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LS2 LS2 Full Face FF352 Ranger Helmet

P2,600 Lazada

OEM New Retro Vintage Black Motorcycle Helmet Synthetic Leather Moto Helmet Cruiser ...

P3,752 27% OFF P5,202 Lazada

Not Specified Handmade Motorcycle Vintage Leather Harley Helmet 3/4 w/ Face Mask ...

P1,911 56% OFF P4,378 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Full-Face FF397Evo Vector Mono Helmet (Gloss Black)

P6,500 Lazada

Not Specified WoSporT Full Face Helmet Protective Obsidian Casque For Motorcycle Tactical ...

P5,711 50% OFF P11,422 Lazada

Sec SEC 01356 Windstorm Modular Dual Jet Black Helmet (2017 Collection)

P2,800 12% OFF P3,200 Lazada

RXR 25 Liters Red LT Motorcycle/Scooter Givi Compartment Box Luggage with FREE RXR ...

P899 43% OFF P1,599 Lazada

OEM New Design Motorcycles Protective Gears Dirt Bike Racing Motocross Helmets Cross ...

P2,645 50% OFF P5,292 Lazada

RXR RXR 628B Full Face Motorcycle Helmet(Red)

P888 Lazada

Not Specified Universal Windproof 3-Snap Motorcycle Helmet Visor Front Flip Up Visor Wind ...

P589 41% OFF P1,001 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Full-Face FF353 Rapid Motorcycle Helmet

P2,950 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Modular FF324 Evo Rapid Graphics Helmet

P7,500 Lazada

Not Specified LMoDri Motorcycle Goggles Helmet Mask Outdoor Riding Motocross Skulls ...

P2,028.60 3% OFF P2,099.16 Lazada

Sec SEC 01358 Windstorm Modular Dual Marine Helmet (2017 Collection)

P2,880 10% OFF P3,200 Lazada

Sec Sec chief motard dual hex white helmet

P2,700 10% OFF P3,000 Lazada

Not Specified Motorcycle Helmet Full Face Dual Visor Modular Open Double Lens Safety ...

P2,726 59% OFF P6,648 Lazada

OEM Matte Black Universal Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap Hat For Harley Chopper Black - ...

P840 53% OFF P1,798 Lazada

Not Specified Universal Windproof 3-Snap Motorcycle Helmet Visor Front Flip Up Visor Wind ...

P572 33% OFF P858 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Modular FF324 Evo Metro Helmet

P7,500 Lazada

Sec Sec Helmet Modular Dual Visor

P3,000 14% OFF P3,500 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Full-Face FF352 Rookie Mono Helmet

P2,300 6% OFF P2,450 Lazada

Motorcycle Raincoat Moto Rain Double Person (Army Green) With Aidy Best Helmet Sport ...

P699 59% OFF P1,747 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Open Face OF570 Verso Helmet

P3,950 Lazada

Sec BSEC 00853 Modular Dual Visor Helmet

P3,300 Lazada

RXR RXR KING COBRA K-691 A Full Face Helmet Motorcycle

P1,199 52% OFF P2,500 Lazada

Sec SEC 01361 Axis Carbon Fiber Open Face Helmet

P1,899 20% OFF P2,400 Lazada

OEM New Retro Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Synthetic Leather Moto Helmet Cruiser Touring ...

P3,350 48% OFF P6,550 Lazada

RXR RXR 007 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet (Matte Black)

P940 62% OFF P2,499 Lazada

RXR 25 Liters Blue LT Motorcycle/Scooter Givi Compartment Box Luggage with FREE RXR ...

P899 43% OFF P1,599 Lazada

RXR RXR 628B Full Face Motorcycle Helmet(Blue)

P888 Lazada

RXR RXR 007 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

P799 55% OFF P1,799 Lazada

OEM Cenita Black Brown Motorbike Outdoor Wind Block Sunshade Vision Helmet Mask Lens - ...

P496 50% OFF P992 Lazada

OEM Anti-fog Motorcycle Helmets Harley Helmet Double lenses Full Face Sports Race Crash ...

P3,799 56% OFF P8,634 Lazada

Sec SEC 01357 Windstorm Modular Dual Pearl White Helmet

P2,800 Lazada

OEM Retro Vintage Black Motorcycle Helmet Eyewear Goggles Scooter Pilot Flying Glass - ...

P699 30% OFF P999 Lazada

SOL Dual Sport Motard SS-1 Solid Motorcycle Helmet (Titanium)

P4,946 3% OFF P5,099 Lazada

Not Specified Off Road Casco Motorcycle & Moto Dirt Bike Motocross Racing Helmet - intl

P1,903 41% OFF P3,235 Lazada


P1,399 Lazada

RXR RXR 007 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet (LARGE SIZE)

P695 59% OFF P1,700 Lazada

OEM Motorcycle Flip Down Retro Helmet Visor Wind Bubble Shield Full Face Lens +Base - intl

P470 58% OFF P1,128 Lazada

OEM Fiberglass full Face Motorcycle Vintage helmet for dirt bike Cafe racer casco retro - ...

