers on their toes.

Triumph's raging Motorcycle Models and Specifications

Triumph exhibits a passion for two-wheel performance therefore they have launched breathtaking designs for every motorcycle segment. Triumph classics are the perfect choice for commuting long distances. These motorcycles provide a smooth and flawless ride to beginners and experienced drivers alike. The sleek cut motion and enhanced hi-spec functioning puts triumph ahead of its time. Among the many popular models these are rated the best:

Roadsters and Super Sports

Triumph leads the motorcycle industry with its roadsters series. These motorcycles are not the typical under bones you usually see. Triumph manufactured the roadster series while keeping class-leading technology in mind. The Trident 660 is one such example of the triple powered roadster series. The thrilling triple engine power delivers the commuter to different dimension. This bike is more suitable for rugged terrains and racings. The trident 660 is sporty, stylish and a thrilling ride.

Additionally, the three rise engine is the bikes unique selling point. It has a 10.000 mileage service and a 660 cc engine. The entire motorcycle rests on the quality of the engine. The engine roars in triumph when the motorcycle is taken out for a trial run. The edge given to the super sport series resembled that of a heavy bike. Even though the roadster bikes have a compelling exterior and 81 peak torque, the price of these bikes is economical. Apart from the trident 660, the speed triple range is a fascinating and agile addition to the triumph family.

The trident 660 has a slip and assist clutch and All-led indicators. The motorcycle has a 55.2 wheelbase and weighs a whopping 189 kg. The weighs heavier than other series since it has 3 engines installed in creative places. The trident 600 has an average tank capacity of 14 liters. On the whole, this motorcycle deserves scrutiny for its striking features and brilliant chassis.

The Widest Range – Modern Classics

The modern classics are triumphs bestselling motorcycles. These motorcycles are a mixture of affordability and high performance. They are not as expensive as the roadsters; the classics do not go out of fashion. The motorcycles in the classics range each have their own authentic character and exemplary performance therefore these motorcycles are global legends.

Moreover, the classics series has a cultural impact as well. These bikes were manufactured on the framework of previous bikes therefore the hold a sentimental value to buyers. These bikes are suited for a middle aged target audience. The most popular motorcycle from this range is the Bonneville bobber. The Bonneville bobber is the progeny of a previous motorcycle with the same name.

The unparalleled bobber has a 1200cc, the party is loud when all these classics are in the room. Apart from its hallmark features you are hooked on the first glance when the explosive torque figure comes forward. These motorcycles have a lower seating and more muscular appearance as compared to the roadsters and e-bikes. Triumph has done well in engaging all consumer types and preferences.

The Ultimate Muscle Roadster- Rocket 3

The rocket 3 is a futuristic motorcycle that delivers the world's highest torque of any production motorbike. The name of the rocket 3 resonates with its atomic features. This motorcycle is the pinnacle of triumph's new generation refined ride. The rocket 3 delivers a smooth and impeccable riding experience with swift cuts ad motion sensors. This bike encourages effortless riding and user compatibility.

The rocket 3 and rocket 2 were released at the same time however they both have different specifications. The rocket 3 retails around $21,000 USD. Riders have the availability of customizing their motorcycle with more than 50 peripheral accessorize. These accessorize enhance the riding experience and make the commuting experience unforgettable. The signature twin led headlight provides triple the illumination on a dark road and leather seating make your journey further relaxed.

The cruiser style of the rocket 3 redefines modern biking for the better. The rocket was not classified as a roadster because of its maximum torque. The engine and torque specs put the rocket 3 out of the roadster category, this motorcycle is pricier than its series associates.

New and improved Triumph E-Bike

Triumph is a company that follows world trends and sets its product description according to the latest advents in the society. In the recent years, the international market has been all for electronics. Motorcycles and automobiles emit more harmful gases than ever and triumph has taken an initiative in playing their part for the restoration of the environment.

Hence, the e-bike came in to the spotlight. Triumph introduced an e-bike is known as the "trekker". This e-bike is a miniature compared to the other motorcycles triumph is known to export however the sleek and compact design make it the perfect short-trip companion.

The triumph trekker is the perfect choice for fitness freaks who want the best all-rounded biking experience. E-bikes do not usually have a very comfortable seating and the motive remains to provide a durable electronically charged bike however the triumph trekker seating accommodates all body and weight types. The trekker is triumphs first e-bike in its regal 118 manufacturing history. The e-bike is a first for triumph and yet they have delivered with finesse and accuracy.

The narrow width handles bars and elegant design features are not the only awe-inspiring things about the trekker. The trekker has unlimited user control which means you can play songs or check the weather through the e-bike control panel. The triumph trekker weighs around 53 lbs., the bike is a lightweight and refreshing alternative to the traditional motorcycles.

The triumph Motorcycles Average Performance and Worldwide Standing

Triumph motorcycles are thrilling and cutting edge commuting option for users who value brilliant designing. Every model that triumph makes has a clear engine specification and they all perform flawlessly under unforeseen conditions. The manufacturing process of these motorcycles detailes every part with impeccable precision.

Triumph motorcycles like the trident 600 and street triple range fall in the category of thrilling and yet trustworthy rides. These hot rides are more than just engine sounds and muscular builds, they provide the commuter with agile and smooth travelling.

Triumph Manufacturing Additional information

Triumph exceeds expectations when it comes motorcycle assembling and export, they have taken their organization objectives very seriously. The company faced a time of internal reconstruction for few years, after this period the company came out stronger than over. Triumph has currently set up huge manufacturing facilities various countries. Thailand alone has many triumph manufacturing outlets.

Consequently, the top management of triumph went through many trials to see the company as a competitor in the market. Every motorcycle unit that they produce is result of undeniable hard work and loyalty towards the company. The company made a lot of people redundant and even closed production for some time however it bounced back with better models and an increased production capacity.

Furthermore, the introduction of triumph in the overseas market blew the company's financial statement through the roof. The validation that triumph received abroad was unmatched, the motorcycles were comparatively cheaper and offered more in contrast to the international market. Triumph motorcycles prove their worth in all tests. The international market rips all foreign producers piece by piece before accepting it. Triumph has established a brand image that is likely to last for many years.

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