Sep 4, 2018

nubia Red Magic 2 To Come With Snapdragon 845

Two cutting-edge features are slated to equip the highly-anticipated follow up to the nubia Red Magic. The same features are reportedly developed to rival the current champs in the mobile gaming segment, the Xiaomi BLACK SHARK Gaming Phone and the ASUS ROG Phone ZS600KL.

A week ago, Chinese electronics manufacturer nubia was reported to be brewing an upgraded version of its famed Red Magic gaming smartphone. Today, a massive update regarding the upcoming iteration has finally surfaced in the rumor mill, indicating that the company is not only developing one in the lab, but is also engineering a device that is bound to give Xiaomi and ASUS a run for their money.

WinFuture journalist Roland Quandt, via a tweet, has revealed that the nubia Red Magic 2 will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which is a considerable upgrade from its predecessor's Snapdragon 835. Its predecessor's offering was notably inferior than its counterparts, the BLACK SHARK Gaming Phone and the ASUS ROG Phone ZS600KL, which both sport the Snapdragon 845, ultimately placing the gaming smartphone at a disadvantage.

Quandt's tweet also revealed that the nubia Red Magic 2 will also boast of a dedicated set of shoulder buttons which should definitely add an appeal to proper gaming enthusiasts and would attract those that find buying an accessory for their gaming devices a bit too demanding or unnecessary.

nubia Red Magic

Apart from these two upgrades, not much has been said about the nubia Red Magic's successor. The same can be said about its availability and pricing. And as the current gaming phone is barely four months old at the moment, we may not be looking at a 2018 release of this iteration. A 2019 launch date is more justifiable and could now very well be in the pipeline.

The nubia Red Magic is already a powerhouse of its own. But with a least powerful chipset among its compatriots alongside some lack of gaming accessories, the company's expectation on its sales has rather fallen short for reasons that are quite evident. The upcoming iteration is expected to do well on the market especially if it's released just in time, and with some new, headline-grabbing features, no less.