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Best Motorcycle Engine Oil in the Philippines 2021

Keep your motorcycle engine running at peak performance with these top 10 engine oil products collated by

The engine is the heart of a vehicle. And if it doesn't function properly, you run into a lot of problems that affect the vehicle's overall efficiency. That's why it's essential to use the best engine oil to maintain your engine healthy.

Engine oil helps the motor to run smoothly and prevents damage from friction or heat accumulation, while also removing sludge and other impurities from the engine. Replacing engine parts is a costly affair, so it's better to prevent the engine from wearing out.

Many engine oil products are available in the market, offered by several brands, so determining the right one for your motorcycle is crucial before you decide your purchase. Always refer to your service manual to see the recommended grade and specifications for your particular model too.

What You Need to Know About Engine Oil

Here are some standards and terminologies that you should keep in mind before choosing engine oil for your motorcycle.

Types of oil: Mineral oil, synthetic oil, and semi-synthetic oil. All these types are suited for different engine models and climates.

API Standard: The API Standard rates products in terms of power, oxidation, and protection against damage, among other aspects. There are two alphabets to denote engine oil: S for Service (petrol engines) and C for Commercial (diesel engines).

Viscosity Grades: Viscosity grades tell you how thick or thin a particular oil product is. Higher-viscosity, thick oil is recommended for hot climates and lower-viscosity thin oil is better for colder areas.

Viscosity grades are also defined based on xxWxx. For instance, 5W-30 is suited for low-temperature conditions whereas 10W-40 is best for hot regions, and XxW-40 grades are relatively thicker than xxW-30.

Now let's look at the 10 best motorcycle engine oil currently on demand in the Philippines.

Best Motorcycle Engine Oil in the Philippines 2021

1. Castrol POWER1 10W-40

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  • Highly viscous
  • Superior acceleration
  • Best performance for long distance
  • Improves mileage
  • Prevents friction and protects from internal damage
  • Works well with all 4-stroke engines


  • Too much heat could be an issue
  • Engine may vibrate at higher speeds

The Castrol POWER1 10W-40 is an advanced, premium quality, part-synthetic engine oil suited for the acceleration needs of the latest generation of 4-stroke motorcycle engines.

Tests reveal that friction causes an up to 30 percent power loss in motorcycles. The Castrol POWER1 10W-40 addresses this issue with its Power Release Technology that prevents friction and boosts performance, giving you superior acceleration. The lesser the friction, the quieter the engine.

Also, Castrol's TRIZONE technology protects the three critical zones: engine, clutch, and the gear of your motorcycle.

This is a high viscous oil product with excellent shear stability to prevent a viscosity breakdown. At higher speeds, the oil provides protection to the overworking engine. Better oil consumption and control can be had with this product, while also improving gear shift quality and wet clutch performance.

The oil is suitable for all makes of 4-stroke motorcycles, carburetor and fuel-injected, where API SN and JASO MA or MA2 are recommended.

2. MOTUL H-TECH 100 4T 10W-40

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  • Significantly reduces friction
  • Provides quick start and improves pickup
  • Thicker oil consistency
  • Better thermal resistance
  • Improves fuel efficiency


  • Needs better packaging
  • Engine vibration during startup

This is a 100% synthetic oil product for all 4-stroke bike engines and both on-road and off-road use. Since it's fully synthetic, this oil lessens friction levels and optimizes the engine to respond better to inputs.

This oil allows for engines to start instantly and offers high performance under harsh temperatures. With consistent use, the H-TECH 100 4T 10W-40 also improves the life span of your engine.

Meeting API SN and JASO MA2 standards, this product is ideal for all riding conditions and driving styles: it maintains the engine temperature and reduces both accumulation of engine filth and the need for oil changes. Besides the extreme pressure performance, it offers better fuel economy too.

3. Shell Advance 4T AX7 Scooter

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  • Protects and prolongs engine life
  • Useful in all weather and road conditions
  • Smoother rides
  • Improves mileage
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Removes harmful engine deposits


  • JASO MA2 standards not mentioned
  • Scooter-oriented

The Shell Advance 4T AX7 Scooter oil is one of the sought-after products for all 4-stroke scooters. It provides the best performance in all terrains and weather conditions, while Shell Advance's RCE technology helps the engine perform to its peak potential and respond swiftly to commands.