P6,774 26% OFF P9,193 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Open Face OF570 Verso Helmet

P4,500 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Modular FF325 Strobe Mono Helmet

P4,350 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Full-Face FF320 Evo Stream Helmet

P3,800 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Open Face OF573 Combo Graphics Helmet

P3,500 Lazada

Not Specified Motocross Helmet Motorcycle Racing Flip Up Helmet Motocicleta Casco Helmets ...

P3,210 50% OFF P6,420 Lazada

Sec SEC 00904 Full Face Helmet with Free Extra Visor (2017 Collection) - MEDIUM

P2,600 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Full-Face FF352 Fan Helmet

P2,600 Lazada

LS2 LS2 Full-Face FF397Evo Wake Graphics Helmet (White/Red)

P6,950 Lazada

OEM Retro Motorcycle Helmets Harley Helmet Sports Race Half Face Helmets Eelectric Motor ...

P2,599 57% OFF P6,085 Lazada

Unbranded HLN Dual Lens Design Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (Black/Red)

P2,200 50% OFF P4,400 Lazada

RXR RXR 007 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

P940 62% OFF P2,499 Lazada

Unbranded P064 Helmet Jiekai (JK108) (Modular) Glossy (L) - Blu

P1,595 Lazada

Not Specified Universal Windproof 3-Snap Motorcycle Helmet Visor Front Flip Up Visor Wind ...

P1,499 21% OFF P1,899 Lazada

Not Specified Matt Black Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Biker Rider Scooter Pilot Goggles ...

P1,139 50% OFF P2,284 Lazada

Not Specified Retro Universal Motorcycle Half Open Face Helmet Biker Scooter Visor UV ...

P1,066 56% OFF P2,446 Lazada

Not Specified German Style Motorcycle Helmet Open Face Half Skull Cap Steel Hard Helmet ...

P991 57% OFF P2,344 Lazada

OEM LeadSea Motorcycle Half Face Helmet Protective Helmets Pith Helmet Baseball Cap 5 ...

P878.80 27% OFF P1,218.80 Lazada

OEM Mortorcycle Mask Detachable Goggles and Mouth Filter for Open Face Helmet Motocross ...

P878 37% OFF P1,405 Lazada

RXR RXR 066B-2 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet (Matte Blue-Blue)

P848 43% OFF P1,500 Lazada

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About Motorcycle Helmets

A helmet is a form of protective gear that helps protect the head from all types of injuries. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by scientific studies, safety-conscious riders wear helmets as a sensible, responsible choice every time they ride. Almost dangerous or extreme sport-type activities have their own protective gears. Motorcycling is no exception. All motorcycle riders should wear complete protective gears like over-the-ankle footwear, long pants, a long-sleeved jacket, full-fingered motorcycle gloves, and a helmet. The most important protective gear you can wear while riding a motorcycle is a Helmet but using this is not a remedy for motorcyclist safety, but in a crash, a helmet can help protect your brain, your face, and your life. Since there are other sorts of motorcycle-specific protective gear, it is also important to get educated and have the right license and public awareness to avoid any possible road accidents.


A good helmet makes it more fun to ride a motorcycle this is because of the comfort factor. It lessens the wind noise in your ears, the blast of the wind on your face and eyes, and also deflects bugs or debris flying through the air. The parts of the helmet work hand in hand which provides for the rider, the outer and inner surface; the comfort padding; and a good retention system. You will first see is the outer shell, usually made from some fiber-reinforced composites or thermoplastics like polycarbonate. This is a hard part but its purpose is to compress when it hits anything hard. So, after a hard impact, it will help lessen the force before it reaches your head, but it doesn't act alone to protect you.

The more impact-energy absorbed, the less there is of it to reach your head and brain and do damage. Some helmet may crack and break if forced to hit on something, this is one way a helmet acts to absorb shock. The padding is the soft foam that sits next to your head. It helps keep you comfortable and make the helmet fit perfectly. Some helmets padding can even be taken out for cleaning. The retention system, or chin strap, is very important. It may just be that one piece, but this help keeps the helmet on your head in a crash. A strap is connected to each side of the shell.

Every time you put the helmet on, fasten the strap securely. It only takes off a couple of seconds. Riding without any a helmet would be the same as driving without your seatbelt fastened. Color and design should be the least decision about buying a helmet, think first about protection and comfort. Helmet design would change from time to time but its comfort and safety protection will not really change. It will be the same throughout the years.

One look at your dealer's helmet display will convince you that nearly any look you could want from a helmet is readily available. Many manufacturers are matching their helmets with the motorcycle models, they are also working to make them less expensive, stronger and more comfortable.

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