Jul 4, 2018

A Freezer In A Helmet? Folks, Meet The BluSnap

A helmet air conditioner that literally creates a cool head? Take my money, now.

For tropical locations, riding a motorcycle isn't exactly the best experience out there. True, there are some absolute perks you can get from it. Aside from it making you cool, literally and figuratively, riding this two-wheeled vehicle also makes commuting much easier and more fun. But beyond that, there are just those moments that make you vexed and inconvenienced. Chief of which is the use of the helmet which doesn't really spell comfort especially in a weather that is unusually hot.

Thankfully, the Indian helmet manufacturer BluArmor has created a solution for this. Folks, meet BluSnap, a detachable air cooler device that can fit virtually all full-face helmets in seconds. Imagine a freezer inside your helmet, cooling your head even in the hottest of days!

In a nutshell, BluSnap works under a simple operation. The ventilator that comes with it vaporizes the water that is contained in the system and right into the interior of your helmet. The water then passes a filter before it finally becomes cold. This effectively lowers the temperature inside while raising the humidity level at the same time. The device can be installed in any full-face helmet. It comes with an adjustable elastic band which is similar to off-road goggles that can be adjusted.

BluSnap comes in a black boxy container which consists of a 60-ml (2-oz) water reservoir, along with a non-removable battery, a filter element, and an electric fan. The battery that juices the cooler is equipped with a 2,500mAh Li-ion rechargeable unit which requires to be charged for six hours for it to function for as long as 10 hours.

Meanwhile, BluArmor reveals that the cooler is expected to create a microclimate in your helmet, ranging from six to up to 15 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature. This estimation is based on the assumption that visor is always closed. Moreover, the firm indicates that cooler comes with a filter element which withholds dust while warding off bacteria, resulting in a much cleaner air inside the helmet.

Currently, BluSnap retails in India for INR 1,948 (around PHP 1,500) and comes with five strap designs. There is no word yet if international shipping is available.

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