This product is specially formulated to keep the oil safe from degradation. The shear stability prevents viscosity loss while effectively slushing out impurities.

Designed for automatic transmission, the Shell Advance 4T AX7 Scooter oil ensures smooth acceleration for better control as well as less noise and vibration, delivering a more enjoyable riding experience with better fuel economy. It also meets API SM specifications.

4. Mobil1 Extended Performance 5W-30

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  • Lasts longer than most oil products
  • Provides better protection from heat
  • Smoother and less noisy rides
  • Instant start in cold conditions
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Comes at the right price


  • Silent on API SN specifications or JASO M2 standards
  • Engine requires regular use of this oil for best results

If you are into long drives, the Mobil1 Extended Performance 5W-30 is the right option for you. Its advanced, fully-synthetic formulation protects the engine from the accumulation of harmful deposits to prolong service life. Brilliant wear protection and overall lubrication keep the engine healthy, protecting it for 20,000 miles between oil changes.

This product is eligible to be used in either motorcycles or cars with turbocharged or supercharged petrol or diesel engines.

Another feature of the Mobil1 Extended Performance 5W-30 is that it controls oxidation to prevent breakdown and loss of viscosity. At the same time, it provides excellent internal heat protection up to 500 degrees F and down to -40 degrees F.

The product meets ILSAC GF-6 standards that provide low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) and timing chain protection, while ensuring a cleaner engine and better fuel economy. Overall, the Mobil1 Extended Performance 5W-30 helps in smoother and quieter rides without you having to worry about oil changes.

5. Caltex Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40

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  • Reliable protection to engine
  • Less oil consumption
  • Withstands adverse conditions
  • Less friction, so no noise
  • Better cleanliness


  • Expensive
  • Packaging could be better

The Caltex Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 is a high performance, heavy-duty engine oil designed for vehicles that operate in severe service and weather conditions. It helps to keep the engine running like new for a long time.

With its advanced formulation, this product offers superb soot dispersancy, wear protection, and sludge control, delivering excellent high and low-temperature performance while ensuring low fuel consumption.

Adhering to API CJ-4 specifications, the Caltex Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 allows maximum engine part protection against friction and wear. Oil burns are significantly reduced with better oxidation, and, at the same time, its anti-corrosion property improves engine functions.

The new formulation benefits both new and old diesel engines and lets customers use the same motor oil in vehicles using both high- and low-sulfur diesel fuel.


(Image credit:


  • Uses oxidation inhibitor
  • Thicker viscosity
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Smooth ride experience
  • Protects gear and clutch too
  • Affordable


  • Needs frequent oil changes for best performance
  • Less effective at higher engine heat levels

The YAMALUBE PERFORMANCE 4 Stroke Motor Oil's formulation offers protection against harmful dirt and deposits, enabling your engine to run clean for a long time.

The special formulation thwarts oil breakdown with an oxidation inhibitor that's also mixed with detergents, dispersants, and other wear protection additives for better results. While resisting shearing in motorcycle transmission, this product provides smooth and positive wet clutch performance.

The viscosity level is excellent, making engine parts smoother and protecting the engine from rusting. While the oil enhances the engine life altogether, it also protects gear and facilitates smooth clutch performance.

Designed for 4-stroke engine motorcycles, the YAMALUBE PERFORMANCE 4 Stroke Motor Oil comes at an affordable price and with API SL and JASO MA specifications to ensure quality and reliability.

7. Liqui Moly Motorbike 4T 10W-40 Street

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  • Provides outstanding engine protection
  • Optimum lubrication
  • Notable reduction in friction and vibration
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • No issue with cold start
  • Has API SL and JASO MB specifications


  • Overheating problem at prolonged usage
  • More oil change needed than other products

The Liqui Moly Motorbike 4T 10W-40 Street is a fully synthetic, high-performance German-made engine oil product applicable for all air- and water-cooled 4-stroke motor engines. This is the exclusive lubricant for the Moto2/Moto3 MotoGP world championships, which goes to show the worth of this product.

The product provides optimized lubrication in adverse heat conditions to enhance overall engine performance, and lasts longer thanks to low oil consumption.

Well-tested on engines with catalytic converters, the Liqui Moly Motorbike 4T 10W-40 Street provides excellent wear protection and longevity. JASO MB specifications ensure minimum frictions against moving parts. It's perfect for use with and without wet clutches.

The Liqui Moly Motorbike 4T 10W-40 Street also meets API SL standards, which means it works great in gearless scooters. And last but not least, with this product your vehicle will start instantly, even in the cold or after the rain.

8. Valvoline Champ 4T Extra Scooter

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  • Prevents oil breakdown
  • Provides improved acceleration
  • Protection against wear and friction
  • Year-round protection
  • No clutch slippage
  • Meets JASO T903 and Grade MA2 standards for friction test


  • Less mileage than expected
  • Needs consistent oil change for best results

Valvoline's engine oil is well known for anti-corrosion and cleaning properties, and the Valvoline Champ 4T Extra Scooter is no different. This product protects all engine parts from rust and makes them frictionless.

Alongside reduced dirt deposits, the oil also reduces wear and promises improved acceleration. Its non-detergent characteristics make the oil flow easily at low temperatures, while quality additives prevent oil breakdown.

The Valvoline Champ 4T Extra Scooter creates a protective film on engine parts to help reduce friction. And to that effect, it also boasts JASO T903 and Grade MA2 standards. Expect no clutch slipping with this oil, which is ideal for 4-stroke scooters.

Regular use of the Valvoline Champ 4T Extra Scooter ensures year-round protection to the engine and prolongs engine life, allowing for a smooth and comfortable ride.

9. Motorex FORMULA 2T

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  • Maximizes performance
  • Removes dirt and impurities
  • Keeps machinery parts smooth and well-lubricated
  • Improve mileage
  • Can withstand adverse weather conditions
  • Beautiful packaging


  • You may encounter vibration when starting the engine
  • Not very effective in noise reduction

Formulated to keep the engine properly lubricated and protected, the Motorex FORMULA 2T is for use in 2-stroke motorcycle engines. It is not fully synthetic and can be used for pre-mix and separate lubrication.

Meeting international specifications such as API TC, JASO FC, ISO-L-EGC, the Motorex FORMULA 2T is amply useful for day-to-day rides for users who need reliable oil that maximizes the performance of their vehicle.

This is a cost-effective product considering its high-performance quotient. To enhance engine life, this oil removes sludge and impurities and reduces friction inside the engine. With minimized wear and abrasion, the motor remains well-maintained and serviced to provide a smoother and joyful ride. Also, less strain on the engine parts means better mileage.

10. PETRON SPRINT 4T SR800 FULLY SYNTHETIC Motorcycle Engine Oil (RACER) SAE 10W-40

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  • Superior cleanliness of engine
  • Excellent protection against wear and corrosion
  • Prevents oil from breaking down
  • Improves engine performance
  • Complies with international standards


  • Not very thick
  • At higher speeds gives vibration to engine

The PETRON SPRINT 4T SR800 FULLY SYNTHETIC Motorcycle Engine Oil (RACER) SAE 10W-40 is the right choice for new generation motorcycles with 4-stroke engines. It keeps the engine cool, ensures superior cleanliness, and maintains engine health as well as gear and clutch performance.

This top-tier oil is for both on-road and off-road use. It's formulated with the Thermal Control System (TCS) to provide excellent performance under extreme riding conditions. While it protects against deposits and sludge formation, it also works to shield against thermal breakdown.

There is an anti-wear agent that helps in providing outstanding performance, and excellent detergency offers superior cleanliness. Like other options on the list, the PETRON SPRINT 4T SR800 meets international regulatory standards such as API SM and JASO MA/MA2.


Engine oil mainly performs two functions: minimizing friction and preventing wear. They also act as coolant and prevents corrosion and engine deposits.

While all engine oil products perform basically the same functions, their effectiveness varies due to quality, notably the constituents that go into the oil blend. To become the best, these products are also subjected to international laboratory testing to meet world-class benchmarks.

If you're in the market for the best engine oil for your motorcycle, look for one that provides effective and comprehensive performance and meets international benchmark standards. Just never forget to check your service manual for oil grades recommended for your bike to get optimum results.

